Does pain cause you to be angry?

Good morningGood morning y’all and happy Wednesday! Thank goodness we are half way until the weekend is back! Are you having a good short week? When my office is closed on Monday, don’t get me wrong I love the day off, but I end up confusing the rest of the days of the week and being a day behind! Heck Tuesday morning I thought it was Monday, but I was thrilled to find out when I got to work it was Tuesday! I guess that is one of lives many pleasures! During a normal week, my mind is always a day ahead of time, so usually disappointed! 

Anger, pain and depression are three negative experiences that are bonded so closely together it can almost be impossible to know when one of these feelings ends and another begins. Pain can impact our emotions so deeply, producing a wide range of emotions from sadness, to anger to possibly rage! The feelings of anger are so often anger and painmisinterpreted as hostility because others may not understand what we are dealing with at any given time.

Anger can actually be a motivating force to put things into action, instead of just being all talk and complaints. For instances, when we are dealing with an insurance company and all the many hurdles to get through, just to get a needed procedure. Or even when trying to get our doctor to listen to our requests and not just pushing our needs to the side so they can move onto their next patient.

There are numerous physiological effects we can have from anger. Anger can be felt in our chest, head and the entire body! This could mean that the anger we feel increases the pain already felt, which makes so much sense to me. I started writing this because I have been dealing with SO much pain lately in my EmilysQuotes.Com-anger-pain-negative-sad-Eckhart-Tollelegs, back, arms and head and that pain is causing me so much frustration which quickly changes to ANGER! Logically, I know that being angry with my pain is not going to solve anything, but it just keeps happening without fail! I am typically a very calm and ❤caring person, but lately I feel like I am losing my temper so much faster and a lot easier! Today I had a co-worker, who let me just say has already made some really negative comments about me in the past, stop me to ask if I was okay because I seemed to not be walking as she thought would be “normal”. Considering my legs have been in a lot of pain lately, I do walk a little slower and refrain from using my right leg when I can, but pointing that out was not necessary. Could she have been being caring? Probably not! But I was hateful with my response when I said “I am fine!”! She had to push the issue a little further causing me to say once again, “I am FINE”, with a lot more force before walking away. Was I wrong in my reaction? Or was it the pain and frustration talking? Who can really say? But I do not feel like I was wrong and I do think it was the pain and frustration talking!

Do you personally find when you are in pain you have less patience for dealing with pain and angerothers? If so, how do you control your emotions and remain pleasant to others? I know I sometimes am shorter with my poor husband❤ and he  does not deserves that at all, but he also knows that is not me and I do not mean to be short with him. However, I still will feel bad about my less than ❤sweet attitude! I guess the vows are hold true, but maybe we should have added, with attitude and not as well!

Thank y’all for taking the time to visit my site today! I always appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and I really love to read your comments, which I will always respond to as quickly as I can! I hope you have a great day pain-free day! Please never forget that I am sending y’all LOTS of ❤love and comfort always!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤


52 thoughts on “Does pain cause you to be angry?

  1. You’ll be happy when Friday is here,, as you would have been a day behind!. And your post has been me for the past two days, including today. I sleep and cry, and try not to talk much. Hate it when everything hits at the same time. Doesn’t last too long, so can’t do too much about it. Enjoy the rest of your week.:))

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    • I hope things get better for you soon. I totally understand all emotions surfacing at the some time. I am at work right now and very tired, my emotions went from just being tired to frustrated with everyone to feeling guilty for being a little irritable to others. I think there are days we need to live in our own little bubbles!!

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  2. Alyssa, I find that I can get really short-tempered when I’m having a bad pain day as well. I just try to keep the thought that “just because you’re thinking it doesn’t mean you have to say it” in the forefront of my mind. That helps me keep my mouth shut. I’m not saying it helps me feel any better, but at least I don’t have to deal with the repercussions of having said hurtful things to others when my pain is doing the talking….😊 Hugs to you sweet friend!

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    • That is a great way to handle our bad pain days! I am normally really good at it, but yesterday and again today I am not so great. I even put earbuds in when I am at work, but people still want to interrupt. Thankfully, my day is almost over. In about 15 minutes I would have worked 6 hours and I remained very quite!!! Hugs to you as well!!

