Ready or Not!

Hopeful butterflyI can not believe it is already time to go back to the real life. Returning to work after a little more than two weeks, due to a terrible flare up is going to be challenging but we all have to face difficulties in life. Tomorrow might end up being one of the most difficult Mondays for me, but I am strong enough and have enough courage to handle it.

Many of you have read along during my troubles over the past few weeks and even months, while I battle with decisions, medications, doctor’s appointments, insurance companies, frustrations and so much more. So many of you have gone through some similar situations yourself and have been so incrediblynegative encouraging while I go through my own. I feel that I have learned so much over this time that has made me a stronger and wiser person. Of course, I have had times during this journey that I felt like nothing was ever going to get better and cried what seemed like an endless amount of tears. But, I have also developed a greater sense of positivity. My situation could have been so much worst. We all fall on hard times in life, but it really is how we choose to tackle those times that makes us who we are and builds our strength and determination. 

Even though I am going to return to work tomorrow, I know that I still have some healing to do. I still do not feel 100% yet, as I still have a lot of pain, numbness (which scares me more than the pain), headaches and fatigue. I am completely determined to not allow this illness to control my life. I will not play the victim to an illness, as I do create the lifeknow what changes I need to make and can’t place blame on anyone but myself if they are not made. I have seen what allowing stress and negativity into my life can do to my mind, spirit, health and body, and I will do everything in my power to never allow it to occur again. 

I hope y’all have a good Monday! Wish me luck tomorrow. I am sure it will be fine but I am still very nervous about my morning. Please leave any comments you may have and I will be sure respond as quickly as possible! Take care and thank you so much for always reading my posts!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa

41 thoughts on “Ready or Not!

  1. Bon giorno cara Alyssa. So glad that today you’re going back to work after that unfortunate 15 days-pause. All those that love you dearly( including all your blogging fellows line moi) are rooting for you. Un baccione.

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  2. I’m sending positive thoughts your way today. I’m so proud of you for not giving up. We don’t have to be victims of our illnesses. We can take care of ourselves and still move forward. Stay in the moment.


  3. Everyday is a new day, we have a chance to start anew, pick ourself up, add confidence by exceeding our expectations. Everyday is up to us. We don’t feel well, have cancer, lost a loved one, have a debilitating illness, everyday we can march on. The pain and fatigue may remain but your mind can find more positive thoughts, when the crunch comes on meditate or play a game to distract yourself or clear your mind. Everyday we learn. I know you are strong enough to handle MS and remain positive. Your are stronger than you think. M


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! I just knew that I wasn’t ready today. I mean, my mind was ready but my body wasn’t. I have always said that I was stronger than any illness and NO illness will control my life and defeat me. This may be a difficult time but I will get up, brush myself off and be fine again, someday!! I really do appreciate all your kind words! Much Love, Alyssa

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      • Do you know how to use featured image function when writing a post? I’ve been doing it for you since I haven’t taken the time to explain. Another question, I notice Survivors have numbered title’s is that a system you use for managing post? M

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      • Of course, You have to have the post open, then over on the right click on post settings. Then it is the fourth option down that says featured image. Is that what you are talking about? So, when I reblog I need to put a number on it?

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      • No number in place, you put a featured photo you’ve used in your post in there. It has to do with the Them we have. Without a Featured Photo it doesn’t show a photo on Survivors. I’ve been going in, editing to add your top photo as featured photo. Does that make sense.
        When you changed your name to Positively Alyssa it changed the name of you blog on Survivors. Do you want to keep the new name or go back to Fighting MS Daily?
        You can look at Survivors page and scroll down and you see a post with a number as the headline, are you doing that intentionally? I’ve seen before but it didn’t sink in.
        Touch base when you can.

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  4. It seems like this past week has been a tough obstacle for everyone. Thanks for sharing and letting us know updates. I can personally relate to you in regards to the moments when you cry out and just wonder why all this is happening. I feel as though most chronic illness warriors experience that on a regular basis, but it’s always comforting to know that other people react in the same way. It reassures us that we’re not the only ones. Thanks again for sharing and God bless!

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