Painful Rain Day

rainy daysHappy Friday Eve Y’all! I hope you all had a good day today. Sometimes I really hate being right. Today with it raining all day long my back and leg pain has been a lot higher. Of course tomorrow we are looking at another day of rain. But I guess there is no use dwelling on what Mother Nature has planned for us, we just have to accept it and keeping moving forward. As a lot of you understand, it is just frustrating having your pain increased every time it rains. With my back and legs both hurting equally as bad it is just hard to get up and move around comfortably. Hopefully even though it is going to be another day of rain tomorrow my pain won’t be as high. I really hate complaining about it raining here for a couple of days, when the poor people in Texas are dealing with so much worse. I sincerely hope they get some relief soon.

rainI am still looking forward to having a three-day weekend with the weather actually looking positive. I am so excited to have three days to spend resting, having quality time with my husband and our sweet cats and enjoying time away from work! I am hoping we get to go to my favorite restaurant where we get to sit outside to enjoy our lunch. Do you have any exciting plans for the long weekend? 

As always thank you for continuing to read my posts! This experience has been so wonderful for me. I am extremely passionate about writing so this has given me that opportunity. Plus, I really love being able to help others and bring some positivity to their lives. My goal of this blog is to be able to help others that are dealing with similar issues or just need someone who can help them cope with a difficulty in life. 

Hope for cure

Always, Alyssa

11 thoughts on “Painful Rain Day

  1. Hi Alyssa, I’m hoping it stops raining so that you can enjoy a bit less pain for your long weekend. Over here we have blue skies today, no rain, so I send you this weather right away! I’m hoping to relax offline during the weekend and get in a walk or two. Happy Friday xx


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