56 Answers to the questions

butterfly weekendEarlier this week, I had re blogged a post from Discovering Your Happiness about Find out who you are (56 Questions). It has taken me a little while to answer the questions because I have not been feeling all that great, but I promised I would post my answers! I hope y’all enjoyed answering the questions and I hope you enjoy my answers! I did include what the questions were just in case you did not still have them!

  1. Do I believe that everything is meant to be, or do I think that things just tend to happen for no reason at all? I am actually a strong believer in, everything happens for a reason. 
  2. Do I forgive and forget? Or do I forgive, but always remember? I try to forgive and forget, but I will not lie sometimes the forgetting is hard. I do not hold a grudge but sometimes I do remember if I have been hurt too much
  3. If I could give one piece of advice to everyone in the world, what would it be?  My advice would be to never stop showing love and respect. Those two things are so important to me.
  4. Do I think that people can change, or that they just are who they are? This might make me a bad person, but I do not think people can change unless they admit where the issues are and work to make them better. But in my life people are just who they are.
  5. Would I consider myself to be religious or spiritual? I am more of a spiritual person but I do have my religious beliefs that I hold strong to.
  6. Would my 10-year-old self be proud of me? I think the 10 year old me would be very proud of whom I have become because I am a stronger woman now than I was at 10 years old. 
  7. What do I think is the best revenge? I do not like revenge because it doesn’t get you anywhere. All revenge will do is cause more issues. So I guess my best revenge is to let go of the negative situation
  8. What would I change about myself? I think the thing I would change about myself is sometimes, I am too compassionate. Sometimes being too compassionate can allow people to take advantage of you.
  9. On the flip side, what would I never change about myself? I would never change the part of me that tries to see the good in everyone. I am the type of person that always wants to help others more than I would help myself.
  10. Can I confidently say that the path I am on in life right now is the one that I (and no one else) would want for myself?  ? I am for the most part on the right path because I am happily married. I just need to get my flare up under control and removed from my life.
  11. It’s the year 2040. Where am I? My hopes for where I will be in 2040 are symptom free and living a nice comfortable life with my husband and 2 fur babies
  12. Am I a morning person or a night owl? Prior to my flare up, I was always a morning person and never a night owl. I am hoping to make it back to being a morning person
  13. Would I consider myself to be more creative or more logical? I am definitely more creative. I can be logical sometimes but then my heart gets involved and my logic goes out the window.
  14. What could I do to be a healthier person? I could be healthier if I could eat better and exercise more. 
  15. If time and money were no object, what would I do with my life? If time and money were not an object, I would want to travel the world and write my book or at that time maybe books!
  16. Is it all about luck or hard work? I think it should be about hard work but I do think sometimes it is about luck
  17. Should I live with no regrets, or learn from my mistakes?  I think I live life with no regrets. We only have one life to life so I say live it to the fullest.
  18. How would I describe myself in only five words? Honest, Caring, Compassionate, wears my heart on my sleeve I have a lot of intergrity
  19. Family first, true or false? True, family should always come first
  20. Can discipline be learned? I do think if someone tries hard enough and wants to learn discipline they can learn it!
  21. Am I as loyal as I think I am?  Yes I do think I am as loyal as I think I am
  22. How could people be a better friend to me?  People could be a better friend to me if they tried just a little understanding to what I deal with.
  23. How could I be a better friend to people? Yes, I could probably be a better friend if I tried reaching out to them more often than I do. 
  24. Is conformity a good thing or a bad thing?  Conformity can be a good thing but we all have to be ourselves. So I guess in some ways it is a bad thing
  25. What is a book I read that completely changed my outlook on life
  26. How can I be generous when I am not rich? You do not have to be rich to be generous; you can be generous with kind words. Kind words can go a long way. You can offer to help with anything you are able to.
  27. How can I improve dialogue and communication with those I deeply disagree with? I have to learn that you can not talk about politics with anyone, that can be a heated conversation, especially with family.
  28. If I had to make a list of my top 10 most important values, what would they be? Honestly, loyalty, faithfulness, be kind to others, understanding, never judge others, always help others, forgiveness (even when it is hard), never steal and do not seek out revenge. 
  29. What are my deal breakers for romantic relationships? Lack of trust
  30. Do I love myself? I try but sometimes when I feel horrible, it is hard
  31. If not, how could I find a way to love myself? I write about my emotions to get back to reality
  32. Is trust always earned, or is it a given until it’s broken? Trust is earned not just given blindly
  33. If I could apologize to one person, who would it be? If there is anything that needs an apology, I try to do it immediately. 
  34. And what would I say to that person
  35. If I was able to say one thing to my ex, what would I say? There really is not anything I would want to say to an ex. No relationships before my husband have ended with a negative tone
  36. If I could have one person apologize to me, who would it be? There are 2 people, but one is no longer with us.
  37. And what would I want them to say?
  38. Do I ghost people or do I give them a reason for breaking ties? I honestly need a good reason to just ghost someone because I do try to see the good in people. It takes a lot for shutting them out completely.
  39. Do I believe in karma? Yes
  40. How do I show I am angry? I am very silent when I am angry.
  41. In my opinion, what are my greatest strengths? My greatest strength is how much I care about people that are close to me
  42. In my opinion, what are my greatest weaknesses? I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  43. If I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go? Anywhere tropical, I love the beach
  44. 44  Is work-life balance important to me? Yes
  45. Is family important to me? Yes
  46. Is friendship important to me? Yes
  47. Is romantic love important to me? Well my husband is very important to me!
  48. If I could have one talent, what would it be? Travel at the speed of light:)
  49. What is one part of my life I miss and why? I would miss my family and fur babies, because those are the most important things in my life
  50. What are elements from that time I could incorporate into my present?
  51. Do actions really speak louder than words? Yes, you can not undo what is already done
  52. Am I happy with my career? Honestly what I am doing in my career is not what I see for the rest of my life
  53. If not, what could I change about my job to be happier and more satisfied? I would rather deal more with people that numbers on a screen
  54. What’s more important to me, self respect or being right? Self respect
  55. Do I learn from the past or live in the past? I learn from the past.
  56. When I die, what do I want to be remembered for? I would like to be remembered as a good and honest person.

I hope y’all have a great weekend! It took me a while to finish all the questions because it has been a hard week for me. I am really hoping next week will start getting better. I think over a month dealing with the pain and the end of this flare up is long enough!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa

7 thoughts on “56 Answers to the questions

  1. I loved reading your answers Alyssa! I hope your pain subsides soon. I know you’ve been having a rough time with it. I know it’s hard to stay positive when you’re in so much pain, but you always manage to find something positive in all of your experiences, and I really admire that about you!

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    • Thank you so much Terri! I try to be positive and sometimes it is not all that easy. I want to do another post, probably tomorrow about getting through the difficult times with a chronic illness. It might take sometime to do. Hopefully I will start feeling a little more alert and myself tomorrow! I really appreciate your kind words! I hope you are doing well today!!!

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  2. Alyssa, i enjoyed getting to know you a little better and it was just a little weird how alike we actually are! Qu.25, you didn’t answer but A book that changed my life was “Life Lessons” by Elizabeth Kubler Ross and David Kessler…I’m wondering if you were to read it would it have the same impact on you?

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