The Fight Continues!

images (3)Happy Friday Eve Y’all! I hope you had a good day today! I did try this morning to go into work, but again I ended up staying at home. Y’all know that I have been battling an insane amount of pain. Well, recently I am also having a lot of numbness and tingling in my legs and feet. I feel kind of like my feet are sleeping all the time and my legs feel like they have electric shocks running through them. Needless to say, these issues make it hard to walk normally. I have had several moments where I stumbled slightly, but I am always near something that I can use for stability.

On the positive side, I did get in touch with one of my doctors and will be seeing them in the morning. I am hoping that they will be able to help me get better control of my pain, and offer some suggestions on my numbness and tingling feelings. Thankfully, my manager was very understanding when I told him due to what I am dealing with, I will not be able to return until hopefully Monday.

Of course, I already know that I will not have the results of my MRI on Saturday, but I amlove beyond sure it will be back early next week. As nervous as I am about hearing the results, it will be great to have the doctors be able to tell me what is going on. After I hear from the doctor with the results, I will follow my doctor’s orders so I can get better. I am so beyond ready for all my pain to be gone, so that I can try to live a normal life again. I have been home resting since last week and I have been trying to limit my stress.

Today, I actually received an email from a fellow blogger that really lifted my spirits! She told me that she really enjoyed reading my daily posts and that I seem to have a very kind heart! This woman also gave me some great advice on possibly getting my book published, when I do actually complete it! She also provided me with an incredible amount of support and encouragement. I am not sure if she will ever even begin to know how much all her comments meant to me.  

I hope you have a great evening! Please leave any comments you have and I will respond as quickly as I can! Also, please do not hesitate to email me anytime and I will be happy to answer all emails, just as quickly as possible. I have really enjoyed all the connections I have made! Take Care!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa

20 thoughts on “The Fight Continues!

  1. I have a book I started writing a few years ago, but haven’t worked on it much in a while. All about life with MS, HSCT in 2001, and life since then. But the life since then has been a little more than I want to write about, so I’ve not worked on it in a bit. MS just gets in the way of too much.

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  2. Hey Alyssa! Sorry to hear that you’re still battling with constant pain but it’s good to hear that you’ll be seeing your doctor soon. I’m hoping with you that the doctor will be able to assist you in finding some relief for all of your nerve pain. Reading your daily blogs really gives me a sense of hope and connection on this MS journey. I hope you realize what a difference you’re making. Talk to you soon!


    • I am so happy to hear that reading my blogs daily has given some sense of hope. We all need to be able to have someone or a few people that we can connect with on this fun MS journey! Take care!!!

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  3. I have that exact same pain in my legs!! Its forced me to no longer be able to drive and not be able to walk without a walking cane :/ Gabapentin helps my pains at least a little bit so I can get up and move – I sadly am maxed out on it at 4,000mg daily, but its a powerful nerve blocker that is being used more and more for this kind of pain. Sending gentle hugs your way!!


    • Oh WOW, 4000 mgs daily. I am only at 1800 and they said they don’t want to go higher! But, it does help. I wish they would increase mine, maybe then my legs would not feel the way they do! Best wish!!!

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  4. I wish you the very best for your visit with your doctor and your MRI tomorrow.
    When I see any of my doctors I go with a list of things I really need to say or ask. I hope your doctor takes time with you and helps you with the pain. You will get through this difficult period.
    I loved “talking” with you yesterday!


    • Thank you! I spent my day going back and forth with doctors about my pain, just to have them decrease my medication, which makes no sense! I really appreciate our chat yesterday! You really did make my day!!! I think I might need a daily dose of you:)!!!


      • Awe, that’s a sweet thing to say. Thank you. I know you will get through this, as you’ve gotten through many other challenges, and you will shine your positive light, which will help others. I can see that it’s in your DNA to survive and share your story of hope. Feel free to email me anytime. I’ll stay in touch with you because you lifted my spirits too.


      • Thank you so much Martha! You have been so incredible encouraging and inspiring! I am trying to fight through all of this, it is just so beyond frustrating! Take care my dear!!!

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