Liebster Award Nomination

WOW, this was an amazing thing to see on a Sunday morning! Thank you so much Toni, from myMSrollercoasterride, for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I have really enjoyed being able to ride along with you through reading your posts and I am sincerely grateful that you have enjoyed my posts enough to nominate me for an award! Being a part of this blog and getting to know so many people all over the world has been a the absolute best experience for me! Thank you again Toni for nominating me for this award!

Liebster Award

“Originating in Germany in 2011, the Liebster Award 2017 is an online award that is given to bloggers by other bloggers. Liebster translates to sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. The Liebster Award recognizes new and upcoming bloggers that have the potential to grow and become successful influencer’s within the blogosphere.”

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– Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog in your post.
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– Answer the same questions I have above or share 10 facts about yourself.
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Nominees – Please feel free to answer the questions below or to reveal 10 facts about yourself, which is what I chosen. Please do not feel any pressure for this, I just want you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you! The instructions are below! 


Does blogging replace or enhance keeping a journal?

Do you think education, as it is today, does justice to life and learning?

When do you find time to blog?

What is the one post made by you that you like the most and why?

What is your favourite book or series?

Would you rather explore the deep ocean or outer space?

How long would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

T-Rex or dragon?

If you would be a character in someone’s book, who would you get to write it?

Have you ever visited a place just because you saw it in a book/series/animation/movie? What was that place?

How has writing/blogging affected your life?

Ten facts about myself!

Rules for nominees:

– Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog in your post.
– Upload the award to your blog. It can be done as a blog or on the sidebar.
– Answer the same questions I have above or share 10 facts about yourself.
– Nominate 5 blogs who you believe deserve to receive the award.
– Notify the nominated bloggers so that they can accept the award.

10 Facts about myself

My amazing husband proposed to me in the most amazing way I have ever heard. It was the day after my 30th birthday and we went to see one of our favorite bands, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. My husband ended up having great conversation with the singer of the band, Ronnie Winter, and it was arranged for my husband to be able to propose ON STAGE with the band before what ended up being our first day, “Your Guardian Angel”.

I have the two sweetest and loving cats. It is always so wonderful to be greeted by them after a long day at work. They know absolutely no hate and evil which is so comforting.

I love music. I must have music in my ears all day at work to make it through the day!

My husband and I go snowboarding in the winter and I established last year that I was a “semi pro” in my own division. My own division only includes me but I thought I was doing amazing!

My happy place involves the ocean, sand and sun! I would be so happy at any beach!

I love to write and one of my goals in life is to be able to write and publish a book! I even already have a start to an outline for my book!

Back in my younger days, I was Miss VT Teen! This was my very young days, I was only 13 years old and wanted nothing more than to be a model.

I find butterflies to be absolutely magical. I have always believed they can be a sign of what is right in life or a sign from a loved one that was lost.

My #1 hero from my life was and always will be my beloved Grandfather.

My favorite color is purple and if it was up to me I would paint rooms in my house purple!!

Thank you again Toni for nominating me for such a sweet award! I really do appreciate you and your writing as it is truly amazing! 

I hope y’all enjoyed reading this post about my nomination for an award for my hard work and emotion with writing! I always value all of your support and comments! I hope y’all had a great weekend! Stay strong and positive!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa
























Organizing the Clutter!

Happy Saturday 1Have you ever thought, I have so much to do and do not know where to start? We sometimes have a tremendous amount of things on our minds and it makes hard to get motivated to start anything at all, so we may just sit back and let everything pile up. All the clutter within our daily lives only ends up causing us to feel overwhelmed and stressed to a point that nothing is getting accomplished. But, there are simple ways we all can get some control over that disorder and chaos.

Calendars are not always just for decoration, they serve other wonderful things as well. Here is where you write down all appointments and other important dates, so they do not get accidentally overlooked by everything else that swarms our life. You can have a calendar hanging on the wall that you see every day, use the calendar on your phone which allows you set alerts so you will not miss anything or utilize your computer and tablets calendar!

