Positivity can be motivating!

challenges-make-life-interesting.pngThroughout our lives we are faced with many challenges. At times we may feel defeated by these challenges when in fact they are making us stronger. It is often very difficult to see the bright side of a bad situation because everything seems so dark and hopeless. But I do believe in some way these trials that leave us questioning life are building our strength for the next step in life.

In my opinion it takes a lot more energy to stay negative than it does to be positive. I am also a firm believer that positive thoughts can change our lives for the best! Whatever our struggles are in life we were dealt this hand for a reason. One reason without a doubt is we are strong enough to handle it! Maybe we were meant to help others that might be having a difficult time accepting the same ordeal. We might be offer sound advice or offer a lending handle to someone in need.

Many people each day are being given life altering news that they are trying to learn to cope with. More than likely the news is causing some fear and anxiety in their lives. Most of us have experienced this before and we probably have people in our lives currently dealing with something similar. It is astonishing how much a phone call or doctorโ€™s visit can change your life completely. It is in times of bad news where having a positive attitude can be very beneficial.garden

Life will never change if you spend all of your time focusing on the negative aspects life can have. Negativity can be emotionally and physically draining. Please tell me if you feel different, but I find that when I am down and negative I feel so much worse. I can remember back when my flare up started in October, I was so down about it and felt so cynical about everything I hardly wanted to get off the couch. During my pessimistic time, my condition did not improve at all but persistently got worse causing me so much additional pain. Now that I am thinking with a more optimistic mind, I am starting to feel better each day. I still face a terrible amount of pain daily but it could be much worse than it is now. ย ย 

It is so important to always remember the good things in your life. Try taking a few End day positiveminutes everyday to appreciate your life and what you love! Sometimes all it takes is enjoying the simple pleasures our lives offer to bring us happiness!

Thank you for stopping by to read and comment on my thoughts for today! I hope y’all had a great day and are staying warm. Continue holding onto your positive thoughts and fantastic outlooks on life. It really is amazing just how much these happy and positive views can impact your life for the better! Much love y’all!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

45 thoughts on “Positivity can be motivating!

  1. So many times have I found that my positive attitude made something easier even when I fought being positive. It does take a lot of work to be negative, but sometimes it’s comfortable. That’s when you know that you need to make some changes. Thanks for the wonderful and affirming post! Being positive is the way to go.

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  2. Awesome post my dear!…. I truly believe that negativity breeds negativity and the same is true for positivity. On a side note, the other day you had a picture on one of your posts about being strong enough to handle this disease, I can’t find it now and I NEED to print it as a self affirmation…. can you direct me?

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing! Many see happiness and positivity and innocent or naive, but really it take tremendous strength to choose to be happy and positive. You are an incredible role model! โค๏ธ

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    • WOW, thank you so much! I do think it takes more energy to be negative, so I do my best to stay happy and positive through all of lives struggles. I really appreciate this incredible compliment. This just made my entire week!!!!


      • Awwwwww Iโ€™m so glad you are happy and I completely agree that it really does take a lot more to be negative! Sending love your way, sista ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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