Strong enough for the struggles!

strong enoughI do believe that all the struggles we go through in life, even though we may not be able to see it at the time, only to make us stronger! We do not get to choose what difficulties we face throughout life, but we can decide how we cope we them. Every battle we tackle can teach us better ways to handle anything else the future holds for us. 

Life is an uphill journey that we are always learning from. An experience you have endured previously can potentially help yourself not struggle as hard if faced with the same situation again or someone else moving forward. We all confront issues in life differently, so what works well for me may not work as well for someone else and visa versa.

Looking back at life I realize that some situations I thought were impossible, were not nearly as bad as I made them out to be. During high stress situations I think we may Beautiful strugglesometimes allow our emotions to have more control than necessary, instead of focusing on logic. Without a doubt I am very guilty of this because I always become very emotional when I am under a great deal of stress and put zero emphasis on being logical. In my sane and clear mind, I do know the only way to make it through difficult times is to look at the issues and find logical ways to fix the problems. For me personally being too emotional causes me to make irrational decisions that in the end never help myself or anyone else that was involved. 

I believe while we are going through difficult times in our lives, we should be able to be open up with our feelings to at least one person! The difficult part might be the person you can always open up to is actually involved with what you are struggling with. Even though it may be hard and you feel like you are suffocating with stress, you still need to find a way to be open about your feelings. Sometimes I will bottle my feelings up which only causes additional stress but I really do not like confrontation! 

I am still dealing with some issues from my exacerbation but I am doing much better. Honestly I can not say what is worse the pain or fatigue I feel everyday! Even though I have had a terrible head cold I have been able to work 5 hours each day this week and next week I will be doing at least 6 hours a day! It has been really hard for me to get back to my normal self, but I am not giving up my fight! 

Thank you for reading and commenting on my short thoughts for today! I will respond to all comments and emails as soon as I am able. I hope y’all have had a good day! Take care and much love to y’all!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa




About Positively Alyssa

I was diagnosed 16 years ago, when I was only 19 years old, with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. I had gone to my eye doctor because I had lost vision in my left eye. Prior to my appointment, I had prepared myself to have the doctor confirm that I would be blind in my left eye and that was all. Never in a million years did I expect to hear the doctor tell me that after consulting with his colleagues, that I need to go for an MRI that day because they were thinking that with my symptoms that I had MS. Just a couple hours later I went to get the life altering MRI. I remember that phone call like it was yesterday. My eye doctor called me from his home at 9:30 at night to confirm what they suspected, I in fact had MS. He immediately referred me to a specialist he knew and I was able to get in to see him that same week. Luckily, after a round of steroids, my vision came back in my eye just leaving me with leg pain that would continue to be part of my life. Through the years I have tried numerous different medications that are meant to slow the progression of the disease down. I was never good at the injections and it wasn't because of the needle, it was because the medication burned like fire going in. Still after all these years I still go through my battles of denial, anger, frustration and sadness. However, I have always said that I would NEVER allow MS to control my life but I would control the disease. For the most part, I have been pretty successful with that. I mean we all have our bad days but it doesn't make the situation any better. With this blog I am hoping that with my experiences, endless amounts of research and a powerful fight i me that I can not only help others going through this but that I can learn from others as well. Living with the ups and downs of MS can be challenging but the power of the mind can beat anything that is thrown our way!
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22 Responses to Strong enough for the struggles!

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re doing a bit better! I hope it keeps improving.

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  2. It’s ok to lose control, it’s ok, as a fellow blogger said, to be not ok.
    And talking about what you’re going through and thinking positively, that’s a craft. You learn it and you’re quite good at it.
    Now tell me about what you like to do. Tell us about all the things you enjoy and the people who you care about.

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  3. hillaryrobyn says:

    I agree completely! Although at the time I hated my situation, looking back I can honestly say that the dysfunction and stress I encountered throughout life up until I got married has helped me face life in a more healthy way. Now I know what I am capable of and my self-esteem has even improved because I can say I’ve survived.

    I am so glad that you’re feeling better and that everything is going well at work, but I’m sorry you have a cold! :/ I hope you get better soon and that next week is even better than this one was!

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    • It really is amazing when we look at what we thought were bad situations how easy they can seem! I am glad to hear that getting married helped you face things in a better way!

      This cold has been almost as bad as the flare up was. I do know that getting worn out can cause more illness and with my immune system being bad because of MS meds, this cold will not go away! Next week will be better, I am sure of it!!!
      I really wish there were more people as kind as you in this world!!!!

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      • hillaryrobyn says:

        You are so right! Me, too! It was a mixture of getting married and also getting out of the bad situation I was in. Either way, it definitely changed my perspective on a lot of things.

        I’m so sorry about the cold! I remember hearing that for people with MS any kind of sickness is so much worse because of the suppressed immune system. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through! But, like you said, next week will be better!

        Thank you! The same goes for your kindness and positivity; the world would be a much better place!

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      • I am so glad you were able to get out of a bad situation. You deserve nothing but happiness in life!

        It does seem like a simple cold gets worse for me than others but no one really understands that when I say it! The Gilenya weakens my immune system already so it is easy to get anything that is going around. It will get better in time!

        You are most welcome!!! I not know anyone around that is as understanding and as kind as you!


      • You are most welcome!!! I not know anyone around that is as understanding and as kind as you!
        I am so glad you were able to get out of a bad situation. You deserve nothing but happiness in life!

        It does seem like a simple cold gets worse for me than others but no one really understands that when I say it! The Gilenya weakens my immune system already so it is easy to get anything that is going around. It will get better in time!


  4. Invisibly Me says:

    I think you are doing incredibly well, and you’ve pushed yourself to continue despite a head cold on top of day to day health issues (just please make sure to rest enough as well, it’s too easy to overdo things when we feel we should be productive and keep going). Really hoping the cold and yuck clear up soon, it’s definitely the season for flus and infections and such, and they can really drag you down. You are an inspiration and you are definitely, without a doubt, strong enough for the struggles ahead!  ♥
    Caz x

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! I have tried to push through but to be honest, this head cold is trying to get the best of me! I have a very weak immune system right now because of my MS meds, but I am trying to rest. It will get better and I will be back to my normal self soon!!! Tis the season to get sick!!!

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  5. Create Space says:

    Great post Alyssa and glad to know you are feeling a bit better. It’s normal to struggle when times are hard and to make irrational decisions when we are emotional and it’s normal to be level-headed and capable when things run smoothly. And while I find learning to manage stress is one thing it’s remembering the strategies and putting them into action when things go pear shaped again…now that’s the challenge!!

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  6. Glad that you are feeling a bit better Alyssa 🙂 I find that blogging helps me when I don’t want to burden others with my thoughts, which is why it’s such a lifesaver! Xxx

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  7. Absolutely—Made Strong.

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