Doctor Run Around Day

happy weekendI hope y’all had a good Friday. My Friday was running around from a doctor’s appointment to the Pharmacy, just to have the call the doctor back because he did not call in my prescriptions. I was waiting on several prescriptions to be called to the pharmacy , and literally nothing was going right at all! After about 3 hours of constant phone calls and waiting, I finally got everything I needed! What a fun way to spend a Friday? Even after I made it home, I was still on the phone and messaging the doctors. Unfortunately, I did not really get any answers or help!

But, tomorrow afternoon my husband is driving me over to get the MRI done. I am still hoping they will be able to get me those results by Monday, so if anything is wrong we can start treating the issue! I am of course trying to decide if I am going to take another day off, so I have the time to stay on top of getting my results. 

Between arguing with doctors and go to the pharmacy to sit and wait, I did not have my time to relax today. I am hoping that have the MRI tomorrow, I will just be able to relax and maybe feel like myself againbutterfly peace!

I hope y’all have a good weekend and do something you can enjoy! I will let you know how the MRI goes tomorrow, normally the MRI tech gives me a hint on what they see! There is a great team at the hospital that knows how much I hate waiting, the do not tell me everything, they do is in subtle way. 


Love 2

Always, Alyssa


28 thoughts on “Doctor Run Around Day

  1. Be patient Alyssa
    The no 1 priority is you getting the proper answers. You don’t want a doctor to rush thru his job of analyzing the MRI. You will be luckier than I if you get results tomorrow. I hope they can move that quickly. Can’t you go to work and leave vs staying the whole day off driving your stress. The waiting is the hardest part.
    I’m in a similar position, to avoid knee surgery injections which act like cartilage were used. Unfortunately they have not worked, I’m not one to wait on getting things done. I called the office and said if knee surgery is the next step get in on the books for Nov or Dec. I’m so ready to be well. I know you relate completely. I’d like to enter 2018 on the way up, learn how to drive again and find out who I am. I’ve been in the house so long, I’m thinking where I will go.
    I’m vary anxious to go to my grandparents grave but I can’t drive that far so soon.
    Do something nice, a long lavender or rose bath and no light with just a candle. Try to meditate your mind quite. It’s hard but I master occasionally.


    • Oh no the only thing I was pushing the doctors for is an appointment to discuss the results, which she doesn’t have until December because she is going on maturity leave soon. I was also frustrated with one doctor that refused to help my pain levels. I do want them to make sure to give me the right results, but I can’t wait until December.

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      • That is ridiculous, she can go on maternity leave but many other doctors work with lab and can translate MRI and write a report. If I had to wait till December I would file a complaint with the Medical Board that’s torture!!!!!!! She has a back up doctor and I would let her know your expectations for results in the next several days and the backup doctor can talk with you about the results.
        Why the hell won’t they give you pain meds, many doctors don’t truly understand the pain of Chronic Illness. I take Tramadol, it works except on the worst pain. I’ve had no side effects thank goodness.
        Your stronger than you know, hang on.


      • I did ask why I could not just talk to the NP that handles the same cases. Literally, I could not get an answer or a call back. I got an email that just said “I need to see the doctor to discuss results.” That is honestly why I was so mad the other day. Tramadol has not ever actually helped me but I am glad it does help you. I see a Pain Management doctor. I was told by my neurologist to talk to them because my issue was based on pain so I did. Instead of keeping me on my normal dose they decreased my medicine due to another medication. It just was a bad time to reduce the pain medication because my pain has increased drastically!!! I am trying to hold on, I am just losing my patience. The main reason I was thinking I might not work Monday is because of the pain. I have FMLA that does cover my job, so it would not be a big deal. Then if I don’t go to work, I might drive to the doctor and request results. I don’t even care if it is just in writing. It doesn’t make sense why I can’t just hear something. I will be sure to make an appointment with the damn doctor before she goes out on maternity leave, but right now I just need answers and their thoughts of a solution. Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding! I hope you are doing well and have a great evening!

