Slow healing

Peaceful SundayEven though our weekend will be coming to an end soon, I hope y’all were able to enjoy the couple of day as much as possible! Monday morning always seems to approach us with super sonic speed that we are never ready for. I do not know about you, but the alarm clock on Monday morning seems to be a little more irritating than the other days of the week!  The best thing to do in preparation of another Monday is spend Sunday relaxing and at peace!

As y’all know I have been trying to get myself back to normal work hours at work, which has been a very SLOW process. Healing from my flare up and then a terrible head cold has been very difficult, but at least I am still trying! One of the most important things in life is to never give up and focus on positive outcomes. It is easy to allow ourselves to get wrapped up with a negative atmosphere, especially when we are suffering with pain or other illness. I honestly find that negativity is suffocating and prevents proper wellness and comfort from life!

Sometimes I wonder if it is even possible to find an escape from the smothering amount of cynicism that has been created. The best way to try to extinguish the negative negative-peoplecomments is to counter them with positivity. It does seem most people find it easier to stay in a pessimistic frame of mind instead of searching for an optimistic outcome! Even when life gets hard for me, I do try my best to stay positive and remember that the end of the gloomy road will brighten again soon!

It really does amaze me how contagious negative attitudes are. I think it is even more contagious than the flu! Finding a remedy for this type of attitude would be able to cure the world and make it an even better place. It really breaks my heart that so many people live with so much hate and hopelessness in their heart and soul. 

change processTomorrow is a new day for me with work and I can only hope that it will be easier. I do not want to set myself up for failure and think it will not come with struggles, but I am going to fight my way through it! I am still finding it hard to sit at a desk all day and to stay completely focused, but I have been dealing with this long enough and it is time for a change! I know change does not happen just by sitting there waiting for it, you have to strive to find it and hold onto it! I do feel like change is something that is desperately needed in my life. I need to get out of my own mind with thinking about the “new” and “active” lesions on both my brain and spine, and start thinking more about those lesions becoming inactive!! I think getting back into my normal and boring daily routine my life will change for the positive. I know the lesions that are causing me troubles will not go away completely but maybe the more I just ignore them by focusing on something else will be helpful! There is a possibility dance in the rainthat the pain in my back and the tingly numbness feeling legs is permanent but I can find the way to get through that! It is all about accepting what is happening and learning how to live with the outcome! I will never have a defeated attitude about anything this illness throws my way!

I hope that y’all had a great weekend and that you are prepared to begin a new and fantastic week! No matter what has happened the past few weeks in your life, the new week will bring wonderful changes and even more life experiences. I am really hopeful and positive that my body will adjust better and I will be able to be my “normal” happy self again! 

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my post for today! I really do appreciate and value your thoughts and the extraordinary conversations I am able to have with you! As always I will respond to your comments and emails as fast as I can! I hope the rest of your Sunday is wonderful and very relaxing! Continue to stay strong and positive and great things will happen for you! 

Love 2

Always, Alyssa



About Positively Alyssa

I was diagnosed 16 years ago, when I was only 19 years old, with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. I had gone to my eye doctor because I had lost vision in my left eye. Prior to my appointment, I had prepared myself to have the doctor confirm that I would be blind in my left eye and that was all. Never in a million years did I expect to hear the doctor tell me that after consulting with his colleagues, that I need to go for an MRI that day because they were thinking that with my symptoms that I had MS. Just a couple hours later I went to get the life altering MRI. I remember that phone call like it was yesterday. My eye doctor called me from his home at 9:30 at night to confirm what they suspected, I in fact had MS. He immediately referred me to a specialist he knew and I was able to get in to see him that same week. Luckily, after a round of steroids, my vision came back in my eye just leaving me with leg pain that would continue to be part of my life. Through the years I have tried numerous different medications that are meant to slow the progression of the disease down. I was never good at the injections and it wasn't because of the needle, it was because the medication burned like fire going in. Still after all these years I still go through my battles of denial, anger, frustration and sadness. However, I have always said that I would NEVER allow MS to control my life but I would control the disease. For the most part, I have been pretty successful with that. I mean we all have our bad days but it doesn't make the situation any better. With this blog I am hoping that with my experiences, endless amounts of research and a powerful fight i me that I can not only help others going through this but that I can learn from others as well. Living with the ups and downs of MS can be challenging but the power of the mind can beat anything that is thrown our way!
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21 Responses to Slow healing

  1. Jut as you said, sweetie. It’s a very SLOW process so don’t forget to take it slow. Pace yourself. Don’t set yourself too high standards. We can’t jump every hurdle. Some you might just hit or pass by.

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    • Thank you so much! I am really bad at pacing myself because I just want everything to be normal again. I use that word “normal” very loosely! I think a few weeks ago I ran right into the hurdle instead of jumping it! The people I meet with this blog are so amazing, I just wish more like you lived closer to me!!!! I hope your weekend is going well my dear!! Hugs!!!

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      • My weekend just finished. It’s officially Monday. But it was a good one. I can’t complain.
        As for the hurdles, next time try running around them, not into them. Can’t you read the traffic signs?
        Hugs hugs hugs
        P.S. Some people live close but are worlds apart, some live far off and yet are closely connected. Distance is relative anyway (when we have the Internet). 🙂

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      • I keep forgetting you are a little ahead of us with time! I am glad you had a good weekend. I am glad your Monday was not too horrible!
        Apparently I was having trouble reading and did not go around the hurdle. I will follow traffic signs going forward!
        I love what you said about people that are close by are worlds apart, That could not be more true! It is wonderful the internet can connect people that live an ocean apart! You are so wise!
        I hope you are having a good evening! I really do not know what time it is where you are, it is 6:53 Sunday night here!

