Purpose of Pain Management Doctors?

Pain management**Full disclosure, this gets a little political!**

I am starting to wonder why there are pain management doctors around and what good they actually do! Are these doctors supposed to be helping those who suffer with chronic pain or is there some other reasons for them I am not aware of? Why are patients that deal with a chronic illness that causes an incredible amount of pain expected to see the doctor that treats their illness, but also have to go to another doctor that is there to treat the pain caused from their illness? Why is the original specialist not capable enough to not just treat the illness, but also treat the pain symptoms that come along with it?

In the recent few months my pain management specialist has done absolutely nothing but give me the run around. This doctor that claims he wants to help him patients, has not only changed his story so many times, but also lied about what was said. What he has said to me during the appointments, verbally of course, were mildly different from what he put into his notes that I had never received until I finally demanded them. It does not seem to matter if you follow the directions of the doctor verbatim; they still find ways around doing what they took an oath for when they became a doctor. All physicians take what is called “Hippocratic Oath”, which forces them to uphold specific ethical standards, including medical confidentiality and Non-Maleficence, which means do no harm.

It is all over the news about what is called the “Opioid Epidemic” spreading around the country and also how the president says he wants to end the so-called “war on drugs”.  The president has claimed he wants to reduce opioid prescriptions by 1/3 of three years and the doctors are supposed to just fall in line with this insanity! The last time I DYrqFg6VwAAE4WPchecked, the president did not go to medical school and therefore does not know anything about medications and or illnesses that affect the people of the country he is supposed to care for! I do not think the doctors are going to fight for their patient’s well-being against the government and risk losing their medical licenses.

I can completely understand that there are people out there that abuse drugs of all different types. I do not think that those that need pain relief should be punished for another person’s abuse because the fault does not lie on the one in need; it lies on the one who has abused the drugs in the first place! If there is someone who has a true and well-documented reason from a medical professional for needing pain relief, they should not ever be scrutinized about this! Those living in pain never asked for this to happen to them and we all wish there was a different option, but we do what we have to do to continue living as normal of a life as we can. When a doctor tells a patient what is needed to continue care, the doctor should not change their minds multiple times and force the patient to go to other doctors and spend money they do not have, just to have the doctor say it isn’t good enough! In my opinion, they are failing drastically is the oath they took!

Looking at the big picture, I know that I really cannot blame the doctors completely because they are doing what they have to do in order to protect their jobs. They are following the laws that are put in place by the people who have absolutely no idea how to treat people! Doctors are listening to those in Washington DC that are on some kind of hne_pain_and_suffering_power trip, trying to fight a war that was created by the government! Logically, how else would all these drugs get onto the streets causing deaths across the nation? The people in this world who suffer are not being taken care of, but they are being mistreated and forced to handle the pain that is ruining their lives daily! A person that suffers from terrible pain has a hard enough time getting out of bed every day, so how can they be expected to do the normal daily things many can do without having any kind of relief from the pain they are inflicted with?

Thinking back about 10 years ago, my specialist who fully knew what I was dealing with was full capable to deal with my pain issues as well without sending me to another expensive doctor. What has changed and why did it change? It was not until recently, those at the top felt it was necessary to crack down on everyone. Pain apparently does not matter if a person is battling cancer, which is slowly killing them each day; they are going to have their pain medicine taken from them. Or what about those dealing with a chronic illness that is slowly taking away their mobility and affecting their day-to-day lives. Why should anyone that does not understand be able to be the judge on what is necessary for that person? Why should anyone be able to make a law that will take away a one-third of people’s rights to a pain-free life? How would the people making the laws, feel if they or someone they loved had to live in pain or would that just be different because it is closer to home for them?

As y’all can tell by this post, I have had a difficult couple days and I am beyond frustrated. My pain is at a high right now and is only getting higher when I have to deal with the doctors! Nothing is making sense to me right now, but I do see the changes being made at the top are doing nothing good for the country! It really makes me sad to see how only one single man can take a country to an extreme low!  I know some are going to disagree with me and that is okay, we are all entitled to our own opinions and I hope nothing I have said offended anyone.

I do really appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I look forward to your comments. I hope y’all have had a great week and the good news is it is almost Friday!  I hope y’all have a nice and relaxing evening. As always, I am sending all of you lots of love and comfort!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


37 thoughts on “Purpose of Pain Management Doctors?

  1. I am so sorry, you are going through this. Pain is the only thing, that we doctors can never ever feel, what the patient undergoes.
    I have heard about what is going in your country, but can some other drugs help you?? Can’t your docs help with other alternatives or painkiller patches??


