How does humidity affect Multiple Sclerosis?

Have a wonderful dayGood morning Y’all! We thankfully made it through another Monday and now we are on to having a happy Tuesday! I hope your week is going well so far and you are feeling as good as you possibly can!

As y’all can probably tell, I live in the south and down here I swear we only have two maybe two and a half season, all of which are pretty warm! Now that it is “spring”, but really the weather feels more like ☀summer, it is always either HOT ☀or HOT and RAINY🌧! I know all the doctors say that heat is the worst thing for those with MS, but honestly I use a heating pad for the majority of the day and do perfectly fine for the most part when I get to go to my happiest place the beach🏖! I feel strongly that the brutal humidity is WAY worse for me than any hot temperatures I have experienced! Not only does the nasty humid air cause my hair to do wild things, it trump-bad-hair-day-e1436799992357also makes me feel absolutely terrible including SO much additional fatigue! This picture is how I feel like my hair looks on the humid days! Pretty tragic, isn’t it??! I am sorry to bring him into this, but it seemed to fit perfectly when talking about hair doing crazy things!

Many people with Multiple Sclerosis do experience a worsening of their symptoms when the weather is either hot or humid. The elevated ms and humiditytemperatures impairs the ability of the demyelinated nerves to conduct electrical impulses. The good thing is though, the adverse effects of temperatures and humidity are typically a temporary issue and will get better once you are cooler off. However, the bad news is it can and does take longer to recover from these issues if your body gets overheated. There is always that annoying good news bad news scenario! This time of year, that lasts about 10 months is really quite frustrating for me, but I always make it through!!

How do y’all deal with humidity and heat? Does it have an adverse affect on your health? Do you have any good tips that work well for you? I have heard the normal tips, like avoid extreme temperatures, which is pretty impossible when living in the🌻 south. But, I have also heard about cooling vests, which I honestly have not tried yet. Also the obvious, stay inside with air conditioning but staying hydrated is extremely important as well! This actually helps me drink more water, as normally I really do not. I know that is not a good thing, but I have never been the best at drinking water. 

Thank y’all for visiting my site! I always appreciate you taking the time to read and I LOVE your comments as well, which I will definitely respond to as quickly as I can! Please always remember that I am sending y’all LOTS of ❤love & comfort! 

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49 thoughts on “How does humidity affect Multiple Sclerosis?

  1. I agree that the humidity is worse than the heat, and when you have both it’s awful. It feels like my body is cooking from the inside and I feel like I’m wilting. Fortunately, I have a pool. So all I do is jump in, cool out and I’m good to go

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    • Thank you Steve! It is crazy how much humidity bothers us and then adding heat to the mix is brutal! That is wonderful you have a pool. I have actually heard multiple times how beneficial swimming is. Unfortunately, I do not have a pool and the places we could get memberships to go with a pool are insanely expensive. I hope after we get moved, we will find a place that has a pool and other exercise equipment that is a little more reasonable.

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      • A pool really cools the body temperature quickly. As far as exercise is concerned, I have leg issues and gave a recumbents bike in my basement that works my legs, arms and core. Other than weights for my upper body, it’s the only kind of exercise I can do for my legs. Even swimming is hard because my leg always seems to drag and I can’t kick with it. So I generally do a lot of walking in the pool

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      • Isn’t it crazy how much this illness affects our lives and sometimes there is little we can do to make it better? Everyone always tells me I just need to exercise and things will be okay, but it isn’t like I can go take a long walk or anything like that.

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  2. Ahh, nothing beats a bit of Trump hair! haha. Its about 22 degrees celsius here in the UK today, and just perfect. If it gets over 30C I really struggle with the fatigue. But, a little warmth and sun and I feel really good. Well, better anyway!. Hope you are having a great day. :).x

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    • That does sound amazing! I really want to travel to the UK someday. It looks beautiful and now that the Royal wedding is over, I am sure there is less chaos! I hope you have a great day as well. I actually had to stay home from work today due to so much pain and spasms in my legs. It has been horrible and I am blaming the humidity 100%! I am so glad you liked the Trump hair!! I was a little worried people might get upset about it as unfortunately people actually like that man, I however do not!!

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      • Well, I’m an aussie living in the UK, and as much as I miss “home” UK is very beautiful. A lot of history! I too don’t like Trump, but anything that takes the you know what out of him makes my day!. Sorry to hear you had to take a day off. I really wish the rest will do you good. And eat! you need to look after yourself. Food for the body and the mind. x

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      • I am with you 100% on the Trump comment!!! I really hope that other countries do not think everyone in the states agrees with all the horrible things he says and does, as I do not and neither does my husband!! I kind of think this increased pain issue has a lot to do with the humidity, but who knows! I will do my best to rest and take care of myself. My husband told me in the early hours of morning I needed to do absolutely nothing and he would take care of me today. I am really bad at sitting and doing nothing, but I can not really do much right now because of this pain!
        When the great day happens and I can travel to the UK, I will be sure to let you know!!


  3. Yes the drastic changes between the winter and summer take a toll on my body, energy and pain levels. I try to stay in cool places as much as possible, dress cool and comfortable, keep water with me, get in the pool as much as possible and get out of the house to run errands, go to appointments, etc. early in the day or late in the day when it gets cooler out. Hopefully you can find comfort as much as possible this summer!☺

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    • Oh my, yes tge drastic changes between summer and winter are brutal! When it is too cold I hurt, but then if it’s too hot it’s miserable! During the summer I try stay inside in the air conditioning. Funny thing is, I avoid heat in the summer but appreciate hearing pads so much in the winter. I even have one that is mobile. I find even now I feel much better earlier in the day and as the days moves on, I have so much pain. Thankfully my job allows me to work fewer hours and start early. I really appreciate your comment! I hope you have a lovely evening!


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