Climbing towards the end goal!

butterfly eveningGood Evening Y’all! I hope you have had a great start to the week! Life is not always easy, but we all make it through the hard times even stronger than we were before. No matter what we go through in life whether it is be health issues, work problems, family difficulties, internal battles we do not talk about, financial struggles or anything else that weighs on our minds, there is no denying they all can be hard to handle. I know I have said this before but something my Grandfather said to me is always in my mind, “Someone else out there is always going through something worse.” That is never meaning what we are dealing with in the present is not hard or it does not mean anything, but it keeps me grounded sometimes! When I think about what I am dealing with right now, it is really mild and will heal itself in time, things really could be so much worse than they are!

I have been trying to look back over the past few months and I am appreciative that things did not progress more than they did. Even not feeling 100%, I have been able to stand my grounds with the doctors and most importantly, I have not given up at all. I didIm in the fight of my life start thinking that I was failing my battle with MS because my flare up has lasted so long, but I have not failed anything because I am still trying to get through to better times. The moment I stop trying will be the moment that I fail myself, which I do not see happening!

I do think it is very important in life to find some kind of outlet from reality. It is possible some of my outlets are not escaping reality but anything that helps someone carry on in life, is a good enough reason. Some people like to not think at all about what their struggles are and focus on something that is a direct opposite and others like to address issues with their eyes wide open all the time, no one can say which way is better because everyone is so different. I of course enjoy writing and building a strong network with those that understand. But, I also enjoy crocheting and the temperatures are good for that right now! Unfortunately, my hands are not cooperating with me right now, but they will get better soon I am sure of it! I have started a blanket already that is purple, black and light grey. I think it will be pretty and honestly, I might end up donating it to the homeless. I really feel like there are too many people who do not have a roof over their heads, no food on the table at night and cold in the darkness of night. It makes me so sad that so many people suffer something that hopefully none of us will never understand. 

It is really good to make goals in life but it is just as important to not set unrealistic goals, because that just sets you up for disappointment. Recently I have tried setting so many postivethinkinggoals for myself that are not reachable right now. Of course that does not mean those goals will never be achieved but right now things just need to be a little more obtainable. My initial goal of starting this blog was to be able to reach out to others with Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic illness because I wanted to be able to help them cope with what they were dealing with. I truly believe I have done fairly well with this, but over time I have also really learned so much from so many people! I know others with Multiple Sclerosis are dealing with so many more obstacles than I am and I appreciate reading their posts because again it makes me more grounded in my own issues. Learning from others experiences has really built my strength back to where it needs to be. I hope that the positive vibes I try to send out help others with their own battles. I really do believe positive thoughts will surpass the negative over time!

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts for the day. It is always so wonderful to be able to write out my emotions freely with never worrying about negative judgments! As always I truly love your comments and I do always respond as quickly as possible. The amazing communications I have had with so many of you has been a great experience! I hope y’all have a great evening!!!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa