Truly Thankful for You!

March is MS Awareness monthGood evening Y’all! I hope each of you had a fantastic Monday! As y’all know March has been Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month and I wanted to do several posts that where about MS. The first post was explaining that it was MS Awareness Month and some important details about the illness. The second post was what the common triggers were for a MS flare up. The third post was explaining what the different types of MS were and the final post was about diagnosing this illness. After I read and reread the comments I received, I think that those posts were helpful for many, which was my ultimate goal. It seems to have given answers to those with questions and information those that did not have information they deserved. 

Considering there are a few more days left in March, are there any topics about MS you would like to read more about? Are there any questions you have that were not answered in any of  my posts? Are there any voices in your mind eager to know more? I am prepared and willing to meet you needs with anything you want to read about. You are welcomed to reach out through a comment or you can feel free to email me directly at I am looking forward to seeing what you would like to know more about!

Next month is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, so I will be doing weekly posts about thisparkinson ribbob illness. Parkinson is very sensitive topic for me as I have someone I care deeply for that suffers from this illness. My dear and sweet Step-Father has been battling Parkinson with a strong mind and heart for a while now. My goal for next month will be to raise much-needed awareness for Parkinson Disease. 

I always appreciate you stopping by my site and I do love reading your comments, I will respond to all of them as quickly as I can. I hope you have a nice and restful evening and I really hope y’all are feeling well! Sending y’all lots of love and comfort!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


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