Lesion Party

discouraging.jpgFor the past few weeks it seems that the issues I have had with my legs, arms and back has increased drastically! Now like most of us I was curious as to what could be causing this increase of pain, tingling, burning sensation and pins and needles, so I looked it up on Google. Oh my word looking things up online is almost worse than dealing with what the doctors have to say! Honestly the main reason why what I read online was disturbing is because it was pretty close to what I already suspected, but there really is something about reading it that makes it a little more upsetting.

It has been in my overworked and mildly stressed mind for weeks now that these issues are being caused from new lesions or those that were already present are active now. It shut down the partydoes not seem to matter if I am resting or moving around, the pain does not just go away! This possible lesion party that is going on in my body needs to be shut down! This party is more like a hostile takeover of my ability to live pain-free rather than a happy time with friends having fun like most parties are!

With all of the different issues I have been fighting with for far too long and keeping it from my doctor, today I finally have had enough and sent a message to my doctor to see her recommendations would be. Y’all already know that I completed paperwork last week to hopefully receive MRI assistance, as I do realize that is what is going to be needed, but I am still waiting to hear back about that. Do you just wish these doctors could hear what we are going through, make a true educated assessment and not have to go through the MRI ordeals? I personally think what we are suffering with could be something a true and competent specialist could easily figure out what is causing it and diagnosis the issue.

With all the said, I ended up staying out of work today because of how I was feeling. Even though my legs did not feel stable enough, I did get up when my alarm went off this morning  and made an attempt to try getting ready for work. However, when the short distance from ribbon-e1528247275292.jpgour room to the bathroom felt like 10 miles, I knew anything more would be too hard on my broken body. Crazy thing is I did rest all weekend, but it did not help at all! It really seems like rest hurts, moving hurts and basically anything I do is painful so what do you do when that happens?

I certainly hope y’all had a good start to the week and I hope you are feeling well. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site today and your comments are always appreciated and encouraged. It may take me a little longer to respond just because it is a difficult day, but I promise I will respond! As always, no matter what I am going through I am sending y’all LOTS of love and comfort!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


51 thoughts on “Lesion Party

  1. I’m sorry you are feeling so poorly. I have had MS for a mere 5 years compared to your life experience I am very nieve. You will be in my thoughts and I hope your Neuro has some helpful suggestions beyond a MRI.

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    • Thank you! I do not think I am helping myself at all by trying to ignore the issues, but hopefully it will all get better soon! Crazy thing is, even though I have had MS for SO long, I still feel a little naive to it. I think I just try to ignore everything and live how I want to live. I hope you are having a good day and thank you so much for your kind words!

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  2. Alyssa, I’m sorry you’re struggling so much right now. I’m sure it must be frustrating to need answers and not be able to get them. Hang in there, and try to stay away from “Dr. Google.”😊 Hope you’re able to get some restorative rest today. Hugs!

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    • Thank you Heather! MS does have it’s attitude problems that we are never really prepared for. I was trying to just ignore these issues thinking they would just go away, but they are getting worse. Dr. Google did not tell me anything I did not already know, it just confirmed my thoughts which I really hate! My doctor and I are not too close. I have not forgiven her for how hateful she reacted to the MRI I had in October. I guess holding a grudge isn’t healthy. I hope you and Dizzy are having a good day and I appreciate your comment!

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  3. On the days when the pain is excruciating, I forgive my body first. Then there are many breathing exercises to keep you calm. A pain event can increase your stress and anxiety. Then the stress creates pain through releasing chemicals in your body. It just makes a circle. I just go back and forth from my bed to my chair during this painful time with my heating pad. I pray, repeat positive mantras, do self massage, take the appropriate medicines and give myself a break until I can get moving again. On these days the only thing that is important is self-care. Just do it and don’t feel bad about doing it. Try to stay as positive as you can. I know that is hard. I believe you can do this!

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  4. Sometimes I think all these tests are a waste of time. If the MRI shows your brain is lit up like a Christmas tree with lesions it will simply confirm what you have probably guessed. And if it doesn’t, that doesn’t help your pain and only leads to more questions, and maybe more tests.

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    • Thank you Steve! I am really at a complete loss as to what I should do. Unfortunately I stayed out of work again today. I have also have this terrible headache that is messing with my vision on top of all the other pain. My husband wants to take me to the doctor today, but I mean what can they do?


    • Thank you! I will let him take me to the doctor when she actually has an appointment available. I do try to avoid the actual doctor, but I am willing to see her NP, I actually kind of like her! Isn’t it funny we always have to indulge men?!

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      • I hope this setback you are having isn’t a relapse, involving new lesions and new symptoms, but just a flare up of the old ones. Either way, I wish you a complete recovery. I know you’ll always find a way to continue to cultivate joy.

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      • Thank you so much for taking the time to read and make a great comment. My guess is it is either relapse due to more lesions or old ones acting with a bad sense of humor. But truth is they will probably say pseudo relapse, which I honestly believe is a load of crap, but we will see whenever I actually hear from the doctor or her NP. I hope you have a pleasant evening and day tomorrow! Thank you again for your encouraging words!


  5. It really is such a shame that a person dealing with a chronic illness has to suffer with all the pain and changes going on in their body every day and still has to deal with the doctor’s job too. Why should it be our job to follow up with the doctor’s office daily until we finally get what we’ve waited for so long. Shouldn’t this be an expectation that our doctor’s will handle this part for us. Seriously doctor’s help us out and do your part. I hope you all start hearing what your patients are saying and feeling. Please work with us instead of making things worse!! All my Love, Mom..

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    • Thank you so much Mom! Doctors definitely should be caring for their patients, but even more than that the should listen to their patients. I do believe even though we did not going through like 10 years of schooling, but the patients know their bodies better. I have dealt with this boy for almost 37 years so the trumps their years in school!


  6. I am so sorry to hear about this! I’m proud that you are making a strong fight against M.S. and blogging about it. You’re in my prayers and I’m hoping that you recover soon!

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    • Thank you so much! I have a lot of fight in me towards MS and really want to share this with others. I do believe we all need to fight for our own health because doctors seem to be lacking lately. I am in the middle of quite the battle with my doctor’s office as they take too long to send things I desperately need. But I will always stay strong and somehow I will succeed! Thank you so much for your much needed prayers! I hope you are having a good day!!


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