Ready for the New Week?

Lazy Sunday 2Happy Sunday Y’all! I hope you have had a great weekend! Even though I did not work Friday, the weekend flew by! Are you ready for a new week that is going to bring about wonderful changes? I know I am! Y’all know already that the past few weeks for me have been unfavorable. I am very hopeful that the week of my birthday and anniversary to my amazing husband, will be full of nothing but happiness and to have a decrease in my pain!

Even though Monday does bring in a new week that may possibly be full of positive changes, I am still not really ready to start a new week at work. Most days, I push myself hard to get through the day. I can not help but get frustrated and a little disappointed when I start hurting so bad that it causes me to be unable to focus as well as normal. I am however going to be optimistic that this week will not be nearly as bad as it has been. I should get some answers from my doctor on Monday or maybe Tuesday. Hopefully, she is going to be able to say what has been causing the increased and unbearable amount of additional pain. No matter what the outcome of my tests are, I am refusing to take anymore Not ready for Mondaymedications that I am not comfortable with. As I already told you, she has me taking something that should help with neuropathy pain, but from the start I was not comfortable with this type of medicine and it has not helped me. I have been gradually weaning myself off of it and never want to take anything like it again! I try hard to listen and do what the doctor says, but she does not know my tolerance to medication. When I say very bluntly that I am uncomfortable with something and give solid reasons as to why I feel that way, that should be taken into consideration and not ignored. But you know how doctors can be, they think that they know everything and the patient should blindly listen! I am not able to do that!

These past few days have been brutal for me. I did not even have to energy to go do something I was so excited to do, my nails. Today, I slept a little later and then when I woke up I just rested on the couch with my cats for a little while. I finally got up and got myself ready, so I could get my nails done and get the grocery shopping done. Getting my nails done was great and the lady that did them, Katie, was so sweet! I had planned to do a pedicure today as well, but decided it would be a lot more fun to wait until Friday and relax butterfly 2go with my mother while we celebrate my birthday! I am planning to schedule an appointment with Katie for my pedicure! I wish I could say my trip to the grocery store was as wonderful, but it was not. I got about half way through the store and started hurting something fierce! I had to use the shopping cart to help me continue walking. Thankfully, the store was not busy because the football game was here in Charlotte. It is the absolute best time to go to the grocery store, because most people love football and go to the stadium! 

I am happy to say, I only have to work four days this week! I am off on Friday to start my weekend celebration of my birthday and my anniversary! Friday will be a fun day because my mother and I are going to lunch and to get a pedicure! Pedicures can be so relaxing and then your feet will feel so amazing!

My plan for the rest of my Sunday is to relax and get my mind ready for the dreaded go awy painMonday, if that is even really possible. I am really hoping this week is going to be better and that the pain myself and my husband have struggled with is going to just go away! We did not ask for this but we are asking it to leave! It is like that annoying neighbor that comes to visit, there is only so long you can deal with them before they have to go back to where they came from!

I hope your weekend was everything that you wanted and that your week starts off great! Remember, positive thoughts bring positive events. I want to thank all of you for continuing to come back and read my posts. This blog has become a huge part of my life and I love every part of it! I know I set myself a challenging goal of posting once a day for at least one month, but it has been helpful for me when I am struggling! Please never hesitate to contact me if you need someone to chat with. You can visit my contact page to get my email address, so it can be a little more private, if you want! I hope your night goes great and you are able to get yourself ready for the new week! Take care!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa

4 thoughts on “Ready for the New Week?

  1. Alyssa, hi this is Elizabeth from Clamon Natural Health and Healing Naturally 420. I was just reading your post from today and realized we both live in the Carolina’s! I would love to talk to you further about the medication you just stopped and what else you’ve tried. Please email me so we can chat. Thanks, Elizabeth


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