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      • The only way you will get an answer is from your doctor or her staff. The Lab doctor that reads and writes the reports only sends them to the doctor. Unfortunately it comes down to when the test get read, my guess, Monday. When the test is sent to your doctor and when she relays info to you. I’m with you on working towards an answer. What can you control? Pain management? Can’t you talk to doctor there and explain pain increase right as dose was taken down? I will not work with Pain Management doctors, I am funny that way. I want the least amount of people involved in my care. It was recommended I see one as well. They were quite shocked when I said no way. In my mind they get in the way. The doctor knows what’s up better than a pain person so why get another involved. Just me.
        I know you’re frustrated but try to think logically and set correct expectations. When I’ve had CAT or MRI it took three days for the process to get back to me, you can’t control that and trying will only increase your stress two fold. EM me and let’s talk about why your pain meds were taking down in dose in the first place. I’m with you, persistent and logical.


      • I am just going to be patient with the doctors. They should have answers on Monday and they should contact me. It is inhuman to let some one suffer like this. I have always been very persistent with doctors and I am only logical about my healtcare:) I hope you have a great day!!!!!!!

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      • Can you write a post that explains the type of MS you have and how it manifest itself from flare up to flare up. I think your readers would have a better understanding of your frustrations.
        You want to help people, this type of post is a great way. For me it will help me get up to speed with the type and how the body is affected. It sounds like you have periods when the symptoms aren’t as bad or at all then a flare up, like what you’re going thru happens.
        I’d like you to come write for Survivors Blog Here, will you give some thought to the idea. As far as extra work, only reblogging your post. You would be a great source for our MS followers and we can all help each other. Check out the About me pages of some of the writers. I believe you’d be very happy in our community.


      • Thank you SO much for this advice!!! I will do a post regarding the type of MS I have and how it behaves or does not behave! This was a great idea for me. I really appreciate this!!!!

        I would be really honored to write for Survivors Blog. What would you want me to write about?

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      • You join our team and keep writing the same as you do now. My goal for Survivors Blog Here has always been invite writers who tackle their issues whether child abuse, mental illness or MS. Our following is varied and the more we can grow the team with supportive writers the more benefits we have in our heart.
        I’ll email you.


      • It’s your Blog write what you like, I don’t set any rules on direction of anyones blog. Very few rules! I’m laid back. I’ll send an invitation with some info in the email. All you have to do is agree and return. Since you are so busy I cane help you set up your About Page from the overview on your site. 🙂


      • I believe it’s a case of malpractice to have anyone with any illness to wait. She’s not acting responsible. Her back fill or another doctor in group can talk with you.
        The thing is, the Doctor who reads the MRI’s is the expert, not the doctor. The expert doctor writes a report on the findings usually within days. Do you live in America? This sounds like how the UK or Canada treats their patients.
        I’m thinking of you.


      • Yes, I live in America. They normally would have the Radiologist read the report and send it to the doctor. My old doctor would have had that report today and called me today. Sadly, he was great and retired. All the good ones keep retiring and the new ones are not as compassionate. Where do you live?

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      • I’m in good ole America in Texas. You’ve gotten lucky in the past it sounds like. Here Radiologist don’t read only a specialized doctor can interpret the scans. That’s fine with me.
        Please remember you have stress, on stress, on stress and pain which causes more stress. When I was a my worst and reading to scream, I would go sleep. It was my only true out from the mind going thousand miles an hour.
        Do you have lavender or peppermint oil? both are soothing. It’s not change the pain but might help you relax.


      • Oh wow it gets HOT in Texas! So you are just a sweet ole southern girl?! We have that in common, I am in North Carolina! I do know that stress is the worst thing to do, I am trying hard to not stress. And of course not stress about being stressed:)!!

        I am actually going to try to go to the store shortly, I will get some lavender oil! I like lavender, I think better than peppermint. But I do have a peppermint oil for headaches!

        Thank you SO much for your response!!!! Take care and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Peppermint is also great for Nausea. The Mayo Clinic gave me a stick with the oil while turning green and not allowed to move, having two heart catheterizations. I used it last night just to clear my mind and try to fall asleep.
        Yes, I’m a Southern Girl but probably not like you imagine. You can find out what I’m talking about on my About Me page.
        You can also puts a few dabs of Lavender oil on your pillowcase to help.


      • Thank you so much for all your advice! I did get both lavender and peppermint at the store. I do agree, peppermint does help nausea and it helps headaches a lot!!!!

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