Sinus/Headaches Issues?

Good evening mondayHappy Monday Y’all! I hope you had a nice start to your week! How do you see Monday’s? Do you think of Monday as just another painful start to a new week or is it a new start for change? My week did not start off the way I would have liked because the headache I had all weekend did not want to give me a break. I would have thought dealing with the constant back and leg pain would have been enough to cope with, but of course not instead my headaches have increased drastically! 

I have been trying to figure out what is really causing my terrible headaches. The only things I have been able to come with are the lesions that are living in my brain or badsinusitis-physiology sinus issues or maybe even a combination of the two. I do know that headaches are pretty common with MS, but I am wondering if sinus issues are as well. Is it possible MS lesions could actually be in my sinuses? Do any of you reading this experience sinus troubles and if so, what do you do to relieve the awful pain it causes? At one point, I had convinced myself that the Gilenya I take for the MS was the reason for my sinus troubles. I was so convinced, I decided to switch my MS medication to a different disease modifying medication back August 2017. This was not one of my best decisions because I had a horrible flare up due to my change and the stress leading up to my decision. Of course I am still dealing with some of the residual effects from that flare up, but I am staying strong and positive knowing I will get back to where I was before the flare up! 

Please let me ask y’all a question, do any of you deal with sinus headaches? There is definitely a difference between a sinus headache and other headaches; such as cluster, headaches1-798x418migraine and tension headaches. Personally I do deal with several different types of headaches, but it seems like nothing at all helps these damn sinus headaches! I was so miserable with this headache all weekend, I did not leave the house and it was still hanging over my head today causing me to miss work today! I do find that hot water helps my sinus pressure some, but you can not really stay in a hot shower all day long. 

Thank y’all for stopping by my site today! I know most of my post sounds like a bit of a rant complaint, but I am really just wanting to get some thoughts from y’all because I know you do understand me and what I live with daily! Please leave a comment for me and I will respond to you as quickly as I can! I do always appreciate your thoughts and your fabulous advice. The conversations I have been able to have with many of you have meant so much to me and I love getting to know you better! I hope y’all have a fantastic and relaxing evening! I am always sending you lots of love and comfort!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

21 thoughts on “Sinus/Headaches Issues?

  1. Alyssa, I’m sorry to hear your headache is so persistent. Besides drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, resting in a dark room and sniffing salty water up each nostril I can’t offer more advice. I hope others can help.

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  2. I have post-concussion headaches and frequent sinus infections. I was not a believer in essential oils then I tried a diffuser with peppermint and lilac in my room for sleep. Not only did I sleep better, I woke up without a stuffy nose! My husband’s phlem cough disappeared so I now have four diffusers running at all times in my house. Bedroom, living room, my office and, the bathroom… I have not had a sinus infection for the last year. I still get colds and had the flu but my sinuses are usually clear! Just a shot in the dark but one more tool for your toolbox to try out. Best to you dear Alyssa! ~Kim (eucalyptus also works well, the lavender is optional but smells nice, and orange in the bathroom for a clean smell.)

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    • Thank you so much for the advice Kim! I have heard a lot about essential oils, but I have not tried them yet! I think I might need to get some diffusers for my house. The only concern I have is my cat has asthma and I do not want it to cause him any issues. How crazy is that? I would rather suffer with horrible headaches than have anything happen to him! My husband also suffers from some sinus issues as well so this is a great idea!! I actually love the refreshing smell of eucalyptus and I love lavender as well! Where do you get your essential oils from? I really appreciate your thoughts Kim! As always, you are incredible!!!

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      • I was a Youg Living oil user but I cannot afford their prices. After MUCH research, Plant Guru is a small business that treats their oils as they should. They are available on Amazon. You can get a three pack of eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender for around $10. I also have used NOW. But it takes more oil to get the same effect so I guess I’d say either or. I just ran the cat question by my cousin that is a guru. She said cats will leave the area when they have had enough… if that ever happens. So no need to worry.

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      • Thank you so much for checking with your cousin. I swear, I love both my cats more than some love their human children. The asthmatic cat has had a few attacks that scared the heck out of me and I would hate to be the one that caused it! I already LOVE Amazon, so I am going to look on there for some oils. Do I purchase a diffuser there as well?

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