  2. Oh honey =( I am so sorry you are in extra pain =( I think it pains many of us to read the news these days, and its sad that our leaders lack the wisdom to look beyond “statistics” and look at the people

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    • Thank you! It really is sad that the leaders lack wisdom and logic with the way things are. I feel like our leaders are destroying the country and hurting all the citizens. Pain is horrible to live with, but there is a fix if only people could be logical and compassionate. I really appreciate your comment!!

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    • Thank you for this comment! Sadly, you are right it is only going to get worse! The people in power need to take a step back and get all their own affairs together and then try to help the country! I wish there could be a new president sooner than later!!!

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  3. As one of the exceptions you mention here, I can’t take any strong pain meds because of my other (unrelated?) MS health problems. Whether or not you have to suffer through daily pain and/or symptoms, what’s the point in trying to complain about the government’s interference with the pharmaceutical industry? Is it better to be miserable and in pain all the time or become addicted to opioids/narcotics? Seems about the same to me, although pain med addictions are rampant everywhere. But why become another statistic? I guess it depends on how much you take and how often you take it. The sad truth is there are doctors out there who are setting their patients up for addiction and they (the patients) aren’t even aware of it. Drugs=$$ period, legal or not. It’s a business, and a shady one at that!

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    • I would never take enough medication to become just another statistic. All I was saying is some people truly need some kind of relief in order to make it through a day at work. As for complaining about the government, they are doing a lot wrong for our country and it goes way beyond the small thing of opioids. I completely understand there are people out there that are addicted and I can firmly say I am not. My point was things are being done right now that may not be 100% right. There are other ways to handle the crisis.

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      • U are right, Alyssa. There isn’t enough awareness and common sense when it comes to managing chronic illness and the pain that goes with it! Doctors should be capable of treating their patients and referring them to a specialist when its outside of their expertise. Not for something like pain management.

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      • Thank you so much for this comment! I appreciate hearing your outlook on this situation. It is really sad how doctors are forced to send patients in pain to another specialist. I might be wrong here, but do these pain specialists really study pain management in school? There are specialties like neurology, pediatrics and oncology, but I have never heard of doctors studying pain.

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    • It is awful, but they are trying to stop the war on drugs. I do not believe it is a true war, the government is starting this on their own.
      Thank you, the pain I am sure will get better in time. The weather keeps changing and my body can not keep up with the changes. I hope you are feeling well!!!

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  4. I get it. My pain pills, though never abused, were taken away from me for no reason. It’ hard to do anything these days. It’s a ploy anyway because the last time they cracked down they took prescriptions from those that needed them & continued to give them to those that would sell them on the streets but that is exactly what the government wants.

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    • I am sorry you have to deal with pain, I know it is not easy! I also could not agree with you more, it is all a ploy!! The government is so twisted and it is really sad! No other country, well civilized country treats people this way.

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  5. Oh, Alyssa. I am just so sorry that you are experiencing so much pain and frustration. My wish for you is that the people in your country come to their senses and vote out the clown in charge of what has become a circus. You need steady leadership and understanding. Lots of love and hugs to you. xoxo

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    • Thank you so much for this comment! I am hoping the pain will go away sooner than later and with that the frustration should go too! I really wish my country could find some common sense and act like they know what to do with it! I do wish the clown running this country would leave and not look back. He has turned the country into a circus, but a circus is entertaining! I do worry that if he leaves office if the next in line would do any better or make things worse, which is hard to imagine. I appreciate your kind words and I wish you well too. Lots of love and hugs to you!!!


  6. Keep requesting those records. I almost fell over backward when I got some of the clinical note written by various doctors, who I do not see anymore because of those note. There is definitely a time to be worried, and that is now… I am hoping this is just a red herring! But I really am not sure. ~Kim

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    • I never would have guessed the clinical notes would be so far off from what was really said. I do have all the clinical notes from the doctor causing my issues, but now I am going to request clinical notes from my MS specialist as well. I could not agree more that now is the proper time to worry about things. Everything is so far fetched and out of control. I do not have the ability to wrap my mind around how corrupt and heartless people can truly be. I do not have it in me to be so cruel and greedy. Thank you Kim, I always appreciate your wise words!!

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    • Thank you for your wonderful comment! I did worry about doing this post because I never want to offend anyone. Your comment was very appreciated! I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a great weekend ♡!


