What I have overcome that has made me stronger!

happy tuesdayGood morning Y’all! I hope your long weekend was full of nothing but happiness and you are feeling great starting this short week at work! I can say that the majority of my weekend was dedicated to resting to get myself feeling better and hopefully making my pain issues just go away! I guess we will see now that the week has started!

When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost 18 years ago, I honestly viewed this as a punishment of something I must have done wrong during my life. I could not for the life of me understand what I could have done so wrong to deserve a battle like this to live with. It took me so many years to accept the diagnosis and findHope ways to live a❤ happy life not allowing an illness to EVER alter or control my life in any way! I wanted to be the one to continue controlling my life because I did not feel it was fair for an illness to be in control of MY life!

The sad truth is we are not able to choose the way our life is going to play out before we are here to actually live it. Once we are born we just need to live the life we were given the best way we can and not ever give up when things get too difficult. Life is not all about ☀sunshine, butterflies, rainbows and waltzing through the days easily, hard times fall on every one of us and we must learn to alter life when it is required.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and even if we do not like it or 11324-Everything-Happens-For-A-Reason..agree with what is happening, it is just the way it is! Any obstacles that we are given are not intended to be a punishment in any way, it is just what was meant for our life and all of these obstacles make us even stronger than we were before! All the hurdles along our journeys are put in place so we can just learn to sore over them with grace and strength! These frustrating impediments are all a learning experience for us to grow further!

Let me just say that I think overcoming the complete shock of my diagnosis in some crazy ways made me a stronger person. Yes, I have my bad days when I feel absolutely terrible, but in time I get back to my “normal” self or maybe it is better to say my “new normal” self. It sounds so crazy to say that an incurable and sometimes debilitating present situationillness made me stronger, but it really has! This illness gave me so many reasons to keep fighting for my own health and it has empowered me with determination that does not waver.

Thank you so much for visiting my site today! I always appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts and ❤LOVE to read your fantastic comments. I hope you have a great day and I really hope you are feeling well. Please always remember that I am sending you LOTS of love❤ and comfort!

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55 thoughts on “What I have overcome that has made me stronger!

  1. I thought I was being punished when I got my diagnosis as well. I must have done something wrong because bad things happen to bad people, right?

    I also think that my diagnosis changed something in me – I was always a fighter, but it gave me something worthwhile to fight for and to reprioritize my life in a more meaningful way. I hate giving it credit for making a positive change, but I don’t know if I would have arrived to this place as quickly as I did without MS.

    I may have eventually gotten there, but I may have also been 50+ years old (and how much time wasted because of it?).

    I always appreciate posts that bring empowerment to our situation because MS doesn’t have to defeat us – we can rise above it and be stronger for it.

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    • Thank you so much for reading this post and I love your comment! It is amazing that we give some kind of credit to this illness, but I think it will either give people extra courage and strength or bring them down too far. Just like you,, I refuse to let this illness defeat me because it does not have that power over me
      We must continue to fight as much as we can against MS and someday, we are going to win!
      Thank you again for reading and I am glad it showed empowerment and I hope it gives everyone that reads it the strength to continue the fight!

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  2. I can imagine that initial feeling, and feeling it is a punishment. It had to, has to, be so mind-bending! One of my favorite lines from an old song I love ends with a poignant and emotional “when life is hard, we have to change.” I keep that in mind always. It is not what happens to us but how we react to what happens to us that makes us what we are. And that is your message here!

    I love it, and thank you for starting our weeks on such a positive note. Here’s to a great, short week of work!

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  3. I’m amazed each and every time I read your blog. I just can’t believe your awesome attitude given you suffer from pain every day. You are truly an inspiration and when I feel at a loss and sorry for myself I read your blog and feel so much better. I’m so proud of your determination and your beautiful attitude. Keep sharing your thoughts. They are making such a difference in my life as well as others. All my Love, Mom….

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  4. I agree with you on MS making us stronger. For one- we can appreciate all the little things so much more!

    Hope you are having a good week! 😉

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