Pushing Forward In Life!

WednesdayHappy Wednesday Y’all! I hope you had a good day and just think, it is almost Friday! Even though I have not been at work all week, it has been a long week for me awaiting my fun times on Saturday with my MRI and waiting for the pain I am dealing with subside!

So I know that all of us deal with our own issues battling illness and we all deal with these issues in our own way! To me, writing helps me tremendously! It is great to be able to voice issues and not worry about any judgments. Everyone I have had communications with and read their posts, are absolutely amazing individuals with kind and compassionate hearts! I find each and every one of you so inspiring! It is truly astonishing what we can learn to live with.

As y’all probably read yesterday, I had some people at work that do not really Life-Isn_t-Always-Sunshine-And-Butterflies-Sometimes-You-Got-To-Learn-To-Smile-Through-The-Painunderstand what MS is all about, make some ugly comments about me and my condition. It is not their fault and I am actually happy for them, they do not have to deal with this illness. I have taken the time to explain this illness to the majority of the people who I work closely with and some understand, and some do not. I had one person that I work with send me a message today to ask how I was feeling. She is a great person, that does know a good amount about the illness, as one of her good friends also has MS. She has always been very sweet and understanding about things, she is also a nice person to work with! I know that I can not just expect people to know what is going on, especially because I do my best to hide these issues because I do not want to burden anyone else. 

I know I have already said this, but I do want to go back to work tomorrow. I want to live among the land of the living and feel like I am doing something with myself. Now, if I wake up and hurt too much, I will not push myself too hard. I know it is best to get the rest needed in order to get well. I honestly think at this point, it is best to take things one day at a time and not rush the rest! Life will get back to normal in its own time! I hope you have a great evening! Take care!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa


11 thoughts on “Pushing Forward In Life!

  1. You are so strong! Just getting yourself up and getting yourself to work in the amount of pain you must be in is inspiring. And the grace you take it with when people ” arent the kindest” . You rock girl !


    • OH boy, I guess I am not that strong because I have not been at work. I made an effort to get ready, but failed and stayed home because I hurt too much. I am sorry, I wish I have been stronger. I did handle the people at work with grace though. I am trying hard but can not even promise I will go to work tomorrow. I am doing something I have not done my entire life and that is take care of me. I really appreciate your kind words!


  2. It’s Italian dear. You should get your brain distracted with new, exciting and challenging connections related to pleasure and not pain. Slowly learning a few words in another language is a simple way to achieve that. How is your Yoga coming along? Un baccione.


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