When bad days seem to outweigh the good days

bad days and good daysWe all have our good days when we feel border line normal, which is absolutely fantastic and treasured! Then we also have those bad days when we feel anything but normal and maybe even disconsolate. So what do you do when it seems as though the bad days are taking over those precious good days? I guess there is no use crying over spilled milk and we just continue our journey of life the best was can.

Y’all already know that I am typically a very optimistic and positive person, but then you also know how much pain can influence our attitudes. Pain and muscle spasms have funny-pain.jpgbeen making me absolutely and totally miserable, but I was still attempting to fight through how I was feeling because I do not want to allow my illness to win our war. Last night was the tip of the ice burg for me. Between my back hurting fiercely and from my knees to my tip toes achy and burning viciously, I could not get comfortable AT ALL. All I was trying to do was go to sleep so I could go into work today, but it was absolutely impossible! The combination of bad painfrustration, pain and being over tired I lashed out and was being very difficult towards my poor❤ husband, who was only trying to help me. Finally at about 2 am, even after my hateful attitude my sweet 💕husband helped surround my feet with ice packs to ease the horrible burning sensation I was experiencing. Given my miserable night, I ended up missing work today to try to rest and with the help of my husband hopefully start to feel a little more “normal” or as normal as I can be!

I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day and I will not be suffering in this much pain! I obviously do not like hurting, but I really hate when my attitude changes and I am just mean or at least I think I am mean. I am truly thankful for how understanding, supportive and ❤loving my husband is. We understand each other as we both live our lives with pain. I promise I am normally a lot more kind and helpful towards him, but last night was just a horrible night and thankfully he has forgiven my terrible attitude! Normally I do not do more than one post a day, but with being at home in excruciating pain it is helpful to let out those feelings knowing that y’all understand fully!

I appreciate you visiting my site today and really look forward to reading your amazing comments. I hope y’all had a great day today and I hope you are feeling well. As always, I am sending y’all LOTS of love and comfort!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤


44 thoughts on “When bad days seem to outweigh the good days

  1. I hope that awful pain subsides soon Alyssa. It’s hard not to get cranky when you’re in so much pain. You know your husband knows that’s not your normal disposition and that it’s only the pain talking. I’m glad you have such a sweet and supportive hubby. Feel better soon sweet friend.

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  2. I know it sucks feeling like you’re taking it out on someone else(trust me I get so angry at myself sometimes…but even in retrospect I just dont think I could have handled it differently with how I was feeling)-but its just the reality of our pain situation. Pain is hard to live with and sometimes its overwhelming. I’m sure he understands. 🙂 ❤

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  3. I’m so sorry you are struggling with such horrible pain. Just keep in mind, you never have to apologize for your attitude especially when it’s because of pain. I’m thankful your husband is there for you as he should be. You are and always will be there for him despite how he treats you. That is reciprocal and you have an illness you are dealing with. That’s what marriage which is a partnership is all about. You are always positive, happy and never let things get you down. When you are short with someone or even ill that’s so unusual for you. There’s no need to be sorry. The other person should just know you are hurting really bad and your attitude reflects the pain not you at all. I know you feel bad for your attitude but you don’t need to apologize. When someone loves you it’s not necessary to say I’m sorry if there’s a real reason why there’s a change in behavior. That’s what love is all about!

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    • I know I should not be so hard on myself for being difficult and short when I was in pain, I think most people are when they feel horrible. I would completely understand if he were short with me when he was in pain, so I know he feels the same way. I think love can grow stronger the more you support each other. There ends up being a strong bond!!


  4. I’m glad we talked a bit about this. I believe we become very fearful when the bad days are VERY bad and we fear the pain will never let up. It will. The increase is temporary. At the time, though, it feels like the world should end! I’ve been there, too. Just take your time and keep your stress in check, do what you need to and worry about nothing else. So sorry for the VERY hard pain days! They suck! xo

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    • Thank you so much! I am trying to just think positive about this as I do know it will end someday! I guess the more I think about it, the more stress I feel which you know doesn’t help! I have to say though the things that make me the most irritated and sad is when people that think they know me (my biological father) send me Facebook messages that I need to start thinking about disability. Unlike him, that is relatively normal can’t wait to be on disability. I know how mean I am sounding, but that man does not know me or my condition! I have not seen him in years, so many I do not even know the number! I am sorry for this comment as I know how frustrating is sounds, but that message hurt me pretty bad!

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  5. Hope you’re feeling a lot better. Sorry you had to have one of those days. I’m sure your husband understands that it can get hard sometimes dealing with physical pain and trying to be nice while doing it. Sending comfort and hugs your way.

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    • Thank you so much! Yeah he understands, but still played the victim card. It’s all good though, he deals with pain issues as well. I guess we just understand each other and we deal with pain different. I just wanted to sleep and couldn’t, so I was frustrated! Hugs and comfort to you as well ♡


  6. Oh Alys, I’m sorry I’ve only just read this. Your husband sounds like a keeper 😉 I know what you mean about feeling your attitude and such change when in pain, ill, fed up and you just seem to change inward and outward, but it’s not hard to see how feeling so rotten will knock you off kilter. I get so incredibly grumpy, snappy, miserable, isolating, and I spiral because it makes me all the more frustrated and exhausted feeling like that. I do hope today is a brighter day for you. But please don’t be so hard on yourself for being like that when you’re struggling. You are a trooper and a tough cookie, but you can’t be patient and optimistic all of the time when dealing with the bad days. Sending love and best wishes ♥♥♥
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you so much Caz!! I do try to just be really quiet when I am feel terrible, but everything irritates me SO bad and I snap! Feeling ill and in pain really does knock me off kilter, but it does not typically last too long. Although I have been a little quiet and reserved for a few days now. I guess I think sheltering myself from others when I do not feel great protects everyone involved!!! I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a great long weekend!!! Sending you lots of love and hugs!!!!

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