Beautiful Friday Morning!

Good Morning FridayHappy Friday Morning Y’all! I do not normally do posts in the morning, because I am normally at work. I am off work today partially to rest because of what appears to be a flare up, and partially because it is the day before my birthday! At first, I was planning to go spend the day with my mother to celebrate my birthday, but with all that is going on things needed to change some. With the undesired birthday present of pain and possible flare up, it is best for me to get as much rest as possible. So, I am staying home to rest today!

Considering tomorrow is my birthday and Sunday is my six-year wedding anniversary, I really want to feel up to pare to be able to enjoy those two days! As frustrating as it is, I do know that during this time rest is best. I am not very good at doing nothing and Hoperesting, but I am going to continue to give it my best shot! I did take two and a half days off from work so my body could heal, plus I have the weekend so hopefully by Monday, I will be as good as new! One can only hope that this will work!

I did not make my normal daily post last night because my husband and I went to see Jack Johnson in concert! It took a lot Music makes the painof effort for me to get up the strength to go, but I am really glad we did. It was a fantastic show and did not require too much standing or walking. We were able to park close because of the handicap parking and we were able to sit as much as we wanted. I sat down for the majority of this show, but it was fine! Jack Johnson has a very soothing voice and this was such a fantastic show! For us to be able to go to this show was thanks to my wonderful Father in Law! To me, music has a healing almost magical power!

Now, considering I did miss my daily post yesterday, I am planning to do another post later to make up for missed times! As y’all know, I wanted to do one post a day for at least a month! This might seem challenging when one deals with a lot of pain, but it is a huge stress reliever for me and I enjoy this! I have enjoyed all the connections I have made, which has resulted in great conversations! I am going to do my very best to try to rest today and maybe even takes a few naps! I will let you know later how and if this has helped what I am dealing with! I hope y’all have a good day today!! Take care!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


15 thoughts on “Beautiful Friday Morning!

    • Thank you so much for your very sweet comment! I am trying to get well but things are not going as planned. However, the only reason things are not going as well as they should is because people adding undue stress to me because I am feeling too horrible to go out to celebrate with them. Sadly, it is people that should love me are trying to push me too far. I don’t understand people sometimes, actually most of the time! I am sorry to be so negative, I just had a terrible conversation with my mother and she is angry with me because I am not feeling well.

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    • I love music and it really is helpful! I think I need a little more music today for emotional healing! I am having a terrible day now because of an argument with my mother. Unfortunately she knows full well what is going on with me and is only adding stress to me right now. I don’t mean to sound so frustrated, you are being nothing but kind and wonderful! I guess I don’t understand how a mother would add stress to someone that is going through what I am going through.


      • I haven’t been diagnosed with ms but all my symptoms seem to be pointing to it. I think because they don’t see the symptoms they don’t think it’s as bad as it really is! Hang in there and play that music until you are mentally at peace with yourself!! I know between writing and a little bit of music it can bring me out of the worse mood!


      • Oh sweetie, I am so sorry! How long have you had these symptoms? I hope everything gets better for you! Yes, writing and music help so much! Thank you so much for your wonderful response! Please take care and if I can do anything at all for you, let me know!!


      • I have been dealing with symptoms since April of this year. I didn’t have health insurance at first so no one wanted to help. I’m taking it one day at a time like I do with everything else! Thank you for your support!!!


      • You are welcome! I am always here to offer as much support and help as needed! Do you have insurance now? I hope the doctors will help you! If you don’t mind me asking, what symptoms were you experiencing? If you would rather keep this more between us, you can email me at
        I really want to help as much as I can!!!!


  1. What a horrible time to be having a flare up! My very first one was happening over my 32 Birthday though I didn’t know that until a little later. I hope you’re feeling better so that you can enjoy your two special days!


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