Restful Sunday!

Monday to awayHappy Sunday Y’All! I hope you had a nice weekend! I tried to do as little as possible so I can start feeling better. For my birthday yesterday, my husband and I did make it to my favorite restaurant! We had a very nice time together and the weather was amazing! I am definitely NOT emotionally or physically ready for Monday, but I will do my best!Β 

Today, was a wonderful day! Despite my pain being insanely high, today is my anniversary! My amazing and supportive husband and I have been married for 6 years today! I can remember just how amazing our wedding was and just how thankful I am for him everyday! Jon understands me completely. He knows when I am feeling bad, sad, happy or stressed and will do anything under the sun to make things easier for me!

I know I told you I have an MRI on Saturday, however, I have decided to postpone the MRI. I have a few reasons that either will make sense or they won’t. Even if I do the MRI and there are new lesions, I am not going to do steroids. I have been on steroids way too many times and all the steroids do is make me feel worse. Plus, the steroids do so much damage to our bodies and our organs. It may make a flare up heal faster, but the issues will heal in a matter of time! I also do not want to hear the doctor tell me I need to be on a medication stronger than the Tecfidera. I understand that Gilenya is strong but I was not able to tolerate the full amount, so how do it make sense to be on something Hopestronger? I am giving the Tecfidera a chance to do what it is supposed to. I was off Gilenya for a month and a half before starting the Tecfidera and I have not even given the new medicine a month yet. So, I am going to stay on my medicine and do all I can to control my stress. I feel strongly that reducing my stress will have a huge impact on the MS! My other reason for delaying the MRI is because all the results do is upset me and cause a lot more stress. That does not make sense to put myself through that right now. My plan is to, reduce stress, get rest, take better care of myself and stay on my current medication! If things are not better in a few months, I will consider doing the MRI.

Some of you may think I am doing too much and causing myself more stress by committing to do one blog everyday, but I strongly feel different! Being able to write about how I am feeling has offered me stress relief. Blogging and communicating with Optional Mondayothers who understand what I am dealing with has been great for me! I have made friends with so many people all over the world that can give me advice on how to deal with a certain issue and I have honestly been able to provide positivity for so many. I have received many comments and messages thanking me for my positive attitude! It means a lot to me to be able to show others that even though I do have a chronic illness, I am strong and determined to never let it defeat me!

I really appreciate everyone that has wished me a happy birthday and anniversary! All of you are so incredible and I do feel as though I know some of you! I have had personal communicates with several of you and y’all have provided me with a tremendous amount of encouragement! Many of you have taken the time to share things with me by email and I have built an amazing connection with Hopeful butterflyyou!Β I truly hope you had a great weekend and I hope you have a great week! Please leave a comment below and I will respond to you as quickly as I can! Also, never hesitate to email me directly as again, I love being able to communicate with you! Oh and I am sure you already can tell by my posts, I absolutely love purple and butterflies! Butterflies to me have a magical power that we may never fully understand!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa


13 thoughts on “Restful Sunday!

  1. We are like twin spirits!! When i had my “myspace” account a decade ago my color pallet was purple with sparkly butterflies. I LOVE butterflies and always talk about being TRANSFORMED and renewed. So cool! Happy Anniversary πŸ™‚


    • Oh my goodness, I would love to be transformed into a butterfly. I think they are amazing! After my grandfather passed four years ago, I swear I would see the same butterfly pass by me. I thought that butterfly was my grandfather making sure I was okay! I love it, you are like my twin spirit!!! Thank you for the Happy Anniversary!!!


    • Thank you Brenda!! Someone on the blog made a comment about posting daily and it not be good for someone like me that has a chronic illness. I was so insulted and did not respond to her. Blogging helps me and what I have wrote has helped others as well!! I appreciate your sweet and encouraging comment! Take care Brenda!!!!

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  2. Alyssa, It sounds like you are involved in mainstream Western Allopathic medicine, which is fine. If you feel open to new possibilities for wellness, check out the book: MEDICAL MEDIUM–highly controversial yet with my background it makes perfect sense. See the MS chapter and see if trying what he is suggests makes more sense than what you are doing. Worth a shot and no side effects.
    Blessings and happy anniversary-belated. -Michael


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