Dreary Sunday

Well spent SundayGood afternoon Y’all! I hope you have had an incredible weekend! I do believe it is important to live each moment to the fullest, as we do not know what tomorrow may hold for us. I am not saying to dwell on what could happen, but love others and life-like tomorrow does not exist, so there is not anything to regret! No one wants to live with the feeling of regret!

Do y’all do anything special on Sunday in preparation for the week ahead? Is Sunday your day to catch up on rest or get everything done you are not able to do during the week? In the past, I made Sunday my day to get all the cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry done, but now I am making Sunday a day to do things I want, no matter what that is. It may be resting or it may be cleaning, but regardless of what I do, it is not planned like the rest of my week! I think we all need a day that is completely unplanned and definitely not full of chaos. 

Lately I have been once again dealing with some extreme pain and as difficult as it is I am trying to not allow this pain to consume me! It is not easy to fight against the pain, but it does not help matters to give up and sit around crying about it. Tears may fall, but there is no amount of tears that will stop the pain I feel. 

Currently, I have been experiencing something new and I am not sure if it is related to Thoughts arrive like butterfliesthe MS or not. I have lost some of my abilities to taste, which seems a little odd. I did read about this and it can occur due to lesions on the brain. Considering I do not want to think there are new or active lesions, I am choosing to ignore this very mild issue. I am not one that enjoys food, so it does not matter that much! I am just accepting it and moving on!

I have heard from so many people who there must be some kind of special diet I can do for the MS to avoid any new issues. I have to say that is a pretty obnoxious thing to hear so often. In all honesty, there is no special diet that is going to cure MS or prevent further issues from happening. It is very clear for everyone that a well-balanced diet is healthy, but it does not offer a cure for anything! Everyone should already understand that over-eating is not a wise thing to do and will cause weight problems. We can all figure out if anything we eat causes us to feel worse and then we can avoid those specific foods. I am pretty stubborn, so when people are constantly talking to me about what I should eat I do the opposite. My doctors have been on my case for years about what I should weigh, but I hover around the same no matter what I do. I do not normally gain any weight and depending on what I am going through lose weight. Even if according to BMI calculators I am under weight, I feel like I am fine! 

Throughout life we are confronted with so many decisions we have to make. Sometimes we might make the wrong decisions, but that does not mean we have to stop living. I believe that the decisions we make that were not the best choice actually makes us Whispers of your heartstronger. Most of us learn from the bad decisions and hopefully do not make them again. I am a pretty emotional person so most of my decisions come from the heart. However, the bad decisions I make come from  negative feelings and maybe some angry feelings I have! Previously all my decisions surrounding the MS were solely based on fear, but now I am able to make rational and logical decisions about my health care because I educate myself on everything the doctors suggest. I do believe that if we listen more to what our heart is telling us, we will feel happier and more satisfied with life! Our heart knows what is right and wrong! 

Thank you for visiting my site today and I would love to read your thoughts! I learn so much from y’all because you are all so insightful! Most of us are battling with an illness, but we handle it with nothing but grace and strength! Who would have ever thought we had resilience and strength to continue fighting even when we are in so much pain? Not allowing an illness to take control of our daily lives is not easy, but we are all doing it every day and for that we should all be extremely proud! I know this post was a little all over the place, but I had a lot on my mind! I hope the rest of your Sunday is spent doing what makes you smile! A smile can make a big difference in everyone’s life! As always I am sending y’all lots of love and comfort!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


54 thoughts on “Dreary Sunday

  1. Alyssa I hope you get your sense of taste back, I can’t imagine how I’d feel about that, you’re so strong! With the weight thing I’m exactly the same I’m a normal weight always have been the same but when I’ve been in hospital they put me on food charts because they say I’m slightly underweight which is frustrating because I eat well and have never not!! Lol…I agree Sunday should just be chill day, take it easy and do as you please! I tend to have laid back Sunday’s and just see where the day takes me, much better 😊 sending my love to you as always x x

