Happy Friday EveIt can be a long road to hope and recovery. There is no denying the fact that life gets hard sometimes and it is crucial to find the best path possible. Sharp turns and bumpy roads are inevitable during the course of our lives and we get to choose how we survive the journey. Every choice we make in life can change the sequence of events moving forward and we just have to be able to adapt to the new route. It can be as simple as going a different way to work in the morning that can affect the way day plays out. There are things we can control in life, like our behaviors and things we cannot control like, traffic and the weather.

Accepting what we do and do not have control over can be very challenging. I want to be able to make the struggles of those close to me easier to handle, but I can only do so much! I understand that I am not able to eliminate the situation, but I can listen and try to come up with solutions. I completely understand that I have absolutely NO control over how others behave and treat others as everyone will do as they please, even if it is causing harm on another. It is very unfortunate that some will actually plan to go out to intentionally cause harm and damage.

Sadly, I know I have no control over the way pharmaceutical companies handle their business practices. These companies release new medications that are meant to be thebig pharma best of the best, but then when you inquire about them, the price is way too high! In addition, months later it comes out that those amazing medications are not as magical as they wanted us to believe. They end up causing more problems which forces you into taking just one more medication to help the side effects. That has never and will never make sense to me, you start a new medication that it designed to help your condition but then the medicine that is helping one problem creates another. What a way to build a business to be in high demand and make everyone with the pharmaceutical companies a lot of our hard-earned money? With all the advancements in the medical field, why are there cures for illnesses? Why can doctors not give reasons for what causes certain illnesses?

The one thing I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I do have control over is my own attitude and behaviors. Through my own choices in life, I am the one that decides if I am going to view things in a positive manner or a negative manner. Why would anyone make the conscious decision to have a negative mindset? I guess for some people it is just easier to not put that effort into letting go of the negative. I do believe it takes way more of our energy to remain in pessimistic thoughts and less energy to just look to the positive. Making the choice to stay strong in life, even when you are dealt a bad hand, is so important because in time things will get much better! 

I appreciate y’all reading and commenting on my thoughts for the day. Through your gracious comments and the great conversations we have I have made countless friends all over the world. I have learned so much from each and every one of you and I can not say how much I appreciate it! I hope y’all have a great evening and you have a great Friday! As always stay strong and positive! Much Love!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


About Positively Alyssa

I was diagnosed 16 years ago, when I was only 19 years old, with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. I had gone to my eye doctor because I had lost vision in my left eye. Prior to my appointment, I had prepared myself to have the doctor confirm that I would be blind in my left eye and that was all. Never in a million years did I expect to hear the doctor tell me that after consulting with his colleagues, that I need to go for an MRI that day because they were thinking that with my symptoms that I had MS. Just a couple hours later I went to get the life altering MRI. I remember that phone call like it was yesterday. My eye doctor called me from his home at 9:30 at night to confirm what they suspected, I in fact had MS. He immediately referred me to a specialist he knew and I was able to get in to see him that same week. Luckily, after a round of steroids, my vision came back in my eye just leaving me with leg pain that would continue to be part of my life. Through the years I have tried numerous different medications that are meant to slow the progression of the disease down. I was never good at the injections and it wasn't because of the needle, it was because the medication burned like fire going in. Still after all these years I still go through my battles of denial, anger, frustration and sadness. However, I have always said that I would NEVER allow MS to control my life but I would control the disease. For the most part, I have been pretty successful with that. I mean we all have our bad days but it doesn't make the situation any better. With this blog I am hoping that with my experiences, endless amounts of research and a powerful fight i me that I can not only help others going through this but that I can learn from others as well. Living with the ups and downs of MS can be challenging but the power of the mind can beat anything that is thrown our way!
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5 Responses to Control?

  1. msandbeyond says:

    Keep writing Alyssa, believe it or not but I’m starting to see the outline of a future book if you stay with it and eventually put it all together!

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  2. I love your positivity and your posts 🌹

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