Real truth behind it

Good DaysIt really seems as though no day is exactly the same living with Multiple Sclerosis. I have good days, where the issues I deal with are there but tolerable. On these days I can pretty much just ignore the realities of this illness, which is fantastic! I do not like to dwell on the fact that there is no cure for MS, yet! I enjoy and appreciate my good days with bearable symptoms. On my good days I do my best to do things that I either want to do or need to do without having to push myself further.

Then there are the bad days, which take a little extra effort to do normal easy tasks. On bad days my pain levels will rise above the tolerable limits causing me to move a little slower and need a few extra breaks along the way. I try to not allow additional pain to affect my life too drastically but find ways to alleviate it some. I will utilize my heating pad more than normal and maybe take more Advil. I also try to stretch more to not allow my muscles to just stay tight. I will say that my mood is a little altered on these days but not too horrible.back on track 100

Unfortunately all my ideas for stopping the pain before it gets too far does not always work which turns my bad day into a terrible day! Today was one of those days. While at work I felt my back, neck, shoulders and legs gradually start increasing with pain. I did not panic and just tried alternating my heating pad from my back to my legs and stretching my back and neck muscles. I even tried getting up from my desk to move around a little hoping I would not start hurting even more. Regrettably nothing I did helped and I started feeling so much worse. I have been trying to increase my hours at work but I was not able to today. I ended up coming home to rest because I was in so much pain it was making me nauseous. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed because I did my best to keep pushing myself to make it through 7 hours at work. I did almost make it but could not handle it any longer. My mood is vastly different on terrible days because I am so irritated with the pain and it is hard to be around anyone. I prefer to just be at home in a nice comfortable and quiet atmosphere.

I do not understand why some days I can handle the pain issues but some days are SO completely unbearable. I thought that maybe it was related to the weather changes. It did go from freezing temperatures to relatively mild temperatures. Last week it was 17 degrees with snow/ice and this week it is 60 degrees with sun! I think that is a pretty Stars can't shinedrastic change and it has always taken my body time to adjust. How am I supposed to adjust to such rapid changes and be able to feel normal?

The truth is bad days come and go without any warning, they just need to be taken in stride! The bad and terrible days can be very discouraging but it is so important to not allow them to deter us from the good days that are ahead! I have honestly had a horrible day with pain but I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Thankfully I am home resting comfortably with my trusty ole heating pad, husband and loving cats! 

I hope y’all had a great day today and are feeling well. Thank you so much for stopping by my site today! Even though I have not had a good day, I am still trying to remain positive as I hope y’all are as well! Please leave comments below and I will respond to you just as quickly as I can! I hope y’all have a fantastic evening. 

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

46 thoughts on “Real truth behind it

  1. Thinking of you Alyssa and sorry to hear that you have had a bad pain day 😦 Stretching definitely helps me but sometimes not as much as I’d like it to. I think changes in temperature definitely has an impact. Hope today is a better day 🌷❤️

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  2. The reason we have bad days is so we can have good ones. I love that you recognize that it’s “just a bad day”, even though when bad days are happening, we feel like they will NEVER end. I hope today is a better one for you 🙂

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  3. I know the feeling!! The good days are amazing and the bad days are often accompanied my a depressed mood at best. Then it gets confusing because I know that feeling sad and shirt-tempered, hopeless and petty can exacerbate the physical symptoms of my illness. Thanks for sharing. To compound things, if I suffer cognitively and forget things, I end up becoming frustrated and disappointed with myself. It’s nice to know we’re not alone:)

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  5. I totally agree!!! I know my days aren’t. You are strong!!! Keep fighting the good fight. I just had my MRIs and bloodworm done. Follow up on February 15th for results. Thanks for following my blog. Although I need to get better at keeping it up so I can get more followers!

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    • It takes time to get into a process but once you do, it is totally amazing! I hope the follow-up gives you good news. Each day brings on new struggles but somehow we manage to conquer the battle! If there’s anything I can do for you, I am always here♡

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