Just Another Day

just-another-day.jpgGood afternoon y’all! For me today is just another day of resting trying to get past this incredible amount of pain I have been dealing with for WAY too long! This obnoxious pain is mixed with that burning sensation that will not cool down, tingling throughout my entire body, numbness which sounds like it would be better than pain, but it really isn’t it is almost worse and a headache that seems never-ending! The nurse practitioner I normally deal with is off today and the doctor that I do my best to avoid is in clinic today, which makes her pretty much unavailable. The only thing the nurse I spoke with was able to say is rest and staying hydrated is important until I can get the MRI, which I was still waiting to hear back from the assistance program. I did just email the Multiple Sclerosis Society of America, which is the company that will either approve or deny assistance for me to get MRI assistance. Now the response I got back from my email was quite upsetting, which is something I really did not need today. They stated the doctor did not provide an order for the MRI, which made no sense to me considering I did send them everything I was instructed to by the doctor’s office, imagine that another miscommunication from them! To hopefully make things actually work out for me, I emailed the nurse requesting the MRI order. Honestly the nurse has been the ONLY person at this office that has been at all helpful to me.  Maybe I will get that back from them sometime this week!!

It is a little frustrating when you are doing everything you possibly can to get well, but itbutterfly-3054736_960_720 just isn’t working the way it should be! I am resting, staying hydrated and taking all the medications the doctor has prescribed, but there is still NO relief yet! My guess is the stress this issue is causing me is not helping me get better, but it is in fact making things so much worse! Isn’t it crazy when we know what is causing our problems to become worse, but yet we still change absolutely nothing with our thought process? Obviously I know exactly what is making all my pain more intense, but I am still getting myself worked up and upset about it anyways!

I think to help get my mind off of my many pain issues; I am going to work more on my bullet journal I am trying to put together. I do not want to start it at the end of the month because I do not think that makes sense, so I am planning this for July! My plan so far is to have a few trackers that will include: symptoms and food I eat in a day (this will be to peace 1see what foods could be causing more issues for me). I want to also include a Hopes & Dreams page, Positive thinking page to really keep my mind in a happy place and a Gratitude page. I might include a page of books that I want to read considering sometimes I think of a book I want to read, but then forget the title! Then lastly I want to include a page of ideas for my blog because I come up with random ideas, but then forget what I wanted to write about when I try to start! I guess I can contribute my forgetful mind to brain fog from the MS.

I really appreciate y’all visiting my site today! Your comments are always appreciate and encouraged because I do love hearing from y’all! I am doing my best to respond as quickly as I can, but with the way I am feeling there is a chance I might be a little delayed, but I will respond!! I hope y’all are having a good day and feeling well! As always no matter how I am feeling or what I am dealing with I am sending y’all LOTS of ❤love and comfort!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤

76 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. I so wish I could say something to make things better for you……..in times like this it is so hard to find the right words to bring comfort but I hope knowing that people care of you brings you some sense of peace!

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  2. I’m so sorry you’re in pain! I truly hope you can get some peaceful rest! I can relate all too well when you said : it’s frustrating when you’re doing everything you possibly can to feel better but it isn’t working. Stay strong, you’ve got this! Peace and love sent your way! ♡

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    • Thank you so much Mackenzie! I know you definitely understand what I am going through and just how frustrating it is! I am trying to remain strong and not get discouraged because I know that is not the way to handle this! I appreciate your support and hope you are having a great day!

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  3. Praying for you Alyssa. I’m so sorry you’re having such a rough time right now. Please know you’re not alone. Like Wendi said, I wish I could make it better for you, but I hope knowing we care about you brings you some comfort. Your bullet journal sounds great. I bought one with the dots on the pages, but I still haven’t started yet….Maybe I’ll try to get mine ready to go for July also.😊 Hugs!

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    • Thank you so much Terri! Y’all support means so much to me and it is appreciated! I did not even buy the bullet journal with the dots, I am just using a normal notebook to see if I like it! We can both set the July goal! Hugs!!

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  4. Hi Alyssa, so i did a bit googling and found this


    It article mentions tumeric..

    Also another article talked about vitamin D and other vitamins.

    The pain you are going through sounds awful. I know changing what we and exercise and right vitamins can significantly help health issues.

