Where is Spring?

where-is-springOn March 20th, we should have been graced with spring weather, but it seems Mother Nature had a difference of opinion! The first day of spring was rather warm, but then the days that followed were very chilly and some even had snow! Spring time snow just does not seem right to me, but I guess we will never understand how nature works. Spring is “supposed” to bring on the blooming of the trees and blossoming of the flowers adding so much beauty to the world! New life is given to nature and new beginnings are created all around us. The amazing and various colors of flowers give an incredibly artistic sight for us to see. Even the trees, which most think are just green, have a variety of different greens brightening up our surroundings! Of course the days delay the darkness of night by having a few hours longer of daylight and sunshine!

The days ahead are finally showing some signs of spring like weather. I really do hope that spring will stick around a while before we are bombarded with the summer heat! Summer is great for going to the beach, but when you live hours from the beach it is not always so fantastic! When it is 100 degrees out with high humidity, you literally can not walk from an air conditioned building to your car without being drenched in sweat! With the way Mother Nature has been acting, it is hard to say what summer is going to be like. There were a few days in February when the temperatures were in the upper spring_flowers_2015_longwood_cr_LongwoodGardensLAlbee70’s, which is highly abnormal! I do not think it is healthy for temperatures to go from nearly 80 degrees to the next day being in the upper 40’s that is too drastic of a change.

How is your spring going so far? Are y’all having spring like weather or are you experiencing the tail end of winter still? I know I have said this before, but my body does not respond well to dramatic weather changes. I definitely do not handle chilly rainy days well at all. Do you feel like cold rainy days worsen how you feel? But in all honesty, we can not control the weather and just need to do what we can to keep living! Never allowing an illness that is strongly affected by weather is hard, but we are all so much stronger than that!

I recently did a post about pain management doctors and how I feel about them. I do understand there is a huge issue right now with people abusing pain medications and doctors do not seem to have the man power to know which of their patients are not just after some type of high, but actually just want to live a normal life without pain. I feel like there is a lot of judging going on right now with people who live in pain and go to pain management. These patients should not be labeled as an addict or anything else that is humble-and-kinddemeaning. No one in their right mind wants to go to the doctor for anything, but they surely do not want to sit in a doctor’s office while they are in pain and wait to be seen. These people would much rather be at home where they are comfortable. So those that go through the struggles of getting to the doctor’s office and wait are suffering and in need of relief. I do not want it to sound like I am placing all the blame for the opioid crisis on the doctors and government, but they both have a lot to do with the issues at hand. I will never think that those that have a legitimate reason for going to pain management because of an accident or illness should be punished further. It does not seem fair to add more pain and suffering to those already under much stress from the pains they go through every day! 

I always appreciate you stopping by my site and I love reading your comments, which I will respond to as quickly as I can. We are all entitled to our own opinions and they all matter! I hope your weekend is going well and you are able to enjoy every moment of it! Sending y’all lots of love and comfort!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa



35 thoughts on “Where is Spring?

  1. Guess us folks in New England aren’t the only ones asking that question. We had four snowstorms in the last four weeks and everyone was getting apoplectic. But it is supposed to get into the 60’s next week, so maybe Spring is being delayed a week. One can only hope

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  2. I agree with you Alyssa. People suffering from pain on a daily basis should not be affected by this “opioid crisis”. You all need the pain medicine in order to live a somewhat “normal” life. It’s such an ethical issue for any doctor to stop prescribing a pain medication that has been prescribed for an extended period of time for patients that are legitimately suffering every day of their life. Do these doctor’s have a conscience? What if it was their family member? Any special considerations given in this situation? If so, so wrong!! Doctors take care of your patients. Don’t let the government dictate your moral obligation!!

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    • Thank you for this comment Mom! I do not think doctors have a conscience or if they do it has been infiltrated by someone with no common sense or love for anyone. You are SO correct saying the doctors should not let the government dictate their moral obligations to their patients. Doctors did take an oath that is far beyond the government! I guess things will work out the way they are meant to, I just really hope this pay will subside soon! The crazy weather does not help anyone that is dealing with pain!


  3. Spring sucks here so far! SNOW. Ugh. I did some “Sprinter” cleaning yesterday LOL The opioid crisis kind of reminds me of the food stamp situation. There are many who abuse the system by being lazy and saying they can’t work or somehow still have the money to buy cigarettes and alcohol while using food stamps, so because of THAT there are people who tell everyone on food stamps they are lazy and should get a job, when there are people who really do need them. Hope that makes sense.

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  4. Another great post Alyssa! Here in south Louisiana we have had Spring. It has been sunny, in the 70s but breezy, so it has been manageable for me. I really cannot do the heat and humidity we have. It just knocks everything out of me! The time of the year that I dread is on its way. I will hibernate until September LOL!! Thats ok though, I have my crochet and knitting. Have a great day! Jen

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    • Thank you SO much for this wonderful compliment. I do appreciate your kind words! I bet it gets crazy hot and humid in Louisiana, but I hope it won’t be too bad this year. It is funny that I dread summer but really love the beach. I also kind of dread winter because it gets too cold. I absolutely LOVE fall because things are just perfect. I sound like Goldie Locks now!!!! I hope you enjoy your crocheting Jen and have a great day!!!!


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