Just another Monday

Optional MondayI am proud to say today was the first day that I increased my hours at work. I managed to make it through 6 hours successfully, which is more than I have done in a while. I wish I could say that my pain did not become more intense the longer I was sitting at my desk, but I can not say that yet! This morning when the work assignments were sent out, I did get a little stressed because since I have not been working full-time, another person was out for a week and another person left the company we are very behind. But then I remembered, there is no use getting stressed about the situation because things will start to improve, hopefully this week.

Have you ever noticed that when life starts getting difficult “friends” start to disappear? It really does seem that others get caught up in their own lives and forget about those that have been there for them through good and bad times. But, then there are some that stand up strong beside you when you are struggling and would do anything to help. The people who suddenly are too busy for others are those that are not really needed.ย 

The head cold that I have been dealing with for a week now is still hanging around. The worst part of a head cold is the headaches that will not go away. Today, I did start having a sore throat but it is not too bad. I think I would prefer a sore throat to the headache any day of the week! Battling a simple cold with MS is really frustrating because I already have a compromised immune system which only takes getting over it longer!

But looking on the bright side, even with it being a Monday, things went fairly well. I mark twainpushed myself through even when my pain was increasing steadily and was proud of the success I was able to make at work. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully things will continue on the right path. I will not give up until I am back working 40 hours a week! In order to get to my goal, I have to remember to be kind not just to others but myself as well. I think being kind to yourself starts with not pushing too hard and not being too critical because you really can only do what you can do.

I hope y’all had a great start to your week! Now that we made it through Monday, hopefully you are will have a nice relaxing evening and be fully prepared to do it all over again tomorrow! Thank you for reading and commenting on my thoughts for today! It was kind of short today because I am really tired and sore, but I wanted to be able to share my accomplishment with work today! I will respond to all comments and emails as fast as I can! Stay positive and strong and have a great night!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa



27 thoughts on “Just another Monday

  1. By the way this coming Saturday a new blog called “Crying alone in the bathroom” comes up in my page. If you ever took refuge in that sanctuary to well up, I do expect you to write a detailed commentary about it. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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