Healing Slowly!

butterfly weekend 1Happy Friday Y’all! I hope you had a great week and are ready to enjoy your weekend!

I only have two days left to get better from my flare up, as I am returning to work on Monday. I actually got up this morning and had things that I wanted to do, but after taking a shower, I was out of energy and needed to rest. I guess it might take time for my energy level to stay consistent. I need to spend this weekend allowing my body and mind to continue gaining strength that I need!

I am a little nervous about going back to work on Monday. I mean, I have not been there in 2 weeks. What if I forgot how to do my job? Or, do you think your job is like riding a bike and you never forget? I guess we will see!

Even after all the rest and steroids, I still feel achy and fatigued. I think it is possible this flare up  happened when it did, to teach me patience. Considering I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, this makes sense to me. Of course, you are not able to time when a flare up is going to happen or schedule it when it is convenient, but myButterfly hope flare up came at the worst possible time in life!

This could be the universe’s way to teach me some valuable lessons. It is possible that I had started losing hope and faith in life. Maybe I was focusing too much of my energy on the negative aspects life can bring and ignoring how wonderful life really can be. I guess in a way, maybe I was losing myself. I am accepting my flare up as a few lessons that I needed to learn and remember. 

I hope y’all have a great evening! I hope you enjoyed my post today! Please leave any comments you have and I will be happy to respond just as quickly as I can! I really enjoy the communications we all have together! Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa


20 thoughts on “Healing Slowly!

  1. Right there with you! I go back on Monday after 3 months of being off. I read today that a gratitude journal will make us more positive people. I’m going to give that a try and let you know if it helped me. Good luck on Monday, you’ll be great!

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    • Thank you! Are you ready to go back to work Monday? I might need a gratitude journal when I am sitting at my desk and everyone around me is being negative! I hope you have a great weekend and good luck to you on Monday!


  2. Steroids and the lack of patience for them to do their job is far worse at times then feeling like crap from a flare. You have the right attitude and I can relate to the fears about returning to work. The job skill you will know (like riding a bike) it’s the stamina and that little voice in your head challenging your grit to be okay in the eyes of your colleagues. The invisible disease and the scrupulous opinions of others that cannot see inside your body or feel what you feel. That is where I always had limiting thoughts. I eventually had to go on SSDI and lost a part of me that was the majority of who I saw myself as. My lesson from ms was that I never really knew myself only the roles I played. Nothing like having to reinvent and learn yourself at 40 and having no idea where to begin! Keep healing and be kind to yourself when it comes to getting back to the work. One moment at a time and remember you before anything. Without you there’s no helping or doing for others. Good luck on Monday!

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    • Thank you Dawn! I have been forced to go on Short Term twice in the 16 years I have had MS. I guess that isn’t too bad! I plan to take things very slow on Monday. Work is just work and can be replaced, so I have to remember to put myself first.
      I can say that the massive amount of steroids I was on, is still lingering in my body. It has made focusing SO hard.
      I really appreciate your comments Dawn! I hope you have a great day!

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