Quiet Sunday

Good afternoon Y’all, ISunday hope you have had a great weekend! It is hard to believe tomorrow is already Monday and the weekend is over. Unfortunately, I was not able get anything done that I wanted to over the weekend but I guess there is always next weekend. The only thing that I really wanted to do over the weekend was get the rest of my donations together and bring them to Crisis Ministry. With the change in the weather, I want to be able to donate some sweaters, socks, jeans and hoodies to those that are struggling and give them some warmth and comfort.

I am currently working to keep my flash back experience from when I was diagnosed going, but needed to gather my thoughts a little more about everything that happened. Today, I just wanted to write something that has more to do with what my passions are in life and a little less about the dreaded diagnosis!

I accepted many years ago that I had a chronic illness, that did not as of yet have a cure and may actually require me to adjust some parts of my life. Sometimes I can admit, I do allow the thoughts of what I should adjust in my life take over and forget that I just need to live life to the fullest!

There are so many other parts of life that I absolutely love and enjoy! I was very nervouswriting is my passion but I had several reasons for starting my blog four months ago. I have always been very passionate about writing and did write a lot of poems. I also have a strong desire to help others that are going through hard times. When I learned about blogging, I thought it would be the perfect way to use two of my passions and hopefully be able to do something good for others.

Through writing about my experiences with Multiple Sclerosis, I have had the amazing opportunity to connect with others that battle other Chronic Illness and learned so much about various illnesses that I only knew a little about. I have learned how others deal with their struggles and it is absolutely astonishing what some people do go through daily. The reactions that I have had over these four months have been both encouraging and enlightening. The positive attitude I do try to portray has given those that read my posts hope and courage, which I am so happy I have been able to do. I do strongly believe that the only way to make it through the hardest of times in life is to put a positive spin on the issues. During my most recent flare up, I have found that if you only think about the negative nothing is going to improve, but if you try to see the bright light through all the dark clouds, things will improve but it takes time.

when it rains it poursIt is so true that when it rains it pours. I guess it is almost a good thing for all bad things to happen all at the same time, because once you get through all the negative, good days will follow! Y’all know that I went through one heck of a flare up but at the same time my husband was battling with his own chronic pain. He suffers from migraines and terrible neck problems that literally nothing seems to help. Thankfully, my job was very understanding about my issues but I almost think it is because their hands were tired. Now his job on the other hand was not as understanding which is really ashame. Many people in this world have something that they have to deal with, but of course there is a lack of understanding from co-workers, friends and even family sometimes. I think that if someone does not have any kind of pains they deal with or have a family member with something similar they just can not relate. I will never understand why it takes most people to have someone close to them that suffers from an illness for them to be truly care. I have said it before, but there is a difference in empathy and sympathy but they are both very important. I can say from my own personal experience, it is frustrating and lonely when you feel like no one understands or even cares to try to understand what you are dealing with in life. 

I love our cats with all of my heart. They both bring so much joy and laughter871 to our lives on a daily basis. Animals are wonderful, because they have not been tarnished with all the hate, greed, jealousy and cruelty that society brings into our lives. Our cats do not know hate they only show unconditional love to us and each other. I am so thankful for them and all their love! I wish people today could learn something from animals love!

I am truly thankful for my family as well. My mother does her very best to understand and sympathize with my MS struggles but I know it is hard for her because she does not family is importantlike to see me in pain. Even though my husband has been dealing with his own struggles, he tries to be my rock and assure me that my pain issues will get better. My in-laws are wonderful people who are always trying to do what they can to help their loved ones. My mother in law is a lot like me and wants to see the good in people. With all the hatred in the world today, it is sometimes so hard to see the good but it is important to at least try. My sister-in-law came to our house last night with our niece and let me just say, that little girls laughter can brighten the room so easily. This 5 year old girl has more sense and can carry on a conversation better than most people I come in contact with daily! When I was growing up, my family was not close at all, so I never really understood how important a strong family bond was. I did always have a strong connection with my Grandfather, but that was all I knew besides my mother. I am delighted that my mother and I have always been able to maintain our relationship, even through really hard times. I am so incredibly thankful for the family love my husband has brought into my life! I am truly thankful to finally understand a true family bond!

I really hope y’all had a great weekend and are ready to start a new week. This week I am going to make a true effort to be able to work more than 4 hours, but I am also not going to push myself too hard. Thankfully, it is going to be a short week regardless of how many hours I can handle! My office will be closed on Thursday and Friday, so I only have to get through three days. It hopefully will not be too hard. I am working on a post about medications I have tried and what that experience was like for me. Thank y’all for visiting today and as always, I do appreciate all of your comments! I do respond as quickly as I can! I hope the rest of your day goes well and take care!!!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa


33 thoughts on “Quiet Sunday

    • Yes, 3 days is so much better than 5, but I honestly have not worked 5 days in a while. I am going to go into the week with an open mind. I will be working at least 4 hours but I am going to try to push it a little further. It is horrible that I get so worn out just getting ready and then driving to the office is another story. But, all I can do is try, right? I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a great week as well!!!

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  1. I just found your Blog. It is wonderful. My friend has MS, and I am blind and wheelchair bound following cancer. Mi am somlooking forward to reading more of your Blog

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    • I am so glad you just found my blog! I really hope you will find it encouraging and helpful! Sounds like you and your friend can share a lot of difficult times with each other. I wish you both nothing but comfort and wellness! Please know that I am always here for you! Take care!!

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      • Thankyou for your kind words. My friend is one tough cookie, and I myself have found much light and strength in my cancer and blindness. It is amazing how these things can work. I will read more as and when I can. Being blind, it is a little difficult, but I get through!


      • Aww. Thankyou si much. I found you through Andrew’s Blog, and so glad I did. I will read more as I can manage it. Good on you to start your own Blog up to help people.

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      • I am delighted that you found my blog on Andrew’s. He has some pretty amazing poems that he shares! I really hope you enjoy what I share. I am so happy that my blog has been able to help so many people around the world. It really makes me feel semi useful!!

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      • Yes, I know exactly how important it is to still feel useful when you have an illness or dusability. Smile. Yes, Abdrew is an anazing poet – and a good friend to many.

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