Hiding behind a mask

maskDo you ever try to hide behind a mask of what you think you should be? Or hide behind the mask of what other’s think you should be? Sometimes admitting how you truly feel can be terrifying and almost make you feel weak. Periodically I think most of us try to be strong and act like everything is fine when it really isn’t. Always trying to be strong by not allowing anyone to see your pain and struggles becomes a normal way of life, but is that really the best way to live life?

Do you ever feel that you need to disguise your feelings? I can fully admit that I try to not allow my feelings to  come to surface when I think they will cause others additional stress. If I am being honest, I do worry about my Multiple Sclerosis and if things are progressing too fast, but it is not good to over think situations you have absolutely no fake our smilecontrol over. Holding on tight to positive thoughts can be very difficult, but can really change your life, whereas allowing negative thoughts in your mind can be pretty destructive. If I allow my mind to think that my MS is progressing it makes it a real thought opening doors that I prefer not walk through. Building a barrier between our thoughts and reality is sometimes possible if we try!

Stress is a silent killer that can impact all of our lives. So how in the world do you avoid it? Some stress is actually avoidable, but then some stress is completely impossible to avoid because it will come at you with full force. The ways we handle stress are really important! I have tried doing some research about how to avoid stress and found some tips that might be helpful. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. So many turn to alcohol when they become overwhelmed, but it is very well know that alcohol is a depressant so that will never be helpful in any way and could cause even more problems. Indulging in physical activity can be helpful for our health as well. Stressful situations increase the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in the body. So we might be able to take some of the adrenaline from stress and turn it into something positive. Lack of sleep is a significant cause of stress. Stress can interrupt our sleep because our minds are in a constant whirlwind of thoughts which stops us from relaxing enough to even fall asleep. If we are having a hard time falling asleep there are things to try like taking a warm bath or reading a book because these will calm the mind! Starting a stress diary where you can write out your feelings and keep track of your thoughts can be very helpful! Writing out your feelings can help you find ways to solve your problems and not have to worry about judgement from others; your journal will not talk back! These were just a few MS Hopeideas that stuck out to me, but I know there are so many other ways to handle stress! 

I have been very worried about health care in the United States. There have been so many changes that are not really for the positive. I think doctor’s schedules are so full it makes it hard for them to give each patient the attention they deserve and they may even confuse patients. With the doctor’s schedules being so incredibly full, I think sometimes their notes can be misleading and incorrect. I actually know this to be true because I recently had my doctor’s office give me a copy of the notes for the last few years.  I have also been very concerned about my MS because things have not gotten much better since the relapse I had in October. I do not know if this means the MS has progressed or if the additional non-stop pain is just here for the long haul. All illnesses are like uninvited guests that just will not leave and make messes during their stay.

I know the weather has been a little crazy all over the world, but I hope y’all had a great weekend! The snowstorms that have occurred at the end of March have been pretty unusual, but I hope if y’all have experienced this you were able to stay warm. I am hoping that this upcoming week will bring us all some pretty spring temperatures. Y’all have already read before that I am never fully ready for the new week to start because I would prefer to have another day of rest. Hopefully this new week will give us some real joy and comfort! I really appreciate y’all visiting my site today and I do look forward to all of your comments! I hope the remaining part of your weekend is absolutely fantastic and restful! I am always sending y’all much love and comfort!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


40 thoughts on “Hiding behind a mask

  1. I definitely have hidden behind a mask,I have for years. Due to my issues with RA, it’s like putting on another mask. I don’t want people to see how bad the pain really is. I know this isn’t healthy but it’s the only way I keep going sometimes.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing. I am so sorry you have to hide behind a mask, I know how that is. I am so sorry you have to deal with pain because my goodness I know how much it sucks! I think a lot of us that live in pain try to hide it from others because what are they really going to do to help it, right? Honestly I get a little frustrated if people know how I am feeling because sometimes their way of helping just causes irritation! I hope you are feeling okay today and your pain isn’t too extreme. I wish I knew ways to make all of our pains to disappear!


  2. I actually write something about this Alyssa, although I didn’t publish it on my blog. It’s on my diary. But my afterward seems to be related to this. I’m sure people have reasons why they wear a mask.

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    • Thank you for sharing! I figure a lot of people have some type of diary that they do not publish because it is a personal thing. It is great to get feelings out. I agree everyone has a reason to wear their mask and it is a decision we make. I can tell you I definitely wear a mask most of the time. I hope you are feeling well and having a great weekend!

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  3. Thank you for this honest and reflective post. I hide behind a mask some days because it’s easier than being completely honest about how I am doing or feeling. It’s a lot of work, but there are days where I don’t want to answer questions.

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    • I can not tell you how much your comment means to me. Your kind words are very refreshing and shows so much kindness. I do agree, hiding behind a mask is a lot of work and it can change often. Answering so many questions is tiring, especially when they are repeat questions. I wish you so much comfort and a break from your mask!!! Thank you again for your comment!

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    • Thank you so much! I am very thankful for the blogging community. It is so helpful to be able to interact with others that understand but also makes me happy that I can help others!! I hope you are doing well and again thank you for your comment!!


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