Cold Weather Is Here

Cold Weather WarningIt is not even officially winter yet but the temperatures are saying something different. The high for today is only 36 degrees with a mixture of rain and snow and then tomorrow they are still calling for snow. Even though it is cold, I think the snow they are calling for will only be rain. There will be no accumulation on the ground and the roads will just be wet.

Some people love the cold weather and it makes them feel much better than the insanely hot days, but for some it really has negative effects. The cold weather results in less blood supply to the extremities to preserve body heat in the core torso and head. The kitty coldreduction in blood flow means there are less white blood cells available to fight diseases. With a weakened immune system you are more susceptible to winter illnesses, such as a cold and the flu. However, colds and flu are not directly caused by cold weather but caused by viral infections of the upper respiratory tract caught from others.

Those that suffer from migraines can also have some negative effects. Decreased temperatures come from falling barometric pressure. An atmospheric change can be so intense it can lead to sinus issues and migraines. It is hard for me to say if my sinus issues get worse in the winter or not because I have year round sinus issues.

MS and weather can have a challenging relationship. Hot temperatures can be almost unbearable but cold weather can also bring on other issues. Cold can lead to muscle cramps, stiffness and tightness which can cause increased fatigue. The shorter winter days and less sunlight also have an effect on depression, which is very common with MS. Vitamin D levels are lower in the winter months due to less exposure to sunlight. It is important to do what you can to increase your Vitamin D level. Vitamin D levels with MS have a huge impact on any relapses that might occur.

cold-toes-catThere are many ways to manage MS and cold weather:

  1. Keep your hands and feet warm
  2. Soak up as much sunshine as possible (There are sunny days, even in the winter)
  3. Don’t overdo heat inside (There is a delicate balance between cold and heat! Too much heat can cause additional issues. Hot showers and baths feel nice, but you must be careful with them!)
  4. Warm yourself from the inside (Warm beverages can take the chill off and actually warm the body’s core faster.)

The next few days are going to be rather cold but then there are days next week it will warm up. The inconsistencies with weather is horrible. Our bodies are not able to adjust to a temperature before it changes again. It seems to go from the threat of snow to sunshine and warmth. Hopefully the temperatures will balance out soon so I can get acclimated to the weather and feel much better than I do now! 

I hope y’all had a great week and have good things planned for the weekend! Enjoy the weekend as much as possible, as you already know it goes by so fast! Thank you for reading and commenting on my post for today! Take care and stay warm! Much love and strength to all of you!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


25 thoughts on “Cold Weather Is Here

  1. Couldn’t agree more! In the midst od an MS flare and this chill is completely stiffening my joints! Nice to see something about cold effecting people and not just heat 😊 thanks for sharing!

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    • I know the chill does not help the flare up. I really hope you get through your flare up soon! I am still getting through one myself. I think I am just dealing with the residual effects now and it is horrible!
      Everyone always talks about how bad heat is for MS and no one realizes that the cold also causes issues! I was starting to believe I was the only one that hated the cold! Try to stay warm and I hope you have a great weekend!


    • Neuropathy is horrible and the cold weather makes it so much worse!!! I honestly know little about Fibromyalgia, a friend of mine has it and we use to chat about somethings that are simple with MS. Crazy illness react in weird ways to different temperatures. I hope some of what I said will be helpful to you!! Take care and try to stay warm! Oh, heating pads and blankets are incredible!!!!

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      • It’s horrible Alyssa. Half the time I can’t feel my feet and fibro’s no fun either. Still, I’m not going complain because MS is much worse. We’re expecting over 6 inches of snow tomorrow so I’m planning on being a couch potato, watching Christmas movies and staying under my softest blanket. Oh! And heating pads are wonderful! And I’ve found drinking hot herbal tea helps as well.😊

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      • It is okay to complain! What you are dealing with is just as bad as MS, heck there are days it is probably worse. I understand not being able to feel your feet. It is such a weird sensation.
        Y’all are expecting over 6 inches of snow? Where do you live at? Is snow a common thing? Sorry for all the questions, it hardly ever snows in North Carolina and when it does even a little the cities shut down. It is crazy!
        I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy watching movies under your soft blanket!! That is a great way to spend a weekend! I like just staying at home and doing nothing on weekends. I am kind of a boring person!


  2. This is so true! Also, those are great tips!

    I’ve always preferred the cold because the heat makes me so fatigued, but these days cold weather causes me problems, too. Between my arthritis and already stiff neck issues, the cold makes me tense up and makes everything worse. It’s a love/hate thing, really.

    I’ll keep your tips in mind though, I’m sure they’ll help! Thank you for posting and I hope you don’t have too much trouble with the weather! Have a wonderful weekend! ❤

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    • Cold weather is normally a lot more comfortable and you can add layers, but there is nothing that can be done with the hot weather. The cold just makes me tense up so much but it can improve!

      I know cold causes arthritis to increase and with a stiff neck it make sense to have some issues. I do agree in with the love/hate relationship!!

      I really hope you have a good weekend and stay comfortable! Take Care Sweetie!!


  3. I don’t think I’ve ever asked but where do you live? It’s finally getting cold here, in Iowa. We haven’t had snow yet though. i remember growing up, Christmas always had snow but since my early twenties, it’s been so off & on it’s crazy. I don’t know your pain with MS but the cold really affects my fibro & arthritis. The heat too. It seems like it’s either really hot or really cold anymore so i don’t get a break. Lol

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    • Isn’t it crazy that both the heat and cold have different effects? Cold weather causes me a lot more pain and the heat causes it’s own issues. I just wish it could be 70 year round!
      We live in North Carolina. Crazy thing is I grew up in Vermont and was use to snow. We ALWAYS had a white Christmas. In NC, they freak out with an inch of snow which is really nothing.


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