Outing today!

WednesdayI hope y’all had a good Wednesday! I spent this afternoon having lunch with my mother and getting a new pair of glasses, so I do not always have to wear my contacts. The day went very well and lunch with my mother was very nice! It is amazing how only going to lunch and one store to get glasses can wear someone out. After only 4 hours out of the house, I came home in a great amount of pain. Simple things like today never took so much energy before and caused me to feel so much fatigue. But now I have to get myself rested because I am going back to work tomorrow for only 4 hours. I hope going back to work won’t set me back on healing and I will bounce back sooner than later!

I keep telling myself that so many people deal with much worse than I am going through right now, so giving into the pain is not an option. Keeping a positive mind dealing with this flare up is hard but also extremely important. If I give up now, all that shows is weakness and I am surrendering to the battle. Does crying while in pain really do any good? I do not believe it does. So I am setting a goal for myself to keep moving forward and take things slow. If my pain starts getting to a point where it isn’t tolerable, I will resttired of everything with my heating pad. If I start feeling overly fatigue, I will lay down and try to nap. I am really horrible at napping, but I can start making the effort to do so. Is it worth getting angry with myself or a situation if I am not able to do everything I was able to do a few months ago? Absolutely not! During difficult times when your body is fighting you to take things at a different pace than you are used to, is your body’s way of helping you to slow down. Small and temporary adjustments will make a huge difference! Of course I am tired of the pain and weakness but I will fight through and become stronger in time!

I do know that going back to work tomorrow is going to take a lot of strength and patience, but I also know that I can do this! I have a song that really helps give me hope while dealing with all this! David Osmond, I Can Do This. I am trying to attach the YouTube video, so I hope this works!!https://youtu.be/2l1lTkKsaDs

I hope y’all have a great evening! As always please leave any comments you may have and I will respond to you as quickly as I can! I am sorry in advance if this video for David Osmond’s song does not work, but if for some reason it does not you can find it on YouTube. I swear YouTube has everything you could possibly want to watch, it is amazing how great the internet works! Take Care!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa