Continued headaches and pain!

happy-friday-eve-walking-into-work-like-i-own-the-placeHappy Friday Eve Y’all! I hope you have had a good week and are ready for the much-needed weekend! It seems to have been a long week and I even missed a day of work due to my headaches and pain. I have no answers, only speculation as to what causes my headaches and or pain. As y’all already know, I do not like to give into these issues because it does not ever help and I prefer to push myself further. 

I always lean towards blaming the weather for any pain issues I have and the weather really has been all over the place. It was only last week when it was sunny and warm, but now this week has had a terrible chill in the air and vast amounts of rain. My body does not handle when there is a bitterness in the air because I tend to become very stiff. Then when you add the rain to the mix, I feel every pain possible and more.  Even though I am so thankful for the weekend, it is supposed to rain all weekend. Luckily I will be able to combat the chilly rainy weather by staying inside and under a warm blanket all weekend! 

Stress is a very obvious pain trigger for me. I am pretty sure all of you reading this know how much stress intensifies pain and headaches. I am working on controlling my stress forgive ourselvesbetter. It sounds crazy, but I am the type of person that will stress about being stressed and wonder what I am doing wrong! I think that one way to reduce and manage stress is to set boundaries in life, which I am working on! It is important to recognize that the only thing in life that you are able to control is yourself and you are not able to control other’s behaviors. You are able to control your own reactions and actions, but have absolutely no control on the conduct of another person. We are all have experience with forgiving others, but sometimes forget to forgive ourselves!

Thank y’all for stopping by my site today and your comments are always welcomed! I will respond to all comments as soon as I can and really enjoy the communications! I hope y’all are feeling well and have a relaxing evening! Always look on the bright side of things, we made it through another week and the weekend is almost here! As always I am sending you lots of love and comfort! 

Love 2

Always, Alyssa



33 thoughts on “Continued headaches and pain!

  1. Meditation does help, at least for me, to reduce stress. I try to meditate at least for five to ten minutes a day, or longer if I can fit it in. You can also put on your favorite CD and just listen while turning all of your thoughts off and just fall into the music. It’s hard to describe but when you get good at doing this it’s like hearing the whole CD from a million miles away. It’s very therapeutic! Have a great weekend Alyssa!

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    • Thank you so much for your response and great advice. I have heard that meditation is very helpful, but I have not been all that successful with it. I have a hard time turning my thoughts off and then I think I am meditating wrong! I know how crazy that sounds! I do find music very therapeutic. I do get completely lost in music!!! I hope you have a great weekend!!


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