Constant state of Fatigue!

good afternoonGood afternoon Y’all! I have been out of work for two weeks as of today, due to a MS flare up. It has been a difficult journey for me trying to get myself well again. I did the 5 days of steroids the doctor ordered and of course, it was horrible! I have been trying to rest so my body will be strong enough to go back to work again on Monday. 

After I completed the 5 days of high steroids, I did do a couple of days of a taper down dose. Initially, the doctor was not even ordering a taper but my pharmacist and myself thought it was safer to have the taper. I only ended up doing 3 days of the taper and decided that I just could not handle anymore steroids. 

I have of course had minor set backs over the years, but this flare up I am dealing with now, is the first bad one I have had in years! The last time I was on a high dose of steroids and out of work due to a flare up was probably 7 or 8 years ago. I could be worseremember that flare up pretty well of course. My symptoms were vertigo and pain in my legs and feet. Now, 7 or 8 years later I am back in that same situation, but this time I have pain all over my body and numbness in my legs and feet. I have been dealing with the back pain for years now, so it really is not anything new. I really have nothing to complain about, if I am going to just have one horrible flare up every 7 years and just have minor issues the rest of the time. Of course the minor issues can be painful, but they will heal and probably somewhat expected anyways. I just really hope that the flare ups do not continue to get worse like it was this time. 

The biggest issues I am dealing with right now are: an enormous amount of fatigue, pain, headaches, numbness and lack of concentration. I still think that the steroids are working their way through my body and I will be back to my normal self again soon. I am doing my best to get as much rest as possible and of course not allow myself to get stressed. The craziest thing is, I feel so tired but can not take naps. I still feel very shaky, probably because of the steroids, so all I am able to do is rest while watching TV. 

The numbness issue is strange! I have had numbness in my legs and feet for a while now, but recently the numbness has spread into my lower back and arms. I know the numbness I am experiencing right now is because of new lesions on my spinal cord and brain. I am really just hoping that everything that I am feeling or not feeling right now, will start getting better sooner than later. The wonderful steroids are still working on decreasing my inflammation, so that only thing I can do is sit back, relax and wait!

meditationI have been meditating in the mornings, and even in the afternoon if I start to feel myself getting stressed. I noticed that when I allow my body and mind to stress, my pain and numbness increases drastically.  From now on when something stressful occurs, I am going to take just 2- 5 minutes to meditate. I think this is going to be a huge help for my healing! 

I hope y’all have a great evening! As always, please leave any comments you might have and I will respond just as quickly as I can. I am really enjoying the communications I have been able to experience with so many people and look forward to so many more! Take Care!!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa

37 thoughts on “Constant state of Fatigue!

  1. I don’t (that I know of) have MS but I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fribromyalgia. I’ve been struggling with a lot of headaches and extreme fatigue as well. May you get some quality rest and get out of your flare up soon! ✌️

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    • I think some issues with MS and Fibromyaglia are a little similar, like pain, fatigue and headaches. I wonder if there is something in the air, it seems like a lot of people are having these same issues. I am definitely trying to get quality rest so this flare up will go away. I keep thinking I need to clean my house! Thank you for your comment. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Pain Warriors stick together:)!

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  2. I am so sorry you’re going through a flare up! I’m glad you’ve done that meditation works though. I think I might try it for my pain.

    I can’t handle steroids, either! The last time I was put on them I became suicidal (the same thing happens with certain anti-depressants) so I had to stop them early.

    I hope that your flare up subsides and that your first day back to work is not too hard on you. Take care and have a good evening!


    • Steroids make me insane! I honestly hate them but they say it makes the flare up go away faster. They doctor tried antidepressant for pain and I don’t like them either.
      Seriously, steroids change my personality completely. I go from being sweet, to cry, to being angry and then back again.

      I really appreciate your comments. I hope you are feeling well today! Monday will be my first day back at work. I will take it slow and I am sure it will be fine.
      I hope you have a great evening as well. Please contact me anytime if you need anything. You are more than welcome to email and I will always respond. My email is
      Take care!!!

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  3. As you may know, I was diagnosed at 60, but told i have had MS for about 30 years. I was initially diagnosed with RRMS. First time I took Avonex, then tried Rebif, then Techfidera. When I went to the neurologist I’m currently going to, we have talked about my history, and she has determined that I really have primary progressive MS. So although I have not experienced a relapse, I certainly have had new symptoms which just get worse over time. I think our doctors are learning along the way with us. Fatigue for me is the worst. It seems like I have to rest twice as long as I am active. And I have the neuropathy pain and numbness as well. Mine is on both legs from the knees to the toes. I have found compression socks to help. I you also use lavender essential oil. That helps a lot as well. I am a Christian, so my meditation is always focused on the word of God. Meditation is vital to our well-being and something we have to remember to do many times a day! Blessings!

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    • Thank you for sharing this with me. Your doctor determined you have Progressive MS? It did start as RRMS, right? Are you on Tecfidera now?
      Meditation has been good for my mind! My mind is normally always running and I can’t stop it, so meditation is best for me!
      I am sorry for all the questions!! Take care!!

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      • Boy, I hear you about the mind always running! It seems mine does it in the middle of the night. Yes, I was initially diagnosed with RRMS I think just so that I could start some medication. After the ppmS diagnosis I have now just started Ocrevus.

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      • My doctor talked to me about Ocrevus before. I had made the decision 3 months ago to do Tecfidera against doctor recommendation because they said it was not strong enough for me. But, I was on Gilenya for 6 years and thought my body needed a break. I was not even able to take the full amount of it. But, apparently Tecfidera was not strong enough and I am going back to Gilenya. It will all work out.
        Can RRMS turn into Progressive in time?

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      • I’m glad you’re going back to Gilenya. Sounds like a good plan. No, RRMS could turn into secondary progressive. Primary progressive is when there are no relapses and every symptom that comes along just keeps getting worse. I always thought it went really bad really fast. Mine has been fairly slow. Which I’m extremely blessed for!


      • WOW, I feel like an idiot asking these questions. I should know all this by now. I think I might have tried to ignore some of what the doctor told me 16 years ago!

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      • Thank you! I know I did a lot of research when I was first diagnosed but then trailed off because I did not want to think about it all the time. I guess I was just hoping that if I did not acknowledge it, everything would just go back to normal. I mean, I did fire my doctor twice after he said I had MS because I said he had no idea what he was talking about.

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  5. Only one observation. Remember that in Italian words of the masculine genre usually end “o” like “positivo” and those of the feminine genre in”a” like “positiva” It’s because when we think of beautiful women like you we can’t repress our feelings by exclaiming “Ahhh.” Un altro baccione.

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