Day 2…

Day 2As y’all already know, I started the Tecfidera yesterday. I have to admit, I felt kind of bad most of the day yesterday. My stomach was very uneasy and I was very itchy. From what I have heard from a few of my fellow bloggers that have experience with Tecfidera, that is very common but those side effects will get better soon. I do remember my NP told me those side effects could last about 3 weeks. One very sweet person told me, I need to make sure to eat a healthy diet and that stress could affect the side effects. She told me that when she was stressed about something, her issues would increase. I guess I just really do not know how to control my stress very well. I have this issue that I worry about people I care about and I am even worried about those that are in the path of Hurricane Irma. Some would probably say that I am a little too compassionate for othersCompassion 2, but I don’t think anyone can be too compassionate. It is important to feel for what other people are going through in life. Even though you may not be able to help everyone through hard times, you can at least be supportive for their struggles and be a shoulder for them to lean on. 

This morning I took the Tecfidera for the third time now, with food and so far I am feeling okay. I am feeling just a little drained and can’t really get motivated to do much. I guess it is probably my body telling me to just rest. What really sucks is our favorite band, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is playing a show tonight in Atlanta, which is only about 4 hours from us. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I want to go, but Proposal 9unfortunately we are going to miss it. This band has been such an important part of our lives for so long! Almost 7 years ago, we were in Charleston, SC for my birthday. It was perfect timing because RJA was playing a show there. We ended up having the amazing opportunity to meet the lead singer, Ronnie Winter. My husband told Ronnie he was planning to propose to me that weekend and Ronnie had a great idea for the perfect proposal. Ronnie invited us to their show they were doing in Columbia, SC the next day. He gave us back stage passes and asked Jon if he would want to propose on stage, which of course he thought was a great idea. So, on October 1, 2010 we went from Charleston to Columbia so my now husband could propose to me on stage with our favorite band. This was the most amazing day of my life! I am so happy to say that the band did make it to Atlanta safely. Some of the band lives in Florida and I have been chatting with one of the wives on Facebook. Erin Winter has kept me updated if the show in Atlanta was going to be canceled and about their safety. I am truly honored by the fact that Erin has kept me in her prayers, as she understands the hard time I am going through. 

As I move forward with my Tecfidera journey, I will keep y’all updated as to how things are going. I want to again thank everyone that has made comments with their hopeexperience with this medication. I also want to thank everyone that has made supportive comments, whether it be on the blog or on Facebook. Your support and encouragement has been so special and helpful. I hope everyone is safe today and are ready for any bad weather we might have tomorrow. Y’all take care!

Hope for cure


Always, Alyssa

14 thoughts on “Day 2…

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for following it. I am doing the same for you because I really appreciate your message. Although I don’t have MS, my chronic illnesses(Collagenous colitis and CVID), require medications that cause nasty side effects. I don’t recommend it, but sometimes I just stop taking them cause I can’t stand the side effects. But then my symptoms flare and I start the meds again. Ooof!
    I loved the story of your husband’s proposal to you. Having a loving spouse can make a lot of difference when we are struggling with illness. Thanks again for your sharing.


    • Thank you so much! I am sorry for what you deal with. It is crazy that the medications we have to be on help the illness but make us feel terrible! Yes, his proposal was amazing. I did wait 6 years for it:)! I sent you an invite to hopefully make following my blog easier. I don’t know what is going on with WordPress! Take care and again, thank you for your comment!

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