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  3. Other than having mental health issues, I have physical issues as well. The pain is overwhelming at times, but I don’t think I actually get angry at either problem. I’m an introvert and I usually tend to just wallow in my own mind until I break. I never take my emotions out on others, just me, myself, and I. 🙂

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  4. Ok, so this sounds really strange, but when I am due for my period certain smells cause me pain….yea. I can get very aggressive feeling towards the perfume wearer lol! its like, I am angry they even exist. terrible!

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    • You always have a way to add humor to a conversation!! I was actually a little frustrated a minute ago because I am at work, but then I read your comment and started smiling! I understand having an aggressive feeling towards strong perfumes, some are absolutely horrible and I want to just ask “What the hell were you thinking putting that on?”

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  5. Oh, yes. I have had to make this apology to my family over and over.

    “I’m sorry I snapped at you. I’m in a lot of pain today and I overreacted.”

    Or I warn them in advance:
    “Please do your best to be quiet/gentle/careful this afternoon. I’m not feeling well and I might not be as patient as I should be.”


    I’m so grateful my kids aren’t tiny. I don’t know how I could have been an adequate parent if this had started when they were infants or toddlers. Even preschoolers…


    • Is it amazing even after you give some people a kind and polite warning they still do the slightest thing to be frustrating!
      I am sure you would still be a great parent no matter how old your children are! How old are they? It is funny how infants can change our moods in general though. I do not have kids, but they typically make me smile, well unless they are having a very loud temper tantrum! Just kidding!


  6. I think you are not giving yourself enough credit, you are still working despite everything you are going through, how many would have given in long ago? I hope you find some relief from all that pain and start to feel more like your positive self!

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  7. Please know our vows are what holds us together. Jon should love you no matter what. You give him all of you and he should give the same. You live every day with an illness you didn’t ask for. You are the most loving and giving wife I know. I ask myself every day, how do you do it?? You are truly amazing and every husband would be thankful for a wife like you. Hang in there. All my Love, Mom…

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    • Thank you Mom! I know our vows are what hold us together and it definitely does. Jon is very understanding and never holds my pain anger against me. He does a lot to help me when I need it and Lord knows I never ask for help because I am stubborn. But, when he sees me hurt he will jump in unasked.

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  8. I think the co-worker deserved a short, sharp reply given her attitude in the past, so put that one out of your mind 😉
    I do understand being snappy at home. My poor mother cops the brunt of me getting exhausted, irritable (understatement) and frustrated. I often apologise, at the time and just generally when I’m not quite as in pain and p*ssed off, and she always says she understands and feels for me, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling awful and guilty about those times. I guess I don’t really have any amazing advice here, just letting you know you’re not alone in getting work up, wound up and it showing to those around you, especially those who see you ‘at your worst’ so to speak with your health. I’d say it would be pretty common and par for the course in the invisible/chronic illness world. Sending hugs xx

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  10. I hope you will find relief from the agonizing pain. I know myself going through some nerve damage the past few weeks makes me feel just plain exhausted from the dull pain. But you know just having faith and trying to live a day at a time, will make it through all this and if taking strong painkillers helps, I will do just that although I was always reluctant to take any. 💗💫

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    • Thank you for this comment! I am sorry you had nerve damage. I know that isn’t any fun!! Pain really sucks and it is even worse when nothing helps! I kind of just throw my hands up and hope for the best!! I hope you have a great evening and thank you again for your kindness!!!


  11. Your post was really helpful to read. I’ve had fairly severe pain issues for 13&1/2 years – but found ways to lessen their effect on my daily life. Last year, the pain exacerbated, which I took as a test to get more creative in my management. I had knee surgery a little over 2 weeks ago now – and can’t use the techniques I normally do to lessen my pain at work or home. My anger and frustration has been ridiculous! I wake up angry! But yes – I’m angry at the pain – not at any of my Healthcare providers, or my coworkers. ❤️ Just want to be able to move slightly better so I can move more and stop this overwhelming pain! I enjoyed reading some of the replies as well with how they manage it💕. Happy Sunday and I hope all who read this are doing better!

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