No one said it was easy

living with chronic illnessGood morning Y’all and happy Friday Eve!! Just one last day until the much desired weekend is here! I hope y’all have a wonderful day!

I do not think anyone that lives with a chronic illness has ever said, “This is so easy to deal with.” Living with any type of chronic illness, no matter what it is, takes the willingness to adjust to a life you never dreamt of living and never giving up the fight against the illness itself! It means taking on tasks, that before the diagnosis would have been so simple to handle, but after the diagnosis adds some new challenges you never even knew existed.  It means learning about new medications, that still may seem foreign to you, but you understand them enough to know the benefits to your health. It means relying on doctors to give you accurate and detailed information, but also having the strength and courage to question everything they say to you. It is all about knowing your own body and learning what your “new norms” are and knowing when something is not right! It does not matter how long the doctor went to school for or how many awards he or she has received or even how many of their patients sing their praises, they will never know your body better than you do. They are there for us, as the patient to feed us the knowledge about our illness and the various medications approved to manage said illness, not to tell us what to do because that is not their choice!

weathering-the-storm-alone-can-be-scary-but-in-the-24568066.pngThere are so many things I would have done differently when I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, if I had not been SO shell-shocked by the news! I do not think I was ever fully prepared when I went into my doctor’s appointments; I just went because it was required of me. I was so young when I was diagnosed, so I was not mature or logical enough to think things through first, I just acted solely based on impulse and impulse control when we are young is pretty much non-existent.

I have thought a lot about what advice I would give the young me that would be helpful. I would tell the younger me to always keep a notebook of questions and or concerns for the doctor, so that I did not forget them as I so often did. I would also strongly advise the young me to get all doctors’ notes printed out and keep them with the notebook. It is amazing how many inconsistencies there can potentially be between what the doctor puts in his notes, that we do not see and what was actually said in the office. Unless the blogger-image-1184647580doctor’s notes are specifically requested, they will never volunteer them to you and those notes are your business to protect!

How long have you been living with a chronic illness? Do you remember how you handled it in the beginning and would you have done anything different, if anything? Knowing everything you know now, is there anything you would have changed or did you handle everything well and you do not have any regrets? I think most of us have defensive mechanisms that help us with dealing with tragic events in our lives and that is okay, as long as we handle the issue or issues at hand. Some people deal with the difficult events life throws their way in very negative ways that only causes additional issues. I think some of the most troublesome events from life have a way of teaching us valuable lessons and they are not punishments in the least bit! 

I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for visiting my site today. I am looking forward to reading your comments as you know they are always encouraged and I will respond as quickly as I possibly can! As always I am sending y’all LOTS of love and comfort!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

24 thoughts on “No one said it was easy

  1. Oooo a very thought-provoking one, Alyssa! I think I would have done things differently, and this is such a bitter pill when I think of it, when I was 19 and first started going to the GP because things weren’t right. I would have been more assertive, I would have pushed harder, I would have believed in myself rather than doubted myself when I was fobbed off time and time again. Then over the years I would have done things differently too, but even now, I think I probably should be a little more gentle with myself, less angry towards myself and my body. Hindsight, eh, even when you’re in the situation let alone looking back several years.

    When you said about negative ways we deal with things too, I know I’m ‘guilty’ of that, but at the same time we all have ways to cope, it’s just trying to find the healthiest, kindest ways to yourself to do it. Brilliant post. You have such great insight and ability to trigger new ways of thinking for your readers, including myself. Sending hugs your way lovely xx

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    • Thank you for this amazing comment Caz! Isn’t it amazing all the things we would love to have done different all those years ago? I wish there was a rewind button and maybe things would have gone smoother and much different, but really who knows? Then I get it in my mind that things all go the way they are supposed to go and our story was prewritten! At least we can make some changes going forward when dealing with our health and do things the way we feel they should be done. You are a lot like me! I am extremely hard on myself and then push myself WAY too far! Even now I get so angry with myself when my pain levels increase because I think I didn’t do something right.
      I really appreciate your kind words about this post! I am so happy to hear that you feel I have good insight and have the ability to trigger new ways of thinking. I am good at giving advice and horrible at taking my own advice! Sending you lots of hugs!!


  2. This is so good to read, I am terrible even now with appointments I nod and smile and thank them and then walk out knowing nothing and holding back all the questions I should have asked 😞 I hope you are well, I wanted to say I’ve not been on here much recently I’ve been feeling worse it’s hard but I hate missing your posts 😔 x x

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    • It is totally normal to deal with appointments like that because we are always eager to get out of there! I am so sorry you have not been well. I hope you start feeling better very soon. Maybe for your next appointment, try bring a little notepad with questions you have. You can start off slow!!!

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      • That’s a good idea, I will definitely do that with future appointments thank you!! I’ll get there, I just feel like I can’t even blog at the moment or read much and that’s frustrating but I aim to bounce back at some point lol x x

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      • Oh please do not be too hard on yourself! Just take things one day at a time or even just one moment at a time. It takes time to get use to all this MS stuff. It is a lot to take in and a lot to get use to, but I know you will get there! You know already, I am always here for you!!!

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