Once you have your calendar process in place, you can actually make your life even easier by making to do lists! You already know what needs to be done, so write it all calendar (1)down or enter these things in a list on your phone. Once you have written down all that needs to be done you can go back over that list and prioritize based on urgency. You will soon find that some of the items on your list can be postponed until the following day, so you are not overwhelmed and in a panic to get everything completed! Here is an example!

To Do List:

  • Grocery shopping

  • Laundry

  • Clean house

  • Pick up prescription

  • Take out the garbage

  • Plan for dinner

  • Pick up movie from RedBox

  • Clean out liter boxes

  • Decide on Christmas gift for step father

  • Get gas in the car

To Do ListAfter spending a few minutes looking over what I think needs to be done today, I can see there are some that can wait until tomorrow! My new to do list for today would simply be:

  • Laundry
  • Pick up movie from RedBox (considering it is for tonight)
  • Get gas in the car (which can be done when I pick up the movie)
  • Plan for dinner (well we all have to eat)

My to do list for today suddenly went from 10 to 4 because I realized that all of those things were not urgent and could wait another day. Tomorrow it will be easy for me to go to the grocery store and pick up my prescription at the same time, considering the stores are right beside each other and I do not need the prescription today. I do have a little while longer before I have to make a decision about Christmas gifts; Christmas is still 2 weeks away! As for taking the garbage out and cleaning the cat liter boxes, it is perfectly fine to wait just one more day. 

Being able to set priorities to things that need to be done can be very beneficial at work as well. We all know what our jobs entail, so we know how our days will play out. Even if things during our work day changes slightly, we still know what needs to be completed. It takes being able to strategize, focus and commit to all of our tasks in life!

Thank you for reading and commenting on my thoughts for today! I hope you are having a great weekend and staying warm and dry. I prefer to stay inside today because it is both cold and rainy again! Tomorrow is supposed to be a warm day with some sunshine that is much-needed! Much love y’all, stay strong and positive!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

Cold Weather Is Here

Cold Weather WarningIt is not even officially winter yet but the temperatures are saying something different. The high for today is only 36 degrees with a mixture of rain and snow and then tomorrow they are still calling for snow. Even though it is cold, I think the snow they are calling for will only be rain. There will be no accumulation on the ground and the roads will just be wet.

Some people love the cold weather and it makes them feel much better than the insanely hot days, but for some it really has negative effects. The cold weather results in less blood supply to the extremities to preserve body heat in the core torso and head. The kitty coldreduction in blood flow means there are less white blood cells available to fight diseases. With a weakened immune system you are more susceptible to winter illnesses, such as a cold and the flu. However, colds and flu are not directly caused by cold weather but caused by viral infections of the upper respiratory tract caught from others.

Those that suffer from migraines can also have some negative effects. Decreased temperatures come from falling barometric pressure. An atmospheric change can be so intense it can lead to sinus issues and migraines. It is hard for me to say if my sinus issues get worse in the winter or not because I have year round sinus issues.

MS and weather can have a challenging relationship. Hot temperatures can be almost unbearable but cold weather can also bring on other issues. Cold can lead to muscle cramps, stiffness and tightness which can cause increased fatigue. The shorter winter days and less sunlight also have an effect on depression, which is very common with MS. Vitamin D levels are lower in the winter months due to less exposure to sunlight. It is important to do what you can to increase your Vitamin D level. Vitamin D levels with MS have a huge impact on any relapses that might occur.

cold-toes-catThere are many ways to manage MS and cold weather:

  1. Keep your hands and feet warm
  2. Soak up as much sunshine as possible (There are sunny days, even in the winter)
  3. Don’t overdo heat inside (There is a delicate balance between cold and heat! Too much heat can cause additional issues. Hot showers and baths feel nice, but you must be careful with them!)
  4. Warm yourself from the inside (Warm beverages can take the chill off and actually warm the body’s core faster.)

The next few days are going to be rather cold but then there are days next week it will warm up. The inconsistencies with weather is horrible. Our bodies are not able to adjust to a temperature before it changes again. It seems to go from the threat of snow to sunshine and warmth. Hopefully the temperatures will balance out soon so I can get acclimated to the weather and feel much better than I do now! 

