3 Day Quote Challenge

3 Day Quote Challenge Day #1

I would like to thank https://dinosaursdonkeysandms.com: Heather and Dizzy and https://unbreakableyetfragile.com  for asking me to join this fun challenge. For anyone that has not visited these blogs, they are definitely worth checking out because they are both fantastic! I love quotes and feel there is so much meaning behind many of them, so I am excited to be participating in this challenge!

life-isnt-about-waiting-for-the-storm-to-pass-it-about-learning-to-dance-in-the-rain-870x714For day one my quote is “Life Isn’t About Waiting For The Storm To Pass, It’s Learning To Dance In The Rain.”

To be completely honest, I have absolutely no idea who came up with this, I just saw it in a while ago and it stuck with me! This quote means something to me because living everyday with Multiple Sclerosis has it’s fair share of challenges, but I have had to learn how to still carry on with my life and enjoy it as much as possible. Y’all know that I am not one that gives up and will never allow this illness to defeat me !

The Rules for the challenge are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  • Share why this quote appeals so much to you.
  • Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

My Lovely and Amazing Nominees Are:

https://mymsrollercoasterride.wordpress.com/ Toni

https://mswithmsalex.com/ Alex

https://fuckms.ca/ Angela

I hope my nominees will enjoy this fun little challenge. It is something a little different from the normal day-to-day thoughts! I look forward to seeing what quotes stand out to you and the reasons behind them as I am sure they are just as wonderful as each of you!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa



22 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge

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    • You are more than welcome!! You deserve so much recognition for how well you handle the struggles at hand! You have been through so much and I only wish I could do something to help you! Stay strong sweet lady!!


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