And the wait continues…

patience 1I hope y’all had a good day! Thankfully, we are halfway through the week!! Of course, I wasn’t patient enough today to wait for the doctor’s office to call me, so I sent the Nurse Practitioner that started me on Tecfidera a message via email earlier. I did get a response from one of the nurses regarding my blood work. The nurse said that my white blood cell count did go up, but she wasn’t sure it went up enough to start the Tecfidera and she was going to pass the message along to Jenny, the Nurse Practitioner. I guess I didn’t understand why I was getting a response from the nurse when I sent the message to the NP in the first place, but I guess that is how it works. So as of now I am still waiting to find out if I am supposed to be starting the Tecfidera now, or go in for another blood test in a week or so. 

I have been off the Gilenya now for going on two months, so I don’t understand exactly why my blood work isn’t back to normal yet. Honestly, that just makes me believe even more that I made the right decision to stop Gilenya, because it was obviously too we are strongstrong for my system. I am more than certain that I will get a phone call from Jenny, the NP, tomorrow giving me directions. Until then, I am just playing the “waiting game” and hoping for the best. I have always believed that us, as the patient know our body better than the doctors do and it was a good decision to give my body a break from medication. Not forever of course, but for a couple of months.

I want to thank all of you that have made comments. Every one of them has been so helpful and encouraging. I truly love the connections I have made with so many of you. I hope everyone is feeling in good spirits and enjoying life to the fullest! I will keep y’all updated as I hear more! I hope you have a great evening!

Hope for cureAlways, Alyssa


21 thoughts on “And the wait continues…

  1. I havn’t been on either so no use to say it will be better but I hope it works for you. I have been taken off rebiff as they say my relapsing remitting is now secondary and there is nothing for that. Stay strong my dear we can do this x


    • Thank you so much for your response. It can definitely be a frustrating disease, which is one reason it is so important to have get outlets. I wish you wellness and comfort! Take care and if I can do anything for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am determined to try to learn from others but also help as much as I can ♡

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  2. Definitely sounds like a good call to stop Gilenya, and to give your body a break from meds for a while. I really hope things start to pick up for you and that your body calms back down soon. Sending a hug your way xx
    Caz 🙂


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