I hope y’all had a great week and have good things planned for the weekend! Enjoy the weekend as much as possible, as you already know it goes by so fast! Thank you for reading and commenting on my post for today! Take care and stay warm! Much love and strength to all of you!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa



Happy Friday EveIt can be a long road to hope and recovery. There is no denying the fact that life gets hard sometimes and it is crucial to find the best path possible. Sharp turns and bumpy roads are inevitable during the course of our lives and we get to choose how we survive the journey. Every choice we make in life can change the sequence of events moving forward and we just have to be able to adapt to the new route. It can be as simple as going a different way to work in the morning that can affect the way day plays out. There are things we can control in life, like our behaviors and things we cannot control like, traffic and the weather.

Accepting what we do and do not have control over can be very challenging. I want to be able to make the struggles of those close to me easier to handle, but I can only do so much! I understand that I am not able to eliminate the situation, but I can listen and try to come up with solutions. I completely understand that I have absolutely NO control over how others behave and treat others as everyone will do as they please, even if it is causing harm on another. It is very unfortunate that some will actually plan to go out to intentionally cause harm and damage.

Sadly, I know I have no control over the way pharmaceutical companies handle their business practices. These companies release new medications that are meant to be thebig pharma best of the best, but then when you inquire about them, the price is way too high! In addition, months later it comes out that those amazing medications are not as magical as they wanted us to believe. They end up causing more problems which forces you into taking just one more medication to help the side effects. That has never and will never make sense to me, you start a new medication that it designed to help your condition but then the medicine that is helping one problem creates another. What a way to build a business to be in high demand and make everyone with the pharmaceutical companies a lot of our hard-earned money? With all the advancements in the medical field, why are there cures for illnesses? Why can doctors not give reasons for what causes certain illnesses?

The one thing I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I do have control over is my own attitude and behaviors. Through my own choices in life, I am the one that decides if I am going to view things in a positive manner or a negative manner. Why would anyone make the conscious decision to have a negative mindset? I guess for some people it is just easier to not put that effort into letting go of the negative. I do believe it takes way more of our energy to remain in pessimistic thoughts and less energy to just look to the positive. Making the choice to stay strong in life, even when you are dealt a bad hand, is so important because in time things will get much better! 

I appreciate y’all reading and commenting on my thoughts for the day. Through your gracious comments and the great conversations we have I have made countless friends all over the world. I have learned so much from each and every one of you and I can not say how much I appreciate it! I hope y’all have a great evening and you have a great Friday! As always stay strong and positive! Much Love!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

Miss the ole days

rainy dayThere has been a threat of rain today but it has yet to rain! It is horrible when you can feel the rain through the cold air. The rain makes most people feel so fatigued and all you really want to do is sleep. There are times that the cold weather is comforting because you can wear sweaters and boots when you go out in it and come home to a nice warm blanket! But, the cold weather does make me tense up which causes additional pain.

I started thinking today that I really miss days before MS was part of my life. I do realize that MS is not my entire life but it is obviously a big part of it. I still stand by my thoughts of this illness does not control me, it is just a pesky uninvited visitor. Even though I did not ask for this I do try to manage the best way I can. Everyone has days when they want to ask “Why me?” or “What did I do to deserve this?” and I do believe that is normal, good old daysbut sadly those questions will go unanswered. Considering there really are no answers to these questions the only thing we can do is embrace it, stay positive and strong! Even if I could go back in time, there is nothing I could do to change the fact that I have this illness to live with. The energy we have whether it is positive or negative, does impact our lives to great extents. I have made the choice to try to only put out positive energy, it may not take my pain away, but it does give comfort to my mind and soul!

I received a message today from my Specialist that was a little upsetting. It really does not make sense that her message upset me because I did already know that an exacerbation can last weeks or months and I did know there could be residual issues even after I heal. I think the part that was most upsetting was she said that I may never be 100% again. That just made me think that this pain and numbness I deal with is going to just be my life. In all honestly since all of this started I am getting better, I may not be 100% but I may end up getting there! With her saying that I may never get back to 100%, it sparked my determination to win this battle. In my mind I know I will at least my bubbleget back to where I was before this flare up, it may not be perfect but it is my 100%! I do miss the days when I did not have to take any medicine every day and did not have to really worry about anything. Life use to be easy and fun without any troubles! I never thought about politics or had to hear about so much hatred. But now, no matter where you go or who you talk to unpleasant topics always come up. It is almost like my happy peaceful bubble where there was nothing but love and happiness burst. However, even though the bubble is missing, I am still a very happy and positive person! 

Thank you for reading and commenting on my thoughts for the day. I do not think we are facing rain tomorrow but it is going to be cloudy and cold. Even though it has been a slow process, I really am healing. I am planning to continue working 6 hour days because right now it is really all I can handle. On the positive side at least things are improving instead of getting any worse. I hope y’all had a great day and you have a fantastic evening! Take care and continue to be your strong and positive self!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa



Just another Monday

Optional MondayI am proud to say today was the first day that I increased my hours at work. I managed to make it through 6 hours successfully, which is more than I have done in a while. I wish I could say that my pain did not become more intense the longer I was sitting at my desk, but I can not say that yet! This morning when the work assignments were sent out, I did get a little stressed because since I have not been working full-time, another person was out for a week and another person left the company we are very behind. But then I remembered, there is no use getting stressed about the situation because things will start to improve, hopefully this week.

Have you ever noticed that when life starts getting difficult “friends” start to disappear? It really does seem that others get caught up in their own lives and forget about those that have been there for them through good and bad times. But, then there are some that stand up strong beside you when you are struggling and would do anything to help. The people who suddenly are too busy for others are those that are not really needed. 

The head cold that I have been dealing with for a week now is still hanging around. The worst part of a head cold is the headaches that will not go away. Today, I did start having a sore throat but it is not too bad. I think I would prefer a sore throat to the headache any day of the week! Battling a simple cold with MS is really frustrating because I already have a compromised immune system which only takes getting over it longer!

But looking on the bright side, even with it being a Monday, things went fairly well. I mark twainpushed myself through even when my pain was increasing steadily and was proud of the success I was able to make at work. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully things will continue on the right path. I will not give up until I am back working 40 hours a week! In order to get to my goal, I have to remember to be kind not just to others but myself as well. I think being kind to yourself starts with not pushing too hard and not being too critical because you really can only do what you can do.

I hope y’all had a great start to your week! Now that we made it through Monday, hopefully you are will have a nice relaxing evening and be fully prepared to do it all over again tomorrow! Thank you for reading and commenting on my thoughts for today! It was kind of short today because I am really tired and sore, but I wanted to be able to share my accomplishment with work today! I will respond to all comments and emails as fast as I can! Stay positive and strong and have a great night!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


Slow healing

Peaceful SundayEven though our weekend will be coming to an end soon, I hope y’all were able to enjoy the couple of day as much as possible! Monday morning always seems to approach us with super sonic speed that we are never ready for. I do not know about you, but the alarm clock on Monday morning seems to be a little more irritating than the other days of the week!  The best thing to do in preparation of another Monday is spend Sunday relaxing and at peace!

As y’all know I have been trying to get myself back to normal work hours at work, which has been a very SLOW process. Healing from my flare up and then a terrible head cold has been very difficult, but at least I am still trying! One of the most important things in life is to never give up and focus on positive outcomes. It is easy to allow ourselves to get wrapped up with a negative atmosphere, especially when we are suffering with pain or other illness. I honestly find that negativity is suffocating and prevents proper wellness and comfort from life!

Sometimes I wonder if it is even possible to find an escape from the smothering amount of cynicism that has been created. The best way to try to extinguish the negative negative-peoplecomments is to counter them with positivity. It does seem most people find it easier to stay in a pessimistic frame of mind instead of searching for an optimistic outcome! Even when life gets hard for me, I do try my best to stay positive and remember that the end of the gloomy road will brighten again soon!

It really does amaze me how contagious negative attitudes are. I think it is even more contagious than the flu! Finding a remedy for this type of attitude would be able to cure the world and make it an even better place. It really breaks my heart that so many people live with so much hate and hopelessness in their heart and soul. 

change processTomorrow is a new day for me with work and I can only hope that it will be easier. I do not want to set myself up for failure and think it will not come with struggles, but I am going to fight my way through it! I am still finding it hard to sit at a desk all day and to stay completely focused, but I have been dealing with this long enough and it is time for a change! I know change does not happen just by sitting there waiting for it, you have to strive to find it and hold onto it! I do feel like change is something that is desperately needed in my life. I need to get out of my own mind with thinking about the “new” and “active” lesions on both my brain and spine, and start thinking more about those lesions becoming inactive!! I think getting back into my normal and boring daily routine my life will change for the positive. I know the lesions that are causing me troubles will not go away completely but maybe the more I just ignore them by focusing on something else will be helpful! There is a possibility dance in the rainthat the pain in my back and the tingly numbness feeling legs is permanent but I can find the way to get through that! It is all about accepting what is happening and learning how to live with the outcome! I will never have a defeated attitude about anything this illness throws my way!

I hope that y’all had a great weekend and that you are prepared to begin a new and fantastic week! No matter what has happened the past few weeks in your life, the new week will bring wonderful changes and even more life experiences. I am really hopeful and positive that my body will adjust better and I will be able to be my “normal” happy self again! 

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my post for today! I really do appreciate and value your thoughts and the extraordinary conversations I am able to have with you! As always I will respond to your comments and emails as fast as I can! I hope the rest of your Sunday is wonderful and very relaxing! Continue to stay strong and positive and great things will happen for you! 

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


Forgive & Forget!

forgive for peaceI have struggled a lot over the years with forgiveness. Even though I know it is important, forgiveness can be extremely challenging. Holding onto a grudge because someone else has caused you pain will not change what happened, you are just allowing that person to continue to have a hold on your thoughts. Finding the strength to forgive is more for the healing of your own fragile heart not theirs. Once you are able to let go of your anger and hurt it will feel like a huge weight was lifted from you.

Once the hurt has been inflicted there is also a loss of trust in that person. In my opinion, trust is something that is earned not just blindly given. Atrust 1 constant amount of lies and deceit is incredibly hard to get past. It is when the words, “I am sorry”; start to mean absolutely nothing at all that there is a problem. Promises made that are not fulfilled from someone who you cared about can be heartbreaking. It is important to have high standards for others, but it can also be setting yourself up for failure. I have found that sometimes it is a lot easier to keep expectations low that way you are never disappointed!

I do feel it is a little easier to forgive than forget the pain experienced. It is impossible to erase the memories when someone has disappointed you consistently. Those that we allow into our lives should bring positive and happiness not negativity and sadness. We actually have the ability to pave the way for others into and out of our lives. 

In today’s society, I think there is already plenty to remind us of sadness and disappointment, we certainly do not need any additional dismay caused by anyone we have allowed into our life. We are not able to turn on the news or read anything on a news website that does not involve some variation of turmoil. The disruption of our pride and comfort in our day-to-day lives has done irreparable harm, but maybe if we all unite together there could be the changes we need. 

Do you feel serenity in your life knowing what you have decided to forgive and forget, or on the other hand just forgiven and moved on? Do you have any regrets for those you forgivehave not been able to forgive for their behaviors or negative treatment? Do you feel that it is okay to be angry with someone, but never really address the issues? Considering I am the type that does not like confrontation I do let things go most of the time. Overall, I can say that I am comfortable with those I have forgiven and those that I am not able to forgive. There are things that are done in life that will never be able to be undone, but we all keeping moving forward because there are no other options. 

Life can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride that has too many twists, turns, ups and downs, but we must continue because it is the ride of our lives. Once you get on board there is no turning around or getting off, because this ride will end up having many exciting parts as well to enjoy. I have found that even after a huge drop, there will always be a time to come back up to the top!

I hope you are having a great weekend! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my thoughts for today! I really do always appreciate the conversations I am able to have with many of you! Much love y’all and take care!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa