Food For Thought!

foodforthoughtThis is just a little food for thought for everyone and I look forward to your responses! I know we all have our own conditions we are dealing with and they all cause various issues. We have learned to live with the pain, dizziness, numbness and numerous medications we are required to take, amongst many other difficulties. There are definitely days that are a lot more difficult to get through than others because we are frustrated with these troubles from our illness. I can only speak for myself, but when my multiple issues act up, I tend to take my frustrations out on my family members or really whoever is closest to me. Do y’all tend to lash out at those that are closest to you because you are aggravated with the medical issues?

One example I can speak to is, when my pain levels are through the roof I get a lot more irritated with the slightest of things. I will allow my pain to control my perception of what others are trying to do, even if they are just trying to help me or offer support. It can be so difficult to not allow for pain to control our emotions because sometimes you feel as though it will never go away!

I always wondered why we feel that it is okay to take our frustrations out on loved ones. I Frustrationguess maybe it is because most of our loved ones understand our struggles and therefore are more forgiving than others that do now know the circumstances would be. Or maybe I have it all wrong and not everyone takes their frustrations out on those closest to them and I am just mean when I am in pain. I do tend to have more of an attitude with my husband and my mother, but I never mean to be ugly to either of them. I also loss my temper a little more with my poor sweet and loving cats for reasons that are not at all logical. I may want them to just lie down and rest, but they have different ideas of what they want to do and I have learned controlling cat is almost impossible! In a logical frame of mind, I know that my husband, mother and cats are just acting out of love and they all want to make me feel better, so I truly feel bad for losing my temper with all of them from time to time!

So with all that said, please let me ask y’all a few quick questions! Do you find yourself taking your frustrations out on your loved ones? Does your significant other typically irritate you more when you are struggling with pain and or other issues? Do you tend to find parents more nagging or overbearing when you are suffering with your health issues? Or do you find it harder to be patient with your children and or pets when your health issues fare up? Oh and Heaven forbid you have to leave the house, do you find others a little Peacemore aggravating that you normally would?

I do try my best to remain quiet when I am dealing with pain, numbness and or headaches because I do not want to say something I know I will regret later. Again, maybe it is just me, but when I am suffering I would prefer to be left alone so that I can begin healing in my own ways. On normal days I do not like talking on the phone, so during these times I definitely have no interest in talking on the phone. I do not want to have to put on a  happy face or be polite and positive, I just want to be left in my own little negative bubble that will pop in time! My negative little bubble does not typically last an extended period of time, but it is my process of getting well! 

I want to thank y’all for visiting my site today and I really do look forward to reading your comments! I will respond to all comments as quickly as I possibly can! I hope y’all are enjoying this beautiful Saturday and doing what you want to do! The weather does not seem to corporate for long so we have to enjoy it when the sun is actually shinning down on us! Sending you love and comfort always!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


44 thoughts on “Food For Thought!

  1. Alyssa great post and it is so challenging! Like you I tend to go quiet and take time to recoup but I do try to remember a quote from the very famous book by Viktor E.Frankl “Man’s Search for Meaning”…’everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way’. This reminds me that I alone can decide how I think, feel, behave.

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  2. I will say, I am having an FM day and my husband knows to keep his distance. Yes! I am a crab when I am in pain but I’ve learned to isolate as much as I can because my mouth gets me into trouble! If I mess up, and I do! I apologize, right away. I’m sorry, there was no need for me to say that or do that, etc… and I don’t blame my illness but that is the reason I can get ugly. You got this Alyssa! ~Kim

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  3. I don’t think I intentionally take things out on my wife, but it’s safe to say I’m a lot crankier around her than anyone else. I think that’s because we know it’s a safe environment and we try so hard to be “good” to everyone on the outside that we often don’t have the energy to hide it when we’re home

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    • I could not agree more Steve! We are most comfortable around our spouses, so we feel we do not have to always be on our best behavior! My goodness if I acted around the general population like I do when I am only with my husband and feeling bad, they might put me in a padded suit!!

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  4. I’m afraid I’m guilty as charged! This type of behaviour, if it is to surface, is usually in the latter part of the day, when I’m running on empty from over extending my activity for that day. The victim of the intolerance is usually one of my best companions; my wife/carer Marilyn, or Columbo, our twelve year old ragdoll cat. As we all seem to say, our nearest and dearest.

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    • I think it is very normal for this behavior to show in the latter part of the day. Personally, I am in a terrible amount of pain by 1:00 now and I am typically still at work. By the time I get home it’s through the roof! I am sure your wife and cat are both understanding and forgiving! That’s great you have a ragdoll, they are beautiful! When we got our Himalayan his brother was there, but already spoken for, their original owner passed away. Cats are so loving and therapeutic! Thank you for sharing this! I hope you are feeling well today!


  5. I can definitely relate to taking things out on Mr. CrankyPants and my dog. More so my dog but my dog is also a very difficult dog for many reasons and my CrankyPants’ dog whom I’m mostly left with the work of. Work I can’t handle. I try to be aware of how I talk to Mr. CrankyPants when I’m really hurting.

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