    Always worth a try.

    There a meditation on healing the body , i will make tgat tomorrows self mastery post and i hope it helps

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  5. I pray that you feel better really soon and that you get better news for your MRI. My forgetfulness is pretty bad too… I frequently forget passwords and how to spell words that I should know how to spell. Hang in there. Thank-you for always saying such uplifting things in your posts, even when you aren’t feeling well, this means alot to all of us!

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    • I really appreciate your continued support, it really means so much to me! I hope the news will start getting better regarding the MRI because I do know it is needed! You are welcome, I will try to continue sharing uplifting things. Some days are harder than others, but holding onto positive in time will be helpful!

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  6. Strength, Courage and Determination definitely are winners. I realize things seem bleak right now for you and the pain unbearable but you will get through this. Stay strong and positive! I’m thankful you’re trying to keep busy and your mind occupied with good thoughts. You can do it. You are the strongest most determined woman I know. Hang in there and know I Love You so much. All my Love, Mom💜💜

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    • Thank you for your words of encouragement. I do feel that keeping my mind busy will help not always think of the pain! I have always been the type to ignore all that going on right in front of me and focus that energy on making myself feel better, but also encourage those dealing with issues that have no answers! I appreciate every word you said Mom and I love you too1


  7. I started bullet journaling this year and found it helped me to keep track of what I’m able to do and feel a sense of accomplishment. Also very helpful for monitoring mood vs drugs vs diet and see what helps and what doesn’t.

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    • I am glad it is helping you! I think it will be a fun project but also be helpful! I want to see if foods I eat cause headaches or other issues. I think tracking different things will be a great way to change habits!


  8. Sorry to hear about the struggles 😦 I started bullet journaling this year and found it really helped me understand what I’m able to do and set realistic expectations. Also able to monitor mood/energy vs drugs + diet to see what’s working and what isn’t.

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  9. I need to get started on my wardrobe journal I want to do, but this fatigue is kicking my ass. So I’m sending you (((hugs))) since I totally understand your frustration with your situation. Lack of support from your care team is just b.s. and I’m sorry you’re dealing with that on top of the pain

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    • I understand fatigue kicking your ass, it is kicking mine as well! I do not think the heat is helping at all! I really appreciate your hugs! This situation is only getting more frustrating because my doctor’s office lacks the ability to care for their patients. My doctor and her staff really do suck pretty bad, which is why I have been looking for a new doctor! I appreciate your comment and hope you are having a good day!!


      • I did have a good day, mostly because I didn’t do a lot of really physical stuff. I sat in the floor in the middle of a mess of scrapbooking supplies, and made pretty things😊

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      • I am so happy to hear you had a good day! I am sure your scrapbook looks amazing!!! Sometimes doing crafts projects can help relax us and I am glad that is what you did today!


  10. How you are able to maintain such a positive attitude through adversity such as this is truly mindboggling, but also incredibly inspiring. It upsets me so much to know that you are in so much pain and I am so sorry you have to fight so hard to get the care you need. All I can say is never change, Alyssa. Your words and perspective encourage and bring joy to countless. You are amazing, girl! Lots of love to you. xo​

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    • WOW reading your comment is the first time I have smiled today! Thank you so much! I have been up since 3am because our power went out and it was hot without a/c! Crazy me, went to work on a few hours of sleep! Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I really can not even begin to tell you how much I appreciated it!!! Much love to you as well!!

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  11. Thank you so much for being so honest and open about your pain and health issues. I am so sorry you are struggling. I hope you get some relief soon but take comfort in all this I see you have all this support which is wonderful; it’s a caring community. Writing is this beautiful thing that brings people together in difficult times. I really wish the best for you!

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    • Thank you so much for this truly kind comment. I do believe this community is the best support system ever because everyone does understand and actually care! For me writing is a wonderful way to get my emotions out and learn to just let go! I hope my writing will help others as well. I hope you will enjoy more of my posts! I hope you have a nice evening and thank you again for your support!

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  12. Pain does awaken us. In my herbalism program, many students’ lives transformed because of pain, both physical and emotional. It’s about perspective. We don’t know the meaning of optimal health unless we have experience true illness. It makes us grateful for the innate healing ability we all have. You are a forest with the ability to replant yourself over and over again!

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