Just another Monday!

Monday 4I hope y’all had a good Monday! The best thing about Monday for me is, that it is over! Even though today is really my Tuesday because I am off on Friday, it was still a really long day. Work always seems much longer the first day of the week, because we are coming back from the weekend, where we do not have to deal with a time clock and can rest as much as we want to. Plus, we only have to be around people we actually want to be around and avoid those we might care less to be with all day long!

I finally heard a little bit back today from my doctor’s office! Like I thought, I do not have an infection. I could have saved them so much time if only they had listened to me from the start. But, I guess they had to be 100% sure to keep the doctor satisfied. The nurse images (3)told me she was going to forward the information along to the doctor so they could determine if they wanted to move onto ordering a MRI. I mean seriously, besides having an infection what else does that really leave? Showing the doctor she was wrong about it being a pseudo relapse and it was a true relapse? I never once thought it was a pseudo relapse, I have thought from the beginning I was having a relapse, probably due to stress more than anything else! I think Multiple Sclerosis has to be one of the most frustrating diseases in this world because there are no cut and dry answers. There always seems to be a grey area. It does not seem to matter if you are doing everything the doctor says, there are still issues that were not seen coming. If only they had a crystal ball and could see the future and could be more prepared for what will happen!

So, now the question is, what is next? We do the MRI and see there are new lesions, then Painstart treatment for that? I really hate being on steroids, because they make me feel terrible! I am honestly scared of what this means! Does this mean the MS is progressing because I am so bad at dealing with stress? All this pain started before I switched medications, so I can not blame the Tecfidera. I can really only blame myself! Does this mean the pain I have been experiencing will never go away? I can not deal with this crap for the rest of my life, but I may not have a choice! It is a frustrating situation to be in. Of course all this is happening right before my birthday and mine and my husband’s anniversary. I mean, could it not have waited and happened another time? I really want to be able to enjoy my weekend with my husband and not be in horrible pain. 

I guess there is really no use worrying about it now! What’s done is done and I will make hope 2it through. It is not like I have to do the MRI this weekend or even start steroids this weekend, so we can still enjoy ourselves. All I can do now is hope for the best!

I hope y’all have a good evening! Please make comments below and I will respond as fast as I can. I appreciate all the support you have given me! Take care!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


29 thoughts on “Just another Monday!

  1. I’m sad you’re going through this. 😥 My son has MS. I hate stress! It wreaks havoc on all of us but when you have something else going on as well I can only imagine it’s so much worse. Happy Birthday 🎂 coming up and Happy Anniversary 🌹as well. Hope you feel better and havevanswers soon. Hugs! 💛


    • Thank you! It is crazy, the things that are causing me the most stress, I know what they are. I just do not know how to stop it! How old is your son? Is he doing well and what meds does he take for it! Thank you so much for you comments. Lots of hugs you and your son!


  2. I’m really sorry you’re suffering through this at the moment. I’m sending good vibes your way in the hopes that you’ll feel better soon! Thank you for sharing


  3. Hope you’re doing ok today. The pain will get better! If its a relapse it means it just might take abit longer but it will. And don’t blame yourself. It’s easy when we relapse to think of the things we should have done differently to prevent it but it might have happened anyway and in life we can’t avoid things like stress completely. I get stressed about things and then get annoyed at myself for being stressed knowing the MS won’t like it. :/ Thinking of you and always here if you need a chat. 🙂 xxx


  4. I hope today was a better day for you. I can relate to the grey area but I hope you get an answer and you get some rest from it all. Take care x


  5. Although newly diagnosed, my most frustrating experience so far has been having to convince my provider that I was having a relapse, not simply a flare. People living in their bodies know the difference. I hope you feel better soon, Alyssa. Best, Erin

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    • Thank you so much Erin! These doctors think just because they went through years of schooling they know our bodies better than we do. I do think this could be a relapse, but there is also something called a pseudo flare. I personally think that was a made up thing, but who knows. I hope your provider listens to you because you know how you feel! Thank you so much for your comment. I really hope this feeling goes way soon because it has been with me for weeks now and only getting more intense!

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