Painful, Rainy Monday!

How did we get back to Monday so fast? It really is amazing how fast the weekend goes by. Sometimes, I feel like I didn’t get much accomplished in the two days off work. Well, I guess I did do something, I started my new medicine. 

pain 3As so many of you know, rain causes pain to act up even more than normal! Today, it is so chilly and rainy, that I am in a lot of pain. I did manage to take the Tecfidera for the sixth time now. Thankfully, I am not really all that itchy and my stomach isn’t as bad as it was, but is still a little uneasy. I do not feel 100%, but maybe it has something to do with the weather making me hurt! All I reallystrong for pain want to do today is stay curled up with my blanket and my cats on the couch nice and cozy, I might add a book to the mix as well!

Unfortunately, I know tomorrows weather is going to be just like it is today! We are supposed to have another windy and rainy day. Trying to stay motivated when you are in pain is a difficult task, but I am not going to give into the pain. I know that many of you really understand what I am going through right now, and all of you have been so pain 4encouraging! We all have a certain battle in life to deal with, but we are all strong enough to get through it. We all have a power hidden inside of us to make it through the worst of times, sometimes even with a smile on our face! It is truly amazing how hard we fight our battles and how sometimes, we do not even show are scars from the hard times!

My thoughts and prayers are still with all those who were effected by Hurricane Irma. I wish them strength and comfort as they struggle through this horrible event. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are feeling right now, but I sincerely hope that everyone can pull together and support each other during this time. 

I once again want to thank all of you that have read and made comments on my posts. This blog has truly been an amazing experience for me. I have connected with people all over the world and I have learned so much from everyone. For those who have helped06d94328b3276b7c4d4ef5b350a1b860 me through starting a new medication, that I was terrified to start, I would have been so much more uncomfortable without your help. Also, for some whose condition may have worsen, my thoughts and prayers are with you always and I am here for you, if you should need anything. I have a special connection with so many wonderful people, and I appreciate all you have done for me. I am thankful for my husband as well, who listened to be patiently while I went back and forth a million times about starting Tecidera. The man has patience made of steel, as it couldn’t have been easy to listen to me for so long about the same thing! 

I hope you all have a nice and safe Monday!

Hope for cure


Always, Alyssa


12 thoughts on “Painful, Rainy Monday!

  1. Hi! I’m really sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I undertsand just too well what it feels like. It’s getting really cold here and my legs and hands are numb and hurt a lot. On top of everything I’ve caught a cold. So the best I can do is curl up on a sofa under a blanket with my book as well (or it might be a film). I hope you will feel better real soon! Hang on in there!


    • Thank you Veronika for your comment. I am sorry you are in pain as well! The cold weather is good and bad. Good because you can curl up with a blanket and rest. Bad because the cold makes us hurt! I hope your cold gets better fast as well! Take care my dear and feel better!!


    • I hope you had a nice relaxing day! I decided that I am challenging myself to do one blog daily for at least one month! If you choose, you may already be, but if you choose to follow my blog, I hope you enjoy it!


      • My cold hasn’t passed completely yet, but I’m feeling better because of the sunny weather we’re having today! Wow, a blog a day seems quite challenging to me, but that’s an excellent goal to set! I’ve been following you since the day we started speaking and I enjoy reading your blogs, keep them coming 🙂


      • I know it is quite the challenge, but I love writing and it helps me manage my stress! I am sorry your cold hasn’t gone away completely yet, but the nice weather should help! I am really glad to hear you enjoy my posts!! I really enjoy doing this!


  2. Sending warm hugs for you. I’m in Adelaide, South Australia & we are just beginning the Spring season. I’m still snuggled up on the lounge with a cover over me, as I can never seem to get warm! Hope your symptoms don’t flare with the weather. X


    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind commet! I bet it is beautiful in Australia!!! That is my dream to some take a trip to Australia! It is a long flight from the states. I hope you stay snuggled up nice ad warm today. Take care of your self!!

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      • Yes it is beautiful! We are very blessed to be here as we lived in the UK most of our lives. If you ever fancy a trip let me know, you are welcome to come & stay with us & use our home as a base! I know it seems weird to offer but we have many people come & stay with us. It’s certainly cheaper than having to pay for flights & accomodation. It is a long flight from the States though! X


      • Oh my goodness you are so sweet! That was a very generous offer. I have heard it was a long flight. It might take us sometime to save up the money! But, I really do want to travel. We don’t have children, so we don’t have to worry about that! I hope you are having a great day!!!


    • I hope you had a good day! I hope that if you choose to follow my blog I will be somewhat helpful to you. I have set a goal for myself that I will keep because, well I am stubborn and determined. I am going to one post everyday for at least one month!! Take care and have a great evening!

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