  7. I think the opioid crisis is a big deal. There are so many patients out there that have abused medications given by their doctor’s just because they like the way it makes them feel. These patients lie to the doctors and tell them how much they are suffering and what’s the doctor to do? Believe the patient or do a better job in assessing their pain and decide if the pain medicine can be tapered and eventually discontinued? Doctor’s unfortunately don’t have the time needed to really get to know their patients. Whose fault is that? Hard to say. In my opinion before a doctor continues a prescription for pain medicine they owe that patient the necessary time it takes to do a thorough and honest assessment. Any medicine that has an addictive property and can cause life altering consequences for a patient should be taken very serious. It’s very unfortunate that patients now addicted to pain medicine because of abusive behaviors and doctor’s that failed them will soon experience “shock therapy “, No more pain medicine. I do believe patients that truly have a medical diagnosis that substantiates the need for continued pain medicine will not be affected by the 1/3 of less prescriptions. I only hope that doctor’s will be able to wean these addicted patients from pain medicine. After all they didn’t get to this point on their own so hopefully they won’t have to overcome the addiction on their own.


    • I do understand that it is a crisis, but I do wish those in real true need would not be punished. I know it is hard for doctors with their busy schedules to take the necessary time to determine each patients needs, but it is important! They do need to make sure those patients that have their medication taken away are not the ones that have a real and true reason for needing the medicine.

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    • Thank you Crystal. I kind of think we all deal with some kind of pain in life, but some days are a little worse than others. When I wrote this I was just really so frustrated with how I was being treated at my doctor’s office. The poor treatment added to the pain I was already in. I have to believe that things will get better, but it is so hard to say because of how things are going in the country right now. But, despite all the bad that can happen I do think good things will come to those who wait! I really appreciate your kind words and support! I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a great evening!!!
      I have a really crazy question and you might laugh about it! How do you put smiley faces on comments? I told you it was a crazy question!


  8. ❤️❤️❤️I’m so sorry chica. I could go on for hours on my views of drugs and the clusterfuck the government has created. It’s a disaster and yes, there is abuse and yes there are people who need pain management. Why should someone suffering have to prove they’re not an addict essentially. Even the medical marijuana initiatives are still not getting the plant to the people who need it. The only thing I can say is I know many who are getting incredible results from pain management with CBD oils And salves. Just tossing that out there in case that could be an option for you. I’ve heard people literally say it is a miracle and has done wonders. Same for acupuncture. I think that’s how I’m getting anymore: clearly y’all have mucked the drug thing up, I’m gonna go other routes hahahaha but my libertarian heart rages right there with you. This is not how it should be handled.

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    • WOW, sounds like we are a lot alike. I could go on for a while about what the government is doing wrong! I know there is a lot of people who abuse medicine, but there are those who don’t abuse it and need it to carry on with life. I honestly have heard so much about CBD oil, but worry about getting the right kind. Medical Marijuana isn’t legal in my state and probably never will be, but it is legal in 26 other states. I love everything you have said and I really appreciate your comment!!!


  9. I haven’t faced this issue (yet?) because my flares subside sufficiently so that I can go days or even weeks without needing pain pills. Then again, when I have a flare, I find the medication absolutely necessary to reach a tolerable level of pain. (Not pain free; tolerable.) I’d call that NECESSARY medication.

    But I worry about being “a person with too many prescriptions” or being accused in some future situation of being a drug seeker. Because I’m a criminal? No, because I have anxiety, and my anxiety is TRIGGERED BY my underlying condition.

    And guess what happens when I’m anxious? Right, a flare becomes more likely.

    The “pain management” doctor seems like a nightmare to me, but that’s partly because going to doctor appointments in and of itself is exhausting and difficult, often even PAINFUL, for me. Needing yet another visit? That’s a fail before it’s even begun (without even accounting for another co-pay.)

    As an aside, my primary care doctor asked me if I wanted to try CBD oil. Our state is on the verge of recreation marijuana, so I thought he meant that, but he said the oil he’s talking about is legal now. I haven’t followed up, but I did get that advice from an MD I’ve gone to for over a decade, from before I got sick.

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    • Thank you so much for this absolutely fabulous comment! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I am so glad you have not had to deal with pain management doctors because they really are a hassle. Pain in itself is hard, but having to go wait at an uncomfortable doctor’s office makes it so much worse!

      I hate feeling like I am being judge when I go to the pain doctor because I can promise you I only go so that I can feel somewhat normal in life! My pain gets so incredibly high that I can’t do much of anything and it makes me sad.

      I have heard a lot about CBD oil, but have not tried it partially because you never know what is best. Or at least I just really do not know enough about it. What state do you live in? My state will never legalize anything to do with marijuana and I do not understand why. I have heard it can be helpful.
      I really do appreciate reading your very insightful comment!!!


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