Never Ending Pain!

Welcome Weekend 2Despite the title of this post, I hope y’all had a good Friday. Even though I am not feeling all that great, I am glad that the weekend is finally here. It gives us two days to relax and do things we weren’t able to do during the week. I honestly have absolutely nothing planned for this weekend besides getting myself feeling better.

As y’all know, I have been suffering with a great deal of pain for at least a week now. I was out of work on Monday, left work an hour early yesterday and missed work again today because of this issue. When my pain is at a tolerable level, I can typically just deal with the pain by trying to not think about it. However, this past week the levels were soPain 3 high, that I could hardly even focus. Yesterday at work, I was in so much pain that there were actually times when I completely forgot what it was I was doing. It almost feels as though I have the flu because my entire body hurts. I told my husband last night there was not one part of me that didn’t hurt. I guess it is possible I do have the flu considering my throat has started hurting, but I do not think I have a fever. Yes, I have had hot and cold flashes, but I am pretty sure that is from the Tecfidera. I really just need one day where I do not have any pain at all, but I am starting to think that is just a fairy tale for me. 

For those of you that have a chronic illness, that just so happens to come with pain, I am sure you can understand my frustrations with pain. It seems to me that pain can really Pain go awayalter your personality and your way of thinking. It can feel like there is a dark cloud just hovering over your head and no matter which way you turn, the cloud just keeps following you. Granted, there are some things you just start to grow accustomed to and find ways to cope, but we all have a breaking point and need relief. I mean, I can completely tolerate pain in my legs and even in my back most of the time, but there is still a level that ends up being too much for me. The one thing I can’t handle at all is a bad headache. I don’t know of anyone that can deal with a bad headache. My husband actually suffers from migraines as well and that is some of the worst pain a person can have. The only thing I, as well as my husband can do for a headache is be in a dark room, with an ice pack on our head. It is hard to even begin to describe what it feels like when your entire body aches. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone. If there was a way I could leave my body for a few hours for relief I would.

Pain 5I know that there are some people who are going through so much more than I am and I need to be grateful, it just gets hard sometimes. I do know it is important to try to not dwell on pain, because it doesn’t make it go away. I have been trying for days now to try to either focus my mind on relaxing things or look at the more positive things life has to offer. I know that this pain issue will ease up at some point, I just wish that day was yesterday.

So, tomorrow makes one week since I started the Tecfidera. I am still experiencing the hot80d6c922e2930953ad159372a3be5f6d and cold flashes and some stomach problems, but the itching has dwindled. My dose will be changing tomorrow to the normal amount. Hopefully, the issues I have been experiencing won’t increase and there won’t be any other changes. I am trying to remain optimistic that this medication will work for me. I am a strong woman, but I don’t think I can handle too many more issues. I will keep y’all updated as I start the increased amount of Tecfidera. I can only hope that I have nothing but great things to report!

I hope y’all have a nice relaxing evening. I sincerely appreciate all of your support and encouragement. Thank you for continuing to read and make comments on my posts. Please remember to stay strong and continue to fight your battles with nothing but strength and positivity. No matter what your struggles are, never let them defeat you! 

Hope for cure


Always, Alyssa

7 thoughts on “Never Ending Pain!

  1. I really understand what you mean by a pain altering your personality. I’m lucky at the moment that the medications I’m on are really helping with my arthritis, so I really really hope that you can find the best medicine for you. And that you can find some relief from your aches and pains. x


  2. I’m sorry you’re having such a hard week, hope you’re getting some rest and relaxation over the weekend. Lots of what you write resonates with me, especially the bit about headaches – I always have tightness and pressure in my head and across my face, and most of the time I live with it, but since Monday it’s got more and more intense, and it feels like my head is going to explode! My MS team have increased my pregablin dosage, which is helping, but it’s still there and I’m hoping that it doesn’t become a permanent symptom. I agree with you about trying to focus on other things, for me some very gentle restorative yoga helps. Really hope your weekend is restful x
    P.s. I love your blog!


    • Thank you Angela for this comment. I am really sorry you are having bad pain in your head. At least the increase of medicine has helped some. I totally understand it is hard, but try to think positive that it won’t be permanent. I wonder if there is something in the air that has been MS issues worse since Monday. It has been one hell of a month, please excuse the language. I will check out restorative yoga, with you saying it is gentle. That is what I need. It makes me SO happy to hear that you love my blog. Some of my posts may be a little negative, like yesterdays, but I am just being real. I hope you have a very wonderful and restful weekend as well!! xx

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  3. Dear Alyssa: good morning and Happy Sunday to you and your family. It might seem cruel but I have to tell you that as long as we experience pain we can be sure that we’re still alive. When we were hunkered down in that closet with my son last Sunday a certain numbness almost overcame us. That’s the preamble of letting go of our dear lives. Fortunately for us the Good Lord decided it was not the good timing yet as he/she/sie has other plans for the two of us.
    Un baccione. Arrivederci!


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