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      • I’m not old enough to be wise yet, but I’ll take that as a compliment.
        Actually, Monday’s like in a few hours and I’M OFF TO BED NOW. No more reading. It’s almost 1AM!!!! So long, buy buy, amios, hasta luego…

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      • Oh goodness, sleep well! Chat tomorrow!!!!

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      • I feel the exact same way. I tell myself everyday that I wake up, to push forward, get through the day, and one day it’ll all be ok. Keep fighting warrior!! You got this

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      • We always have to continue our fight! It is amazing just how strong we all are!!!! I hope you have a great evening!!!!


  2. I wish I could dance! But I certainly can have a dancing attitude!

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  3. hillaryrobyn says:

    It is a slow process, but it’s so important to take your time. If you’re anything like me (which we’ve established you are 😉 ) you’ll try to push yourself too much and overdo it which will only make things worse. It’s important to take it a day at a time and see how you do.

    I also agree about the positivity! I used to be a very pessimistic person because I had nothing (I thought) to be optimistic about. It seemed like every day was a new problem that I couldn’t solve. But then I got married and two things happened: I was taken out of a bad situation and I married the most upbeat, positive person I’ve ever met. It didn’t take long for his optimism to get to me and now I’m pretty much the opposite of who I was.

    Life has a way of working out even when we think it doesn’t. A positive attitude will get you much further than a negative one, that’s for sure!

    I hope your Monday is great and that it doesn’t cause you too much pain! ❤

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    • It is best to take things one day at a time although I think ahead! I am working on being better at that though!

      I am so glad your husband is positive, it definitely helps bad situations. It really sounds like your husband was a blessing in your life and I am so glad to hear that!!!!!

      My Monday was not too bad actually. I only worked for 6 hours and was done. I am slowly working my way back to full time. I used to work over 40 a week, I will get back to that someday!!! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday as well!!!!!

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      • hillaryrobyn says:

        I completely understand looking ahead! I tend to be my worst critic, too, which makes things all the more difficult.

        Yes, his upbeat and positive personality has totally transformed the way I see life. He has really has been a blessing to me. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for him.

        I’m so glad your Monday was good! Six hours is a great step forward! Last week was 5hrs a day, right? You’ll get back to full-time before you know it!

        My Monday wasn’t too bad! A bit long, but I work part-time and have Tuesdays off so I’m resting and doing some stuff around the house today.

        I hope today is even better for you! 🙂

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      • I am so sorry for my delayed response. I had a terrible headache yesterday, so writing or reading was not a great idea!

        We really are a lot alike. I am very critical of myself and can’t seem to change it but I am trying to come down a bit with it!

        Yes, I did 5 hours last week and 6 this week, so far so good. I did ask my manager if I could do 6 again next week and he was fine with it. I get all my work done so it does not make sense for me to sit there in pain.

        I am glad your Monday wasn’t too bad. So glad you got to rest Tuesday. We all need that after a long day! That is great you work part time. I think it is healthier! What do you do for work?

        I hope you had a great Wednesday!!! Much Love, Alyssa!

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      • hillaryrobyn says:

        No worries, I understand! I hope you’re feeling better!

        I’m glad things are progressing well at work! It’s awesome that you have such a good relationship with your boss, it makes a huge difference! What kind of work do you do?

        I had to start working part-time after my last surgery unfortunately. It was definitely a hit to my self-esteem because I’d always worked full-time, but I’ve found that working part-time allows me to have a better quality of life. I’m really lucky that I can afford it, though. I know a lot of people can’t.

        Currently I work in an administrative role for a local hand surgeon. I do our records and billing. However, that’s going to change in January because the doctor I work for is retiring. :/ I’ve sent out some applications to a couple of hospitals so I’m just playing it by ear.

        I’ve found that life finds a way to work itself out if we just let it. It’s not always great but it does work out! 🙂

        Happy Almost Friday! ❤ ❤

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      • I am so glad I have such a good relationship with my boss, he understands what I am going through because he has a good friend with MS. Things are slowly getting better! I work for a mortgage company in Post Closing.

        I am sure you will find something great! Your personality can sell you to any company! That is great you can work part time, full time work is not really healthy!

        I wish you the best of luck with your job search! Anyone would be lucky to have you! I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, although it is going to be cold and rainy here. That is a bad combination! I hope you have a great evening and I hope your Friday will be warmer than here!!
        Take care Sweetie!!

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      • hillaryrobyn says:

        I’m glad, too! That sounds very complicated. I’ve bought a house and still don’t know anything about mortgages lol

        Thank you so much for the compliment! I just applied to Mayo Clinic for a primary care office so fingers crossed! It’s also part-time but the pay is better.

        Yes, today was very cold and rainy! It’s a love/hate thing for me. I’ve always preferred cold weather but now it hurts, so I’m caught in between. I hope your Friday was good and that you have a great weekend!

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      • It really is not too complicated, just a little frustrating at times. It gets a little boring because it is the same thing over and over again!

        I wish you lots of luck with the job at the Mayo Clinic! I can not wait to hear it when you get the offer letter!!!

        Oh WOW, it was cold in Florida too? The cold always makes me get tense which cause additional pain, but that is where blankets come in handy!! I hope your Friday went well and I hope you have a great weekend as well!!


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