Reality of Struggles

struggle-strengthsI know just how fast life can become difficult and how frustrating that may be. Struggles are very real and most often completely and totally unavoidable. It is not ever easy to continue fighting a battle that seems more like an uphill battle, but we are all living and breathing proof it is possible and can be won in time or at least made more tolerable. It is important to realize that you can not rush change or success, it just happens when it is supposed to, not just when we want it to! This is when we much practice something I have never fully learned, patience.

So how do you maintain a positive and bright outlook while in a dark and gloomy struggle 1situation? Each person is so different with various strategies to survive the craziness of the world we live in. It makes me terribly sad to be witness to the misfortunes of others, not just in the country I was born in, but literally all around the world. Everyone falls on hard times over the course of their life, but sadly some experience it more than others and way more than they deserve. I do not believe anyone really deserves to fall on hard times, but when they do through no fault of their own, some recover faster than others by the sheer force of determination. There are times though that even the person with a significant amount of strength and determination can get beat down to a very negative level. So many events in our lives can crush our willpower to push forward; instead we tend to give up.

Is it true to say that bad choices can land people in bad situations? It is most definitely possible that poor choices can lead to a terrible amount of despair and difficult times on the roads ahead of that person, but it does not have to be a permanent situation. struggleLearning from our poor choices of the past can be beneficial to our future. The important thing to never forget is, we can not live in the past because it will always hinder our future! It is not by poor life decisions people end up battling cancer or chronic illnesses, it is just the way the story of life unfolds. It should not be viewed as a punishment, but maybe a way to show the strength we have.

 Isn’t it hard to believe we are already in May? I feel like we just celebrated the New Year recently with the hopes of so much positive changes, but I honestly have not seen many great changes. It still feels like the world is in massive chaos and so full of negativity and hatred. I think many of y’all know me by now, so you know that I try to spread a lot of positive vibes your way and I have a tremendous amount of compassion for everyone. I do not believe there is one ounce of me that has the need for drama, negative thoughts and hatred because all that does for anyone is bring them down to levels that are not healthy. I appreciate so many of you that try to spread nothing but positive thoughts and ❤love to everyone! 

Thank y’all for taking the time to visit my site today. I always appreciate all of your support and lovely❤ comments that I do my best to respond to as quickly as I possibly can! I hope y’all have a fantastic day and I hope you are feeling well! As always I am sending y’all lots of love  and comfort!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

22 thoughts on “Reality of Struggles

  1. It’s hard some days isnt it,but somehow I always remember that it’s ok to have a dark day,but I can’t, dont want to be there for too long!. Like you, I am (try) always happy, laughing and dont be involved in any gossip, hatred or pure nastiness. Life is too short…hope you are having a lovely week!.I have just woken up with an achy body…feels like I’ve been hit by a truck,but should wear off soon!. :)x

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    • It definitely is not easy to remain positive, but I do find it easy to avoid the hateful gossip, it brings far too much nastiness into our lives! I am so sorry you woke up with body aches, I know it is hard and kind of sets the day off on the wrong foot. I hope you start feeling better very soon!

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