We are half way there!

WednesdayHappy Wednesday Y’all! I don’t know about you but it has been a long week! Thankfully, once we make it through Friday, we have a three-day weekend! I hope you have some great plans for the long weekend. 

hump-day-weekend-not-far-awayI shared with you yesterday that I have officially started Yoga. It was actually a great experience. I am going to do this three times a week, so tomorrow when I do this my husband is going to assist me. He is going to help me make sure that I am doing things the proper way. It will be nice to have someone to watch the videos with me, then watch how I do it and help me to make sure that things are going the correct way.  While he hasn’t ever done Yoga he was trained in his younger days the proper form and technique in weight training so he may be able to apply that to Yoga. He will be kind of like my coach. I am so thankful to always have his support and the willingness to help me.

I did share with you earlier this week that the pain that I have been having in my right shoulder through my fingertips has improved but the pain in my legs and back has not. For some reason today has been a pretty bad day with my pain level. My guess it is the weather. Although the temperature was still lower than it has been it has been on the verge of rain. Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be rainy all day, which is never good when you deal with pain. Not to be negative by all means but my guess is tomorrow and Friday my pain will remain relatively high. Luckily the weather for the three-day weekend is looking like lower temperatures with no rain so I should feel pretty good for that! I know many of you experience pain so you already know what it feels like when it rains. Just out of curiosity, what do you do to alleviate the pain when the weather isn’t very friendly? hope 2

I always appreciate all of your comments and I respond to all of them as soon as I can. I love having the opportunity to communicate with all of you. I know many of you already know, I started this blog about a month and a half ago and so far it has been a fantastic experience. I have been able to connect with so many incredible people that have offer great advice and support. I want to personally thank all of you for continuing to read my posts and make comments. I hope the rest of your week goes great!

Hope for cureAlways, Alyssa

12 thoughts on “We are half way there!

  1. Good morning dear Alyssa. So you did start Yoga after all? And who gave you the gentle kick in the butt to get you going? Say it. I want to hear it..It’s been terribly humid in these past few dayss in South Florida and I’ve had terrible pain in my left knee( I fell from a horse in Punta del Este 20 yesrs ago, had two torn meniscus and arthrosis lately) Thank God a Peruvian nurse I work with introduced me to the magical powers of rubbing a solution of “Arnica”, an ancient Inca medicine, all around it for quasi-instant relief. I am preparing a blog on it. Un baccione. Arrivederci!


    • You my dear were my kick in the butt!! Oh goodness I am so sorry you have so much pain in your knee. I am glad you found something that helps the pain! I know humid weather is terrible. I hope things cool down for you soon and I hope you have a wonderful day!!


  2. Going back reading a few of your old posts, and couldn’t help commenting on this one. 🙂 Yoga – I loved doing yoga. I was never much for exercise but have loved yoga for years, it’s not even like an “exercise” for me. Unfortunately I can’t do it anymore – because my arthritis issues are in my lower back, and also because the last few times I did yoga I hurt my knee so bad I was wearing a brace for 3 days. (Arthritis I think also – none are as bad as my back but I have recurring issues in my right ankle, my knees, and my hands, among other random places. The calendar tells me I’m 30 years old, but my body is under the mistaken illusion that I’m actually 75 and I can’t convince it otherwise.) I miss it, and I wish I could still do it. I could probably do a few select poses just for the relaxation benefit, but that would stop being fun after not long, I’m sure. Definitely keep with it as long as you physically can and want to; if it’s not too painful for you, it’s so good for chronic illness to keep your body physically active.

    What do I do to keep my pain at bay when the weather isn’t very nice…I move! Ha. HALF kidding! I live in Kansas, so even though our summers are very hot and humid and our winters are very cold and our weather patterns change on a dime, it’s not too bad for chronic pain. But when a big storm is brewing, my back definitely feels it (or my wrist or my knee, if my body wants to be cute and change it up). But what I do is pretty much the same as what I do when I’m just having a bad pain day anyway – hunker down at home, try not to go anywhere, don’t tax myself with physical activity, hibernate, pop in a DVD or find a good Netflix movie or show, and pull out my writing or my crafts. Whether I get anything done depends on whether I can focus through the pain, but at least I try.


    • Thank you for your comment. I have to take Yoga slow because the first time I did it, my lower back hurt so bad the following day. I have a lot of leg and back pain, so as you know you have to take things easy. I guess it is kind of the norm when the weather is brewing to hunker down at home!

      Oh WOW Kansas!? You get tornados. I didn’t realize that it got cold there. As you can tell, I haven’t ever been to Kansas. I am thinking of the WIzard of Oz and seeing a tornado. I hope you have a great day today! Take care!!


      • Haha yes, Kansas! Our winters aren’t Minnesota kind of cold, where -10* is a heat wave, but we generally drop down into the teens and twenties during the winter. We usually get at least one bad winter storm every year. The year my son was born the storm was so bad the ice was caked on tree branches 1-2 inches!

        We do get tornadoes. It’s really not too bad. March to June is our tornado season, when you really have to watch for them, even though they can happen anytime here. I’ve lived here 30 years and only had a couple close encounters with them. I figure it’d be no different than having to deal with hurricanes in Florida and earthquakes in California.


      • I don’t know why I didn’t think it got cold in Kansas. But, I guess like North Carolina tempss can get cold and we get some snow. Of course when it snows here the city shuts down for days. I find it funny because I grew up in Vermont. Oh my, I am glad you made it to the hospital safe to deliver your baby boy!

        I am terrified of earthquakes and tornadoes. That is why I wouldn’t move to California. My husband wants to move out west for snowboarding. He said Colorado, but it is land locked and I love the ocean! He mentioned California and I said “Heck no they have earthquakes all the time!” I guess in my mind, tornadoes happen everyday or at least weekly in Kansas. Again, I must be just thinking of The Wizard of Oz! Silly girls that were born in the north but spent most of my life in the Carolinas!


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