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    • Thank you Kim! This taste thing is very strange and it has not happened before. At first I thought there was something wrong with the Sprite I was drinking, but it happens with all liquid! I have literally always been a little under weight, but I am very cautious about weight. I know that probably sounds vein, but I do not want to get huge like most people in the US, lol! All these doctors and my husband wants me to weigh 110 and I am 15 lbs under that goal of theirs. I think what I weigh is perfectly healthy for me! Sunday is just a day to prepare for the crazy new week! See we are so much a like! You are like my twin across the ocean! I hope you have a wonderful evening sweetie!! Sending you my love as well!!

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  2. Good post Alyssa particularly your changed perspective and hearing you say you now make “rational and logical decisions about my health care because I educate myself on everything”…. I really believe knowledge is power!

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    • Thank you so much! We learn so much through daily life and it makes things much more clear! Being rational and logical instead of overly emotion pays off! Granted, I am not able to be logical with some things like politics, but my health I am VERY rational! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and I really appreciate your comment!!

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    • Truthfully, I think it has something to do with the MS, but I am not going to dwell on it or even mention it to my doctor. The only thing thinking about it will do is cause stress and that will not change a thing! It is pretty rare in the states, but I am not much of a foodie at all! I hope your weekend was great and I hope you have a very pleasant Monday!!!

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  3. Great post !!! It’s funny how MS hits different spots at different times. Never has loss of taste. But do have a numb butt cheek this week. Thinking not enough moving around in the truck. Life is about living to the fullest. Good days and bad. We hopped in a rental car and exploded Old Colombia PA this weekend. Have a great day !!!

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    • Thank you! It is pretty wild how MS hits various spots with everyone. No two people experience the exact same issues, which is even crazier! I am so glad you had a nice weekend! Being able to do something different every now and then is always really nice!!! I hope you have a great evening and thank you for your comment!!


  4. Hope the loss of taste is temporary!. As to weekends, I do whatever my body feels like doing when I wake. I used to beat myself up about the littlest things, like if I didn’t have the energy to vaccum. But you know what, there is always tmrw. :). Diet and MS. I bought all the books at the beginning, but felt it was too much too soon. I know MSers who follow the overcoming MS diet. The only things I quit were smoking and drinking. we don’t eat processed foods and cook from scratch, which, once you get in the groove, is cheaper and you know exactly what you are eating. But, I do have the occasional bag of chips ice cream, cheese, butter etc, but all in moderation now. MS or no MS, food does play a role in our well being…just keep doing what makes you feel good. But if you eat something ‘naughty’ and it makes you feel sluggish or fatigued, your lovely body is probably trying to tell you something -don’t hate me for saying that! ;). Have a lovely weekend. X

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    • Thank you so much! I know I need to get on a better diet, but it is a little difficult with my husband’s crazy schedule, he is not working right now. I have heard that cheese causes inflammation, but I just love cheese. I do not eat much, but I need to make what I do eat better for me! I do not hate you for this comment at all because I know how right you are!! I appreciate your comment so much!! What kinds of foods do you cook? Do you eat meat? I hope you have a great weekend!

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      • It is hard, and some fatigue days I just want to eat junk food,so I totally get it. I may have to cut back on the cheese!. I love it also!. And I don’t do the cooking, but Mark cooks anything from stews to what he callsthe one pot dishes, all cooked in one pot. Base is usually carrot,celery, onion and garlic, adds home made chicken stock, a few more ingredients, herbs etc then cooks the meat. we eat meat, mainly chicken, fish, pork and ground beef. Even if you made meatballs, you don’t always have to have pasta. He would make meatballs and put it with the veg etc from above. Fish cooked in the oven with lemon, and a bit of rice with veg mixed into it is really filling but also light. If you like, I could email you with a few easy recipes?. Mark also works, so he cooks dishes which are healthy but not time consuming. We also have a vegetarian dish once a week. Let me know, and enjoy the weekend!. :)x

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