Making New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy New Year 2018 HD WhatsApp Status Images & Text StatusHow many of you believe it is important to set a New Year’s Resolution? If you do commit to a New Year’s Resolution, does it ever work the way you planned? I think many people make these monumental changes on the first of the year because it is good starting point but it may add unnecessary stress to your goals. I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually made a New Year’s resolution because I do not feel that making a positive change can only be done once a year.

There are numerous things I would love to be able to change or improve with my life, but do not really want to start a new year with any possible failures. For those of you that have been following my blog over the past 6 months or so, you already know from my posts that stress, healing from a flare up and struggling with daily pain are my key points that need improvement. I know that stress contributes to my pain, so logically I know eliminating or at least reducing stress from my life could drastically improve my quality of life. Acknowledging the problem and rectifying the issue takes time, dedication and patience but it can be done and I will find a successful path in handling stress better.

I feel that love is a vital part of our lives! Not only is it critical to have loved ones surrounding us, but it is just as important to have love for yourself as well. The more we are able to value ourselves the better we can take care of own needs, both mentally and physically. Many of us take pride in caring for our spouse, parents, children or other Best-Love-Wallpaper-for-Desktopfamily members with strong needs, but sometimes fail to take that same satisfaction with our own needs. On that same note, some take a lot more pleasure in caring for their own needs rather than anyone else’s which really does not mean they are being selfish, they may just be fulfilling needs that no one else has the time for. Between both sides, there must be some kind of equal balance point of caring for your own needs and other’s needs that I would love to be able to find. I am the type that will neglect my own needs in order to take care of someone else.

In the upcoming year I want to continue my blog because the past 6 months of blogging has been an amazing experience! Of course I want to continue writing about MS with the hope that some of my experiences will be beneficial to others battling similar issues, but I also want to write about other topics that I am passionate about. As I have already said in a previous post there is so much more to me than just MS and I want to be able to show that more in 2018!

2017 has been one hell of a year and I am truly delighted it is coming to an end! I am hoping that 2018 will come with come with promising comfort, happiness, love, respect and positive changes. I hope y’all have a very safe and Happy New Year! Here’s to welcoming 2018 with optimism and enthusiasm!! Continue to stay strong and always hold onto positivity as it can get you through hard times!! Much love to y’all!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

27 thoughts on “Making New Year’s Resolutions?

  1. I’ve learned from having MS, commitment is a no-no! My MS changes daily and so I simply just can’t make plans for anything, or it leads to sadness and often times, disappointment! You are so right, there is so much more to a person with MS, than just MS! I “love” your post… thank you!! Looking forward to reading more💖

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    • Thank you Crystal! MS really can make day to day life change faster than before MS. Committing to some type of resolution for change is stressful and if you are not able to achieve the goal is extremely depressing. I hope you continue to enjoy my posts! Take care and stay strong ♡♡


  2. Hear, hear! Bye bye 2017 – here’s to a healthier, happier 2018!
    I think that working on stress (and overthinking constantly) is something I really need to invest more effort in too. Glad to hear you’re keeping up with the blogging as I think you’re doing brilliantly with it! 🙂
    Caz x

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    • It is so difficult to not stress and overthink everything. I really want to make some changes with it but I start thinking about it and stress that I am not doing something right! Sounds crazy, I know!!
      Thank you so much! Writing has always been a huge passion of mine so blogging allows me to do this!! I appreciate your kind comment Caz!
      Oh if you find a fantastic way to control stress please feel free to share!!!

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    • Thank you so much Kim!! I feel like when I tell some people that I have MS, that is all they can focus on. I have a strong passion for writing and helping others, so I really want what I write about to help others! I really appreciate your support and I hope you are having a good start to the New Year!!

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