Time Change Headaches!

edwardrmurrow1After we set the clocks ahead an hour on Sunday, my schedule seems drastically off kilter! Of course I did change all the clocks in the house ahead a hour, but at the same time I seem to have set my dates in my mind ahead an entire day! I thought Monday was Tuesday and I have thought all day that today was Wednesday! It is not a good feeling to realize what the day actually is and that there is still another day of the week. Hopefully my mind will adjust and actually know what day of the week it is! How are y’all adjusting to the time change? I hope y’all are adjusting better than I have so far! I think it is a little harder getting up in the morning and driving to work in the dark, but I guess on the plus side it does stay light out longer! It is always good to find the positive in every situation!

Crazy question for y’all! Those of you that have Multiple Sclerosis, has anyone ever told you that there is no correlation between MS and headaches? I ask because my current specialist has said just that. I had gone to her about the massive amount of headaches I suffer from and she said it does not have anything to do with my MS. I am sorry to say, but it is a quick and easy Google search to find out there is a relationship between the ms and headachestwo. It may not be an extremely common side effect, but Migraines are twice as common is those with MS that those without. Logically thinking if someone has a decent amount of lesions on their brain, how would that not contribute to headaches? I mean the brain has some intruders present that are not welcomed! Most people who I know that live with Multiple Sclerosis do battle with headaches of some sort. I think it is probably a good time to start looking for another specialist that I am a little more comfortable with. It is very important to have trust in your doctor and her comment made me lose trust in her!

The craziest thing happened to me today at work. One of my co-workers, that was not so pleasant while I was on medical leave, told me she was glad that I was back at work. All I could say was thank you and that I have been back working for a while now. She also decided to talk to me about an illness she was recently diagnosed with that make you lose your hair. As she spoke and told me about how depressed she had been, I did my best to try to motivate her to think positive. I told her that in a way she was lucky Kind wordbecause she has very thick hair and you were not able to see the bald spots she told me about. She even talked to me about the treatments she had to endure and at the same time praised me with how well I had the pain I deal with. It is crazy how it takes someone being diagnosed with an illness before they can have a heart for what another goes through. Even though I did have some ill feelings towards her because of how not compassionate she was towards me when I was struggling, I did feel it was best to try to be supportive and understanding of what she was going through.Β 

How are y’all feeling today? I hope your week is going well and you are staying as positive as you can. Y’all know that positive thoughts will in time bring positive things to your life! I sincerely appreciate you visiting my site today and I would love to hear your thoughts! I do respond to all comments as quickly as I can! I hope you have a nice and relaxing evening! As always I am sending y’all lots of love and comfort!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


37 thoughts on “Time Change Headaches!

    • Oh my goodness thank you!!! I tried telling my not so knowledgeable doctor that and she disagreed. Unfortunately I am not close to Cincinnati, but it is nice to know the MS Center there understands that headaches play a big part in MS. I live in North Carolina. I really appreciate your comment!


  1. I’m shocked that your specialist said headaches are not linked with MS, I suffer badly with headaches and I’ve been led to believe it is the MS, very strange. Keep strong anyway Alyssa, some people just don’t get MS, don’t worry about them as long as you have people on your side who do understand. x x

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    • You are more than welcome and thank you for this fantastic comment!! It can definitely be harder at some points in life to be positive and that really is okay, as long as you are at least trying! I am more than certain you will get back to the point you want! Please know I am here if I can do anything for you!!


  2. I think it’s neat your coworker felt comfortable enough to have a conversation with you. We never know how we influence others, even those who aren’t our favorites. So that says a lot about you. 😊 My son has MS and my husband has a condition called Central Pain Syndrome. Both affect their brains and both suffer from headaches, so in my opinion I’d say that’s not coincidence.

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    • My goodness you are dealing with a lot right now. I wish you and your family the best! It was definitely not easy being nice to my co-worker, but if there is something I can say or do to help her through a difficult time, I will do it!


  3. It would seem like anything that affects your vision could easily trigger more headaches from eye strain alone! They may or may not know exactly how MS and headaches are linked, but it seems obvious that they must be. Silly doctor!

    None of us are perfect, but that makes you wonder why doctors are trained that they should act like they are…

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    • Thank you so much for this comment! I agree that it makes sense that anything that affects your vision would trigger a headache. I am not sure what my doctor was thinking when she said MS and headaches are not linked at all. I know none of us are perfect, but I do feel that doctors that specialize in a certain condition should be knowledgeable. I hope you are doing well today and again, thank you for your comment!


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