Intense Spasticity

Definition+of+spasticityFor the past few days I have been dealing with a lot of pain and discomfort in my legs and even in my arms. I have experienced this sensation many times over the years, so I was almost immune to it and did not allow it to alarm me too much. In all honesty though, as the days and feeling continued it just started to become quite annoying and incredibly uncomfortable. Nothing but my trusty heating pad ❤ seems to alleviate this feeling of pain, which is just VERY frustrating. So I decided to share a little information with y’all about spasticity, which I am sure most of you already know about!

Spasticity is feelings of stiffness and various ranges of involuntary muscle spasms. This is extremely common with those living with Multiple Sclerosis. Spasticity could be as mild as feelings of tightness of the muscles or so severe that it causes painful, uncontrollable spasms of the extremities, most commonly in the legs. Spasticity can cause pain and tightness in and around the joints and cause intense lower back pain, which is horrible to manage! Spasticity can be triggered by a number of things like sudden movement or position changes, extremes in temperatures, humidity or infection, but can also be ms spasticityaggravated by tight clothing!

There are different types of Spasticity are:

Flexor Spasticity involving the hamstrings which are the muscles on back of the upper leg and hip flexor which are the muscles at the top of the upper thigh. The hips and knees are bent and difficult to straighten.

Extensor Spasticity involving the quadriceps and adductors which are the muscles on the front and inside of the upper leg. The hips and knees remain straight with legs very close together or crossed over at the ankles.

There are treatments available for this possibly painful situation. Treatments are on an individual basis, but for any treatment it is important to work closely with a specialist. Some treatments may include certain exercises recommended by the specialist, changes in daily activities, medication or a combination of all three of these options. The two most common antispasticity medications are Baclofen and Tizanidine. Baclofen is a muscle relaxant that works on nerves in the spinal cord. Tizanidine works quickly to calm spasms and to relax tightened muscles. All medications that can be used, can and will work differently with each individual person, which is why it is SO IMPORTANT to always consult with a specialist and report all side effect experienced.

**Important Disclaimer** I am not a physician nor am I in the medical field, all information I am sharing is based completely on my own research and personal experiences, so please if you are experiencing anything to do with spasticity consult with your physician.

Thank y’all for visiting my site today! I hope this information was interesting to you and if you have any comments, please do not hesitate to leave them. I love❤ being able to read your comments and I do always respond as quickly as I can. If any of you have experienced this feeling and have found a good way to relieve the pain and discomfort, please let me know!! I hope y’all have a great day and are feeling well. As always remember I am sending y’all lots of 💕love and comfort!

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Always, Alyssa


27 thoughts on “Intense Spasticity

    • I just read your fantastic and informative post. I really appreciated your post as it is SO true. I also appreciate a doctor finally saying that headaches are part of MS, my doctors fight me on this! What are your recommendation for this annoying leg spasticity that I have been dealing with?


  1. Gosh Alyssa you have been so kind and thoughtful with your visits and comments in the past few days and that has meant a lot and all the while you have been struggling with this aspect of MS, your resilience has to be admired! And thank you, I’m all the time learning from you. I have developed spasms at night time and didn’t know what was happening!

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  2. Thank you for sharing the great info on meds, Alyssa! I’m so sorry you have the spasming so intensely. Does anything seem to trigger it?
    I’ve been tested 5x for MS since I was 22 if that tells you how symptomatic I am from my CRPS and Dysautonaumia specifically. That’s not unusual, however. Thankfully no lesions! Praise God! I also have what I call “Ataxia flares” where I cramp up full body like a robot which usually lasts between an hour to a few days.
    Do you experience this as well?
    If I’m getting more spasming than usual, I’ll take, eat, or drink something with a high magnesium and potassium content which does reduce the spasm activity. Chlorophyll capsules are my new best friend, and something about the way they increase oxygen and blood flow improves the symptoms of my chronic illnesses — well, except for the pain😩😑

    If anything helps your “robot body” flares please do tell!

    I always love your posts, Alyssa ❤🌹

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    • Thank you so much! I do think that stress is a HUGE trigger to everything and I am literally a walking talking stress case. Plus the weather where I live has shifted drastically.
      That is wild that you have been tested so many times for MS. I am glad the tests did not come back positive. I honestly did not know much about CRPS until reading your posts. I have heard so many times that magnesium will help with the spasms and I still have not bought supplements or ate food with magnesium in it. I think I should probably give it a try. These spasms have been brutal and do not stop! I really appreciate what you have said and I hope it will help my issues.
      Thank you for your kind words as well! You are always very insightful, which is incredibly helpful!!!

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  3. I know that you probably don’t want to hear about another drug but I take psychlobenzaprine 5 mg
    for my spacticity and it works pretty well. It also helps me sleep. You’ve probably already been told this but thought I’d throw it in just in case you haven’t!

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    • Oh no worries! I am not sure if my doctors have recommended that before. I did not even know what it was so I had to look it up. They do have me on a muscle relaxer and I suddenly forgot the name of it. I appreciate you sharing this, I will mention it to the genius doctor of mine! It probably shows how I feel about her!


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