Thrilled for the Long Weekend!

Welcome Weekend 3Well, we all finally made it through the week, to a well deserved long weekend! Y’all probably already know that I have been looking forward to a long and restful weekend.

This past week has literally been painfully long. Due to a few rainy days, my pain level increased drastically. But I did my best to not allow it to get me down in the dumps, like I had been doing. When you allow something to make you be negative, I believe only negative event will occur. So even with the increased pain, I started Yoga and kept my positive attitude that things would get better! Crying or whining about being in pain hasn’t ever helped so I guess that means it never will make the pain go away!

Welcome WeekendI know many people make big plans for the long weekends. But, I have no plans at all, which actually makes me very happy! We spend all week planning our days out, going by the clock, so I think weekends should be dedicated to not worrying about plans! You shouldn’t have to worry about the clock on the weekend as it should be just carefree time. Yes, there are of course things I want to do, like go to my favorite restaurant and clean my house, but there isn’t a time crunch on either of these things.

relaxI am trying to teach myself how to relax more and not worry as much. It honestly has had many failed attempts but I am not give up on this. Success in life is failure trying one more time and I will succeed with this. Living with Multiple Sclerosis, I know that stress only causes more problems. I can’t avoid all stress in life but I am trying to eliminate some things from my life that I know cause me stress. This blog has actually been one important thing in my life that has helped me reduce stress by giving me the opportunity to voice my thoughts and get feedback from y’all! So thank you again for your comments!! 

happy weekendI hope that y’all have a fantastic long weekend! Enjoy it and be safe! I hope wherever you are in the world you are having beautiful weather! Please comment on anything you would like to hear more about. Y’all know already that I love writing and really want to help others through difficult times. As always thank you so much for continuing to read and comment on my posts!

Hope for cureAlways, Alyssa

9 thoughts on “Thrilled for the Long Weekend!

  1. Yes! I know what you mean! I’ve been having insomnia this week. However, I love the long weekends can too because I can catch up on rest.
    Please continue to post, remain positive my new pal/MS Warrior sister!


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