Happy Long Weekend!

Good morning FriendsHappy Friday Y’all! I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to the much deserved long weekend! Don’t you think if we had these long weekends more often, maybe even once a month that would be absolutely wonderful? I think it is the anticipation of the long weekend that makes the week just drag by or maybe it was also because of all the extremely frustrating pain I was dealing with. Who knows, but I am leaving that in the past and just looking forward to a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend not dwelling on work or my pain issues! ThinkingΒ  nothing but positive thoughts that next week will be much better after 3 entire days of restπŸ’€!!

Do y’all have any exciting plans for the long weekend🌼? I am literally over the moon🌜 excited that I will not hear the piercing sound of my alarm clock at that absolutely awful hour of πŸ’€5:30 am!! I still think that is a pretty inhumane time for anything to make such rude and obnoxious sound, but if my alarm went off to music🎢 I would probably ignore it, unless it was a terrible song and that would just make me terribly mad! So, I guess it is really a no win situation for that poor pitiful alarm!

If there is anything that I do over this long and glorious weekend it will not only restπŸ’€ my poor achy body, but spend time with familyπŸ’ž! It is so important to cherish our families as dont-give-up-galaxy-hold-on-hope-Favim.com-1428490sadly, they will not be around forever! Enjoying special and memorable moments can be so good for the heart and soul! I have a very small family, which makes it a little easier to be able to see everyone and not have to drive long distances. Unfortunately, my mother does work the weekends, but maybe we can get together for lunch on Monday, considering I will not be at work🌟!!!

I hope you have a wonderful and not busy Friday! I always appreciate you taking a moment to visit my site and I love❀ reading your comments! The absolute best thing about this Friday is that I am not already dreading Monday!! As always, I am sending you LOTS of ❀love and comfort!

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❀Always, Alyssa❀

18 thoughts on “Happy Long Weekend!

  1. The husband and I are doing a date night tonight to see Deadpool 2. It’s our first date night in several months. Then the rest of the weekend is cleaning, gaming, and relaxing. I hope you enjoy your long weekend!

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  2. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and do things you enjoy. I would love to have lunch with you on Monday. Just let me know if you’re up to it. Take care of yourself and enjoy the time off. All